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Just like Haru Estia, Lily Bloomerchen now has a fourth skin, called SoulJustice, with the new V1.1 update, which can be found at this link:

To those of you who have installed V1.0.5 (for everyone else, I'd recommend just dragging and dropping all the contents of the archive to their respective folders to be on the safe side), the following are the files of interest which you must drag and drop to their respective folders (some will require overwriting):

-the powerstyles file
-the talents file
-packages/generated/characters/the 11611 .igb files
-the herostat entry

Along with this update, I must unfortunately announce the following - for the time being, at least, I am suspending my combo recommendation and synergy recommendation videos on YouTube. I am sorry to those who appreciated that content, but I'm afraid they are rather time consuming, and at the moment I would rather spend that time working on future mods. I may resume making them in the future, should the demand for them be sufficiently high. But make no mistake - the mod showcase videos aren't going anywhere. They're here to stay and always will be.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your interest in my work. I sincerely hope it's fun to play with in-game. Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I imagine some people who have been playing with Haru's DesireWorker skin, myself very much included, were bugged by the way her long coat behaves while she's running, among other animations. Which is why I went ahead and... fixed it? I wouldn't say it looks perfect as a result of the changes I made, but it certainly looks a lot less bad now IMO. The link to the skin is here, just replace the 0508.igb file in your actors folder with the file at this link: (this of course assumes you have installed the mod)

There are some other improvements to the skin's appearance, the most notable one being that the texture on her right arm has been partially fixed (a full fix would require an overhaul of the entire skin, which I'm leaving on the back burner at the moment).

Hope you found these fixes useful! Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

As my third contribution to the vast selection of MUA character mods, I present to you Jin Seipatsu!


Jin Seipatsu was a caring young man from Stair Second, the Planet Earth of an alternate universe, and his pure nature would bleed into his actions. He is a person who has taken on countless volunteering jobs which would enable him to work with and aid people, from common professions such as barbecue chef and factory engineer, to even more dangerous ones such as lifeguard and rescue team member. Before his life was forever changed by the Vacuum which cursed his world, his final profession was that of a warehouse manager at a refugee site.

Despite even Jin himself feeling dread gnawing at him, he would always overcome himself in order to bring peace of mind to any refugees sick with worry that they may not survive, through reassurance. Unfortunately, his blind optimism was for naught, as the fearsome darkness of the Vacuum suddenly began to consume the area. Guilt-ridden by his self-imagined failure to protect the people, he committed to an insane act of running straight into the heart of that emptiness in a flimsy attempt to rescue the mother of a lone, young child.

His effort rendered worthless, Jin was now stuck in a vast area covered in bleakness and teeming with monsters, known as SoulJunk, seeking to satiate their ravenous appetite by preying on powerless humans. And in that moment, he himself was human no more, for his great willpower to intervene and rescue people, in spite of his incredible fear, has earned him an equally great power, fueled by SoulForce, to fire energy blasts from his hands. His survival successful for the moment, he continued to roam the Vacuum until he came upon a refugee camp, called Grasscover Camp, established by a man called Lord and his best friend, Tenebris, whom he joined without so much as a first thought.

Over time, Jin had truly come to aspire to become as admirable an individual as these two founders of the camp, who would defend and rescue people every single day, and even return the ones misguided by Desire, known as DesireWorkers, to their former human selves on rare occasions. Thanks to this aspiration, he could truly dedicate himself to the wellbeing and defense of Grasscover Camp's people, until one day, Tenebris entrusted the camp to him, should something happen to him.

Before long, this faction would become crippled from incalculable losses, the worst of which being the disappearance of Tenebris. With its leadership gone, and essential supplies dried out, Grasscover Camp was forced to become a travelling camp with Jin as its spearhead.

Though, initially, they searched high and low for unclaimed supplies, the people of Grasscover Camp soon realized that is a futile effort in the barren wasteland of the Vacuum, where not even so much as the hunting of animals was possible. Left with no other choice, they began considering the idea of raiding and pilfering other camps of humans in order to survive. Though the naturally righteous and compassionate Jin could not abide such criminal and unethical behavior, he all the same could not ignore the starved cries of his people, and thus agreed to such drastic measures, with the condition that nobody is killed and supplies will eventually be compensated for at a later time.

It is this naivete that would contribute immensely to his downfall, for the fight for supplies was a fight to the death, and such idealistic conditions could not possibly be met. When the rivaling camp laid defeated at his feet, Jin saw their lifeless bodies. It became clear to him in a matter of painful seconds - the Grasscover Camp that Tenebris entrusted to Jin committed genocide for selfish reasons.

Victorious, but psychologically destroyed, Jin refused to partake in any of the food or water looted from those he had slain, for his guilt would not let him. He ended up starving himself for an entire month, long enough that any creature would have perished, were it not for the forbidden power of Desire inadvertently gripping him during his self-loathing and sustaining him. And yet not even the terrible fatigue, stomach aches and depression did not affect him as much as the sight of his people smiling and rejoicing, bellies full, despite their reprehensible actions that day.

When supplies ran out again, Jin decided he could not tolerate any further loss of life, and and thus took a stance strictly against raids. So firm was his conviction, he led the remnants of the late Grasscover Camp into the freezing cold of the mountains, where no SoulJunk could survive and nobody else would gamble their life away to search.

Yet his considerable efforts were in vain, for the snow-capped mountains were just as barren as everywhere else. The people who faithfully followed him, now condemned to freeze to death, cursed his foolish idealism which prevented them from finding other camps to raid. In this moment, the last scrapes of optimism Jin had left in him vanished. Blaming himself for the suffering he caused, and for his incompetence as a leader which led to such a cruel ending, he saw no other choice than to slaughter his people. He would preserve the Grasscover Camp his hero Tenebris left him at all costs, one where people could exist in the Vacuum with a sense of ethics, no matter the cost.

Thus was the birth of the DesireWorker of Passion, whose philosophy was that the only true way to be saved in the Vacuum is death, and his goal became bringing his salvation not only to humans, but also DesireWorkers, SoulJunk and every other kind of creature stuck in the Vacuum, even if he must drench himself in sin.

After a decade and some of dedication to this quest, his mind was dominated by the will of Kent, from whom his power once came, and he became a puppet to oppose the goddess Rosca with, alongside the five other remaining DesireWorkers. He suffered the same crushing defeat as the others, before being sent to an alternate timeline, outside of the Vacuum-conquered areas, with no memory of anything that had happened.

As if fate itself could not stand Jin Seipatsu dirtying his soul with such bloodshed, he returned to his previous self, defined by a bottomless well of enthusiasm for the future, even as he saw a dying world in need of help and awakened as a SoulWorker to save it. Lauded as a hero and role model by too many to count, to this very day, he stands as a mighty and stalwart sentry against the countless threats that would've otherwise erased mankind.

This mod includes:
-four skins: SoulWorker, Advancement, DesireWorker and SoulJustice
-four basic offensive powers
-two boosts and one debuff
-one Xtreme
-two effects packs, a default one and one that better fits the DesireWorker skin
-two voice packs, a default hero one and a villain one
-a mechanic which allows him to build up attack speed using basic attacks
-three loading screens

If you wish to switch between the default and desire effects packs, all you have to do is overwrite the effects files inside effecs/char/jin_seipatsu inside your game directory with the same effects files found inside effects/desire/char/jin_seipatsu, or effects/default/char/jin_seipatsu, inside the mod directory. The procedure is the same for the voice packs - replace sounds/eng/j/i/jin_v.zss and jin_m.zsm in the game directory with the same files found in sounds/default or desire/eng/j/i.

WARNING: This mod clashes with Outsider's Falcon mod. In order to install and use the Jin Seipatsu mod without any unforeseen side effects, you must remove Falcon from your in-game roster and backup ui/models/mannequin/24101.igb, as well as textures/loading/24101.igb, 24102.igb and 24103.igb. Neglecting to do so will cause issues.

Mod showcase video:
Download link:
Gameplay video link:
DesireWorker voice and effects packs showcase video link:

I must say, I'm quite anxious to be releasing this mod to the public at long last. I really like how this mod turned out, and I hope you do too. As always, many thanks for expressing interest! Credits and known issues can be found inside README.txt.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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I have decided to make some changes to the way my mod catalog works here. Previously, my first post would contain the Mediafire download links for the mods, as well as the link for the mod showcase. I have modified that so that it instead provides links towards the release post, which in turn provides the download link. This, of course, also means that any mod updates I release from now on will be included in the release posts, rather than my first post. I figure this would lead to less confusion, so to speak, as before I made this change, my release posts were never updated to include the latest version, and they also never specified that said latest version would be in the first post.
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Hello everyone! My apologies for the seemingly long delay of the Jin Seipatsu mod showcase video. Think not for a second that I've given up on the idea. However, in the meantime, I wanted to put together some fixes and quality of life improvements, ranging from minor to rather major, for all of my three mods so far. Jin Seipatsu has received the most, I'd say. So, let's get right into it:

The new update to my Jin Seipatsu mod, V1.1, features the following changes:

-fixed an issue which would cause Jin to not stop talking and a sound effect to keep playing during the defensive stance of Reactive Field, especially at high attack speeds
-added attack speed stacking to Jin's ground attacks (his attacks when hitting an enemy that is lying down), 10% per hit, and nerfed the attack speed gained from light attacks from 10%/20%/30% to 10%/15%/20%, respectively
-added an effect to Jin's gauntlets during his Xtreme
-fixed an issue which caused Jin's second boost, High Spirits, to reduce energy consumption a LOT more than intended
-also fixed an issue with High Spirits which caused leveling the ability to make the energy consumption decrease lower
-fixed an issue which caused Ki Burst to slow enemies down by a lot more than intended
-made some changes to the names and/or descriptions of some powers, including the Xtreme, which is now called "Punisher of the Void"


The new update to Haru Estia, V1.3, features a few minor fixes:

-fixed an issue with Haru's long coat behaving oddly when using the DesireWorker skin, especially during animations such as push/pull
-fixed an issue with one of Haru's... coat belts, for lack of a better term, when using the Advancement skin, which caused them to appear distorted during animations such as running
-changed the name of her Xtreme to "Executioner of the Void"


And finally, the new version of Lily Bloomerchen, V1.2, also features some fixes:

-fixed an issue which caused Lily to randomly hold her scythe at times when she should not, especially if controlled by AI. However, this comes at the cost of all of Lily's powers being uninterruptable, making her more powerful, to the dismay of some
-fixed an issue with the combo text of any combo which includes Lily's Mad Lunge power
-renamed her Xtreme to "Reaper of the Void"
-made it so that her effects files reference texture assets which are completely separate from the game's vanilla textures. Make sure you drag and drop the .igb files inside the texture folder


Next up is the Jin Seipatsu mod showcase video. I'm glad I got these fixes out of the way for now. Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

The mod showcase video for Jin Seipatsu is up. Knock yourselves out, folks:
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

My next mod will actually be a 2 for 1 special. For that reason, I'm afraid I must set the expectation that it may take a little longer to put this next batch of content out, but my hope is that the extra time I will have taken will also have made it worth the wait.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I'd rather not risk keeping people with unanswered questions or anything, so I would like to announce right now that, given some real life things currently going on, my overall mod development is likely to be slower. Apologies for any inconvenience to those who are looking forward to my future content.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I know what I said in what is quite literally the post just before this one, but I kind of felt like binging on mod development lately, so here we are. This time, we've got a 2 for 1 special. Everyone, welcome Stella Unibell and Fuu Chan to the fray!


Stella Unibell was once merely an orphaned young villager, who was yet not born quite like everyone else. For as long as she can remember, she has been able to see and communicate with spirits, as well as be a means for such entities to manifest in the physical realm. Unfortunately, this gift proved to be little more than a curse. Her people, paranoid of what she might do with such power, labeled her an outcast and a target for endless prejudice and cruelty.

Numbered were the days that the young Stella would spend without an expression of hatred from other villagers, be it through profane insults or even physical abuse. Overwhelmed the entire time by a mix of heartbreak and confusion as to why her people would do this, she persistently tried to approach and befriend them, only for that sweetness to be brutally rejected in return. In the end, the only company she had was that of the spirits she conjured, at every step seeking to comfort her.

Down the line, an event beyond understanding transpired, caused by an alien power named the Vacuum, which affected the village. Without a second thought, the inhabitants of the area put the blame on Stella, an act from which she finally had her fill. Blind with tears, she left the world behind and willingly entered the area conquered by the Void, where she found a ruined building in which she could embrace solitude for the rest of her days.

Though most of her time in these ruins was spent in peace and silence, there were times when Stella would inevitably encounter other people. Her insistence firm on being lonely, believing that she brings only evil to society, she violently drove away anyone foolish enough to get close with the help of the spirits accompanying her.

In spite of this, one day, she met a child named Catherine. Before she could be repelled, the two became fast friends and spent time together, even to the point where this girl would offer Stella a present. For one who was hated her entire life, this was an extraordinary occasion, bringing with it happiness of the kind that she never felt before. Finally, there was someone who not only didn't hate her, but seemingly cherished her.

But fate had forbidden this child from savoring any more than a brief respite from suffering. One day, a small team, led by the SoulWorker Tenebris, ambushed the ruins where she dwelled with her new friend, aiming to save her from what they perceived to be confinement. Stella raged against this act of intrusion and commanded her spirits to kill the invaders. Ultimately, the combined efforts of her and her spirits were not enough to defeat this squad and stop them from taking Catherine.

One member of this team was Kant, a god in disguise who was secretly responsible for the creation of the Vacuum. He mercilessly smashed Stella's present in front of her as she laid helpless on the ground, seeking to trigger her awakening as a DesireWorker.

His plan a terrific success, the young girl eventually rose to her feet with a new belief - that she is not human, and therefore can never pursue happiness. And with that final moment of reflection, she resolved to exterminate all of mankind as vengeance, while continuously damning the unfairness of her fate. To that end, she eventually joined a collective led by another individual with a similar aspiration, called Haru Estia, and together with them, became responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents.

15 years after Stella first entered the Vacuum, her mind became subject to the total control of Kant, whose plans were at the time threatened by a goddess called Rosca. Thus, Stella, along with five other mind controlled DesireWorkers, would be used to fight her, only to fall defeated at her feet. In what followed, all six of Kant's warriors were sent to separate timelines, outside of the Vacuum, inducing loss of all memories of the events which transpired there.

After waking up, the first thing she saw was a world threatened from all sides by otherworldly creatures, and so, she came to fight against them. These actions led to the love and appreciation of humanity as a whole, the same species she once unknowingly sought to slay, and she was greeted as a heroine. Since then and until present day, she has been on the front lines as the last hope of the human race and saving it from forces which would've otherwise destroyed it.

This mod features:
-4 skins: SoulWorker, Advancement, DesireWorker and SoulJustice
-3 loading screens (plus an alternate loading screen for the DesireWorker skin, that doesn't have those red cracks, for those who dislike that aspect of the original DesireWorker loading screen)
-two voice packs - a default hero one, and a villainous one which better fits the DesireWorker skin
-two effects packs: a default one, and another which better fits the DesireWorker skin
-a mechanic which allows Stella to change her entire powerset by using a boost power (except her Xtreme)
-6 offensive powers and 4 status boosts in total, as well as one Xtreme

In order to switch between the two voice packs, you must take stel_v.zss and stel_m.zsm from sounds/default or desire/eng/s/t inside the mod directory and overwrite those same two files in sounds/eng/s/t in your game directory.

The procedure is the same for switching between effects packs - you must take all the .xmlb files inside effects/default or desire/char/stella_unibell in your mod directory and overwrite those same .xmlb files inside effects/char/stella_unibell in the game directory.

Credits and known issues can be found inside the Readme.txt file.

VERY IMPORTANT: This mod clashes with Outsider's Ant Man mod. Before you install this mod, please backup ui/models/mannequin/25201.igb, as well as textures/loading/25201.igb, 25202.igb and 25203.igb. Also, please remove Ant Man from your roster. Neglecting to do this will result in issues.

Link to the mod:
Mod showcase:
Gameplay video link:
DesireWorker voice and effects packs showcase video link:



Little is known of the origins and identity of the astral entity known by the name of Fuu Chan, other than that he has already joined the ranks of the dead and that his physical manifestation is a cursed body. However, his present status is very much clear - he has sworn to raise and defend a young girl known as Stella Unibell, along with any spirits conjured by her, at any cost.

Ever since Stella's birth, Fuu has been with her. Having come into being with the supernatural power of being able to see and speak to spirits, the community of the village she was born in was overcome with paranoia at what she might do with these abilities, which prompted them to shun her.

But it was more than just loneliness that Fuu would be forced to witness Stella experiencing. Unprovoked verbal and physical violence were commonplace for this poor girl, regardless of her intentions and actions. His hatred for mankind growing steadily each day, he tried to convince the child to stop trying to befriend such cruel people, and instead simply despise them as he did, but to no avail. Her pure heart longed for understanding, and would not be deterred so easily from eventually being accepted, and so, for years to come, she would continuously, yet fruitlessly, attempt to approach people in hopes of forming friendships.

One day, a disaster befell their home world, Stair Second, including the village that they lived in. Full of nothing but suspicion, the villagers stacked their blame onto the harmless Stella, blinded by fear of that which they could not understand. It was with this outburst that she finally made the decision to leave, heading straight for the Vacuum, where she hoped to find solitude and isolation from the rest of humanity for as long as she had left to live. Fuu Chan and the spirits followed.

Stella and her ethereal companions spent most of their time in the ruins of an abandoned building. It was here that, over time, she would obtain another power called Desire, which allowed her to materialize a guitar out of thin air, through which to manifest many harmful effects such as energy blasts and electricity, at the cost of this power slowly eroding her mind. On rare occasions, humans would chance upon the ruins they called home, only to be repelled in a most violent manner. That is, until the time that they met a young girl called Catherine.

Though at first reluctant to interact with another human, Stella and Fuu found that this child was full of nothing but friendliness and compassion. Even the pain riddled DesireWorker couldn't help but be absorbed into interacting with her, and so, they quickly became best friends. For once, it seemed like she could finally experience the peace of a normal life, with loved ones.

Only a few days later, however, that hope would be shattered pitilessly by a squad with the SoulWorker Tenebris as its leader, in whose eyes Catherine was a hostage of Stella. Despite the best, desperate efforts of Fuu and the spirits which he commands to prevent them from having their way, they failed, and Stella snapped under the despair of losing her friend.

She soon declared that she would destroy mankind for what they have done to her, an ambition which Fuu Chan assisted her in achieving without question, wishing only for this tortured girl's heartfelt smile. Before long, they banded up with a team of individuals just like them, led by a DesireWorker named Haru Estia, and so they started bringing true annihilation to the portion of the human race which was stranded in the Void.

15 years after they first entered the Vacuum, Stella's mind was taken over by Kant, and thus she became a weapon to fight against the golden goddess Rosca. With no other option, Fuu Chan fought valiantly at her side, if only to protect her. After suffering a crushing defeat, the two were sent to a separate timeline, outside of the Vacuum, leaving the young girl with no memory of anything that happened there.

Stella's first waking moments were spent observing the broken, helpless state of the world she now lived in, under the influence of countless monsters of alien origins. It was thus that, much to the shock of Fuu Chan, she resolved to help humanity using her powers, and awakened as the SoulWorker of Sorrow, in spite of their innumerable crimes against it. Ever since, they have saved countless people from unspeakable dangers, and continue to do so to this very day.

Though Fuu Chan's contempt for the human race has not lessened in the slightest, stronger than this feeling of spite is his genuine wish to support Stella Unibell in anything she does. If the child wishes for their salvation, so be it.

This mod includes:

-one Classic skin
-4 powers, 2 boosts, 1 debuff and 1 Xtreme
-unique SFX
-teleportation mechanics, very similar to those of Deadpool and Nightcrawler

Credits and known issues can be found inside the Readme.txt file.

VERY IMPORTANT: This mod clashes with BLaw's Firestar mod. Before you install this mod, please backup ui/models/mannequin/22401.igb. Also, please remove Firestar from your roster. Neglecting to do this will result in issues.

Link to the mod:
Mod showcase video:
Gameplay video link (warning - very loud in the first few seconds):

That's about it for now. If you find any issues with either of these mods that aren't mentioned in the Readme's, please let me know and I will try to fix them in the future. Other than that, thank you for expressing interest in these mods. As always, have a good one until next time. Corvette, taking off.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Lately, I have encountered some texture related issues when running a full team with nothing but my mods. They have a tendency to fail to load in time, instead being replaced by those yellow and purple effect squares, usually indicating that the texture is missing. This affects not only the team members' effects, but also the effects of enemies and even loading screens. I have concluded that the reason why this happens is because of game limitations being tested by the sheer amount of effects. Truth be told, my latest mods, Stella Unibell and Fuu Chan, are very effect heavy.

I will try to think of a way to solve this, most likely by cutting down on some effects without crippling the character's aesthetics too much, but at the moment, I'm afraid I cannot promise anything. In the meantime, I would recommend that, in the event that you play with my mods, try not to make an entire team of 4 with them if you want to avoid such issues. It should still be fine if you still have a team of 4 but not all of them are my mods or other equally effect intensive mods. Thank you for your understanding.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

The mod showcase video for Stella Unibell and Fuu Chan is, and has been out for roughly 6 hours. My apologies for the late notification.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I have some good news for people who have inevitably found issues with the effects of my mods - I have finally figured out why, in spite of everything looking fine in the mod showcase videos, the effects of powers look strange for other people, or not as they should. The truth is, I developed and tested these mods in an environment consisting of a set of game files that I modified quite heavily 6 years ago. Expect the next update to include an absolute fix for these effects issues.

In the meantime, I can provide an immediate partial solution for Haru Estia's effect problems - make sure you turn fullscreen effects off in the game's video settings.

Other than that, my apologies for this colossal screw-up of taking almost half a year to figure this out and basically leaving my mods' effects as eyesores for everyone else. In two weeks time, I will attempt to provide fixes.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

The time has come for the fifth SoulWorker to enter the catalog. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, the personification of fury, Iris Yuma!


Iris Yuma was once daughter to a renowned family of an alternate Earth, named Stair Second. The prestige of her bloodline brought, along with its privilege, a shackle of destiny - she would constantly be compared to her siblings, and expected to develop as a true heir of the Yuma's legacy, much in opposition to her simpler, more common wish to just be herself. Unspoken words and unexpressed feelings piled up over the years, building a natural distrust for adults and contempt for regulations and orders, and culminated at last in high school, in the wake of a bullying incident in which one of Iris' friends got caught.

Witness to this harassment, she became outraged and put an end to it through violent means, earning the scrutiny of her parents, who were prepared only to reward her loyalty to her friend with scolding. A terrible fight sparked that afternoon, after which Iris made the impulsive decision to run away from home. As she made her way, a general evacuation order rang throughout the city, in response to an unprecedented phenomenon bringing chaos to the people, now known by all as the Vacuum.

She promptly returned to the place where her home resided, only to find a shambled ruin of what it once was. Realizing that her family is dead under the rubble and that her life had been stripped away from her, Iris became consumed by a crude mix of grief and rage, carrying her into the insane act of running straight into the heart of the Vacuum with the intent to destroy it as revenge.

As her mind cleared up, she found herself in a vast, empty area, bustling with wrecked buildings of all shapes and sizes, broken beyond comprehension by the unnatural disasters which befell it what felt like mere moments ago. And even then, the greatest of her worries had yet to come - terrifying alien creatures stalked the land, called SoulJunk, feasting on prey of any and all matter in order to evolve.

Iris soon fell in the line of sight of such beasts. Before she could become their prey, an earnest wish for power filled her heart, and so she became a SoulForcer, gaining increased physical attributes as well as the ability to project energy blasts. Using this new power, she fended off her predators, and eventually came upon and joined an establishment of human refugees in this new hell - Grasscover Camp.

It was not long before Iris learned of the existence of humans who became twisted by a forbidden power native to the Vacuum named Desire, and who would go on to commit unspeakable crimes against humanity. Hearing of their dastardly deeds, she could feel naught but sick with contempt for any such individuals. This viewpoint would cause her to be at odds with the founders of the establishment, Lord and Tenebris, who actively attempted to bring in and cure this kind of people. She could not bear the thought of treating these perpetrators of genocide as victims after all they had done. And as it turned out, she was not alone in thinking this way.

Little time passed before many of the survivors of Grasscover Camp rallied under her proverbial banner as those who condemned mercy for the so-called DesireWorkers, sowing the seeds of in-fighting and the eventual fall of this refugee site. Empowered by the numbers at her back, Iris would come to yearn for more than just the accomplishment of her ideals, but simply for the feeling of being right. As that took precedence, she began to allow herself to engage in questionable acts, from endangering innocents by paying no mind to collateral damage with an "end justifies the means" mentality, to even going out of her way to attempt assassinations hidden as accidents on her fellow survivors with whom she disagreed.

Eventually, Iris saw fit to leave Grasscover Camp together with her following, never to return. She continued to perpetuate her spiteful view on the world, hardly ever noticing that she herself had become what she most hated - a DesireWorker. No emotion or thought crossed her mind, other than the total destruction of those like her, and so she has gone on to mercilessly slaughter hundreds of such humans, along with any innocents she deemed were in her way. Though no living beings would survive an encounter with Iris, none won her hatred more earnestly than Haru Estia, the perceived leader and role model of her targets, or Jin Seipatsu, the SoulForcer who at every turn stood steadfast more than anyone against her ideals of death to the ones corrupted by Desire.

15 years later, only a handful of DesireWorkers remained, herself included, a large fraction of whom had died at her hands. It was then that she fell to Kant's mind control, to be used as one of six warriors in a fight against the divine being Rosca. Sharing the same fate as the others, Iris was easily defeated, then sent to an alternate timeline outside of the Vacuum-conquered area. And when next she woke, amidst the ruins of a destroyed city, all memory was absent from her mind.

The first step Iris took into the present was to join a worldwide organization dedicated to the defense of mankind, called the Starry Forest League, driven by an unprecedented yet deep drive to protect humanity herself. Fail she did not, for she awakened as a SoulWorker soon after, and her fantastic power prevailed against countless threats of consequences otherwise unimaginable to the human race. She has become a revered heroine and a perceived invincible champion who will almost single-handedly bring salvation to a world starved of hope after a decade and half of depthless suffering.

This mod features:

-four skins: SoulWorker (default), Advancement, DesireWorker and SoulJustice
-three loading screens, for the first three skins
-a mechanic which allows Iris to infinitely stack attack and defense whenever she hits an enemy with one of her first five powers
-five offensive powers, one debuff, one buff and one Xtreme (which is really a second buff)
-two voice packs - a default hero one and a villainous one which better fits the DesireWorker skin
-tons of camera shaking effects to portray this brawny beast of a girl

In order to switch between the two voice packs, you need to overwrite sounds/eng/i/r/iris_v.zss and iris_m.zsm inside your game directory with the same two files inside sounds/default or desire/eng/i/r in the mod directory.

Unfortunately, this mod is unlikely to get an effects pack for the DesireWorker skin in the future. The reason why is because the difference between her default skill effects and the skill effects she has in DesireWorker form is small, to the point where it cannot be captured with the mod's kit without changing her skill effects too much.

IMPORTANT: This mod clashes with BliZZ's Gambit mod. If you have that mod installed, then please backup ui/models/mannequin/21201.igb as well as textures/loading/21201.igb, 21202.igb and 21203.igb. In addition, please remove Gambit from your roster if you have him there. Failure to take these measures will result in bugs.

Link to the mod:
Link to the mod showcase video:
Gameplay video link:
DesireWorker voice pack showcase video link:

Credits and known issues can be found inside the README.txt file.

All in all, I sincerely hope you have as much of a blast with this mod as I had for the last couple hours. Super satisfied with how it turned out. Thank you for showing interest in my work, and I hope I can keep you coming back. Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I have prepared a minor update to the Iris Yuma mod, which mostly consists of bug fixes. The following issues have been resolved, at least for the most part:

-issues with the energy cost of the first power, "Strike the Despicable"
-issues with the energy cost of the fifth power, "Hammer Time"
-when using the DesireWorker skin, the cannon on the back no longer sticks to Iris' back
-Iris Yuma's grab smash no longer uses Luke Cage's effects and has effects of its own (consists of a recolor to match the other powers)
-when executing the jump smash, the cannon no longer reappears on Iris' back (but there is a compromise - when flying and descending manually back to the ground, the cannon does not reappear on her back, can be made to reappear by simply using a light attack)

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

In the coming days, I will attempt to experiment with a possible means of making the stacking mechanic of the Iris Yuma mod take less of a toll on the game. Personal testing has revealed that it can even go as far as to make special attributes such as being shielded or Altered Genetics to stop working for elite enemies.

However, I must unfortunately almost guarantee that instead of having powers 1-5 being capable of generating stacks, it'll all be placed on the first power, and each individual stack will provide more stats. It may disappoint some, and the issue will still not be entirely fixed as enough stacks will still gradually break the game, but this affects gameplay quite heavily.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.