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Started by corvetterules, August 07, 2020, 08:23AM

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An update to the Iris Yuma mod, V1.1, is now up for grabs. It features quite significant changes which aim to greatly improve stability during gameplay.

The stacks gained by hitting enemies with powers 1-5 now have a limited duration, and no longer persist indefinitely. This was a necessary course of action, as the overall number of individual boosts is very likely what caused issues during gameplay in the first place. However, the attack and defense from each individual stack have been greatly increased.

Old values: 0.5-3 attack, 0.075-0.3 defense
New values: 2.5-5 attack, 0.25-0.5 defense

The specific boost values at any given time of a stack depends on the rank of the first power, Strike the Despicable, as usual.

Iris is still a bit weaker than I would like her to be, but at least now she no longer breaks the game. And I would say that she will still be a force to be reckoned with, as long as you use powers consistently during combat. She is very much a DPS type, whose damage shines over a period of time rather than in a moment.

Hopefully, she will also be the type of mod that doesn't break MUA now. At this point, she should also be relatively safe to play alongside complex characters, such as Erik Lehnsherr's Mysterio mod.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I would like to announce that there won't be any new content for a little while. However, I will be releasing three new mods at once the next time I have new content ready, for the following characters: Erwin Arclight, Tenebris and Chii Aruel. Stay tuned, folks.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I put together a new update for my Haru Estia mod. The following changes were made:

-her 4th power, Whirl Blade, now travels a longer distance and more quickly, and knocks enemies back a shorter distance
-her sound files now have far more voiced lines, for her first power, Best Served Cold, as well as for her boosts and the typical scenarios such as choosing her during gameplay or defeating enemies

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

So I know it's kind of weird to come out with a new version like two days after the latest one, but I felt particularly inspired to mod recently, so this. I present to you the new version of my Haru Estia mod, V1.5. It features a second voice pack (.zsm and .zss files) and effects pack which more closely fit the DesireWorker skin. And yes, you can expect me to give the same treatment to my other mods as well (of the SoulWorker protagonists, so excluding Fuu Chan), on top of my next few mods (i.e. Erwin Arclight and Chii Aruel, Tenebris will not be counted for this).

I have made it so that these packs need you to overwrite the mod's files in order to be installed, in order to not make the powerstyle file too much for the game to process, and also because the alternate voice pack would not be fully possible otherwise. I have also made a small modification to the mod directory. In the effects folder, you will now see two subfolders: default and desire. Go for default to use the same effects as until now, and go for desire to use the new ones. The same is the case for the models folder and the sounds folder.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Here comes another update, this time for Jin Seipatsu. V1.2 is now officially released, and it features a new voice and effects pack to better fit the DesireWorker skin, just like the latest Haru Estia update.

The installation is exactly the same as with the first packs - just overwrite the effects files inside effects/char/jin_seipatsu inside your game directory with the effects files inside effects/desire/char/jin_seipatsu. And if you wish to go back to the default effects, they can be found inside effects/default/char/jin_seipatsu. Naturally, the same is the case for the voice pack - just overwrite sounds/eng/j/i/jin_v.zss and jin_m.zsm in the game directory with the same two files located in sounds/desire/eng/j/i.


I would also like to announce that there will be a video in the future which will serve as a showcase for these packs, all in one, after I have released my next three mods. Everyone will be able to refer to one single video on YouTube, with time stamps in the description, to see the showcases for all seven SoulWorker protagonist mods: Haru Estia, Lily Bloomerchen, Jin Seipatsu, Stella Unibell, Iris Yuma, Erwin Arclight and Chii Aruel.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Ready or not, here I come with the newest Lily Bloomerchen update, V1.3, which includes alternate voice and effects packs to better fit the DesireWorker skin.

In order to use the alternate voice pack, all you have to do is to take lily_v.zss and lily_m.zsm from sounds/desire/eng/l/i (inside the mod directory) and overwrite the same two files located inside sounds/eng/l/i in your game directory. If you wish to revert to the default voice pack, do the exact same thing except you take the files from sounds/default/eng/l/i.

The procedure for the effects pack is the same. Overwrite all the .xmlb effects files inside effects/char/lily_bloomerchen (inside the game directory) with the .xmlb effects files inside effects/desire/char/lily_bloomerchen (in the mod directory). Reverting back to the default effects can be done by overwriting the files in the same location in the game directory with the .xmlb effects files from effects/defaut/char/lily_bloomerchen.

Though I have to admit that this one doesn't make changes nearly as heavy to the feel of the character as Haru and Jin's packs did, I'm still rather satisfied with the outcome, given the material I had to work with and the fact that the good Lily and the bad Lily are not that different. I hope you enjoy this, and thank you for your continued interest in my work.

Please also make sure that you have overwritten the powerstyle file with the one from this newest update, as it contains changes necessary for the full implementation of the alternate voice and effects packs.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

A new update for my Stella Unibell mod, V1.1, is fresh out of the oven and ready to be enjoyed. As was the case with my last few updates to my mods, this new update features an additional voice pack as well as an additional effects pack, both of which better fit Stella's villainous past self portrayed through the DesireWorker skin.

In order to switch between the two voice packs that are now available, you must take stel_v.zss and stel_m.zsm from sounds/default or desire/eng/s/t in your mod directory, and overwrite those same two files in sounds/eng/s/t in your game directory.

The procedure is the same for the effects packs - take the .xmlb files from effects/default or desire/char/stella_unibell in your mod directory and replace those same files in effects/char/stella_unibell in your game directory.

And I bet you thought that's all this update brings. But this time, we've got more to unpack than we did the last few times. I bring to you some fairly significant balance changes to Stella's first power and her boost.

-The damage dealt by Witch's Whim: Ravage and Instigate has been reduced by a third of its original value
-The bleed damage over time debuff applied by Witch's Whim: Ravage has been multiplied by 5
-The energy cost of Sorrow: Redeem and Curse has been cut in half, considering it's a bread and butter mechanic for Stella

In addition to this, I have made an alternate loading screen, also for the DesireWorker skin, named "25203 (alternate).igb" inside textures/loading. This loading screen lacks the messy red cracks that the original one has, however I am keeping that one in as well for those who prefer that. If you wish to switch between the two, just copy-paste the loading screen you want to use in textures/loading in your game directory and rename it to 25203.igb, overwriting the original.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

A new update for the Iris Yuma mod, V1.1.5, is now up for grabs. It features an alternate voice pack which better fits the DesireWorker skin. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that she will get an effects pack as well, due to the very small difference between her normal skill effects and her DW form skill effects.

In order to switch between the two voice packs she now has, you need to overwrite sounds/eng/i/r/iris_v.zss and iris_m.zsm in your game directory with the same two files in sounds/default or desire/i/r in the mod directory.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I know what I said, but down the line after I started working on him, I surpassed my own expectations and got way too excited to share this mod with the world. So everyone, while it's a bit early, welcome Tenebris, the legendary SoulWorker of justice, to the world of MUA!


Few are the people of Stair Second, the planet Earth of an alternate universe, so ignorant as to not know the name Tenebris, which belongs to one of the most important figures of mankind during the apocalyptic times wrought upon the world by the Vacuum. Responsible for acts heroic as well as atrocious, his actions have had a significant impact on humanity's efforts to defend itself against the creatures seeking to consume it.

The story of this young man began with Grasscover Camp, a settlement created in the depths of the incomprehensibly large amalgamation of landscapes swallowed by the Vacuum, founded by himself and his best friend, Lord. The purpose of this place was to protect refugees and other such powerless people, with the help of SoulForcers and SoulWorkers, from the monsters roaming the vast bleakness. Among this alliance of defenders, Tenebris was the most powerful in combat, his strength being derived from the concept of justice.

The role of leader would already have been a stressful one to play, but that feeling was only amplified by the reality he was forced to face each day. Between the fear of death at the hands of some dreadful abomination, the worry for the survival of the people inhabiting Grasscover Camp and the newly emerging threat of humans driven insane with power by the Vacuum's energies, known as DesireWorkers, though generally stoic, serious and rational, even Tenebris couldn't carry this burden all by himself. Were it not for a number of close confidants with whom he shared his worries and weaknesses, he surely would've given under that weight, and thus he would be unknowingly manipulated by Kant, creator of the Vacuum in disguise, into a number of actions that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the settlement.

Eventually, the two founders would seek to bring in and rehabilitate DesireWorkers, with the viewpoint that they are not just inhumane murderers, but as much victims of the Vacuum as anyone else. This decision was not without controversy, for it was known to all what evils such people were capable of committing while animalistically satisfying their own greed - even at the cost of human life. And thus were sown the seeds of internal conflict and in-fighting among those who inhabited Grasscover Camp, between those who were of the same opinion as Tenebris and Lord and those who weren't. It would soon be revealed that the worries of those in opposition of this idea were not unfounded - a captured, young DesireWorker called Lily Bloomerchen would be responsible for killing a number of inhabitants from the inside during the rehabilitation effort.

The negative effect of this conflict would reach its peak when, one fateful night, the SoulForcer Erwin Arclight betrayed the settlement by freeing and running away with a captured DesireWorker, Haru Estia, believed to be dangerous, only to be seen again as lethal enemies maddened by Desire. In the wake of that incident, another SoulForcer by the name of Iris Yuma, known for being at the forefront of the initiative to condemn the rehabilitation of such people, exerted a powerful influence onto a significant portion of the inhabitants and left Grasscover Camp along with them, ultimately becoming a DesireWorker herself. To make matters worse, the founder Lord disappeared, and was presumed dead.

As a result, this refugee shelter grew considerably weaker from having lost so many people and SoulForcers over such a short span of time, and the outside dangers became more difficult to deal with. Battered in spirit by this chain of unfortunate events, Tenebris began to doubt his sense of justice, holding it accountable for everything transpiring as it did, and consequently grew weaker. In the end, he abandoned his now former patience for DesireWorkers, convinced by Kant to "follow his own justice" instead of that of a man who is no longer with him.

To mark the end of his association with Grasscover Camp, Tenebris discovered the truth behind Kant and attempted to fight him, only to be kicked out of the Vacuum-conquered landscape and into the outside world, which was significantly less affected. Awakened in this new part of the world, and with his memories lost, he became a member of a worldwide organization called Starry Forest League, founded to defend the world from the threat of the Void. Before long, he became famous across the world for protecting mankind from extreme dangers, the worthiest of note being the Golden Omen, a strange phenomenon brought by a powerful centaur-like creature which resulted in a portion of the world's skies turning gold, eroding the sanity of any affected by this influence.

But in spite of the infinite glory that came from his actions, a dissatisfaction plagued Tenebris, stemming from a belief that he and all other SoulForcers and SoulWorkers aligned with the Starry Forest League were being exploited and treated like tools. It was not long before this erupted into an effort to turn on the organization, in which all those like him joined, once he was sentenced to death on false grounds of treason after attempting to communicate with the Vessi. All of a sudden, the highly acclaimed Starry Forest League were in real danger of disappearing at the hands of their own greatest weapons, now the self-proclaimed Serenade Guild.

Finally, after countless crushing victories, Tenebris' resistance led them to the final frontier of the organization they once served - Grace City. But before they could seal their victory once and for all, they were without warning incinerated in an instant by a gigantic beam from the sky, courtesy of the divine being Rosca. In an instant, every single member of this dreaded resistance had been wiped off the face of the earth, leaving the Starry Forest League in a state of confused but significant relief, and this incident would become known in history by the name of "Bitterly Wept the Stars".

But it was not the end for Tenebris. Though severely disfigured by the intense sun-like heat he was abruptly forced to body, enough for even the restorative properties of his existence as a SoulWorker to not fully heal him, and now pushed into a life of obscurity with nothing left, he came to see the experience as a wake-up call. In that moment, a new belief took roots in his heart - that justice is defined by the powerful. And so, in order to enforce his idea of justice, he became power-hungry, eventually turning into a DesireWorker and aligning with Kant and the Vessi of the Rapid Flame, fully aware of what he has done.

To this day, Tenebris carries himself as a former hero and celebrity, in pursuit of the truest righteousness of all - the power to affect this world on a foundational level.

This mod features:

-two skins: SoulWorker and DesireWorker
-two loading screens
-three basic powers, one boost and one Xtreme
-generally a powerset which puts a heavy accent on basic attacks, with various effects from each combo
-two voice packs: a default one and one which better fits the DesireWorker skin
-lots of effects

In order to switch between voice packs, simply overwrite sounds/eng/t/e/tene_v.zss and tene_m.zsm inside the game directory with the same two files from sounds/default or desire/eng/t/e in the mod directory.

WARNING: This mod clashes with BliZZ's Punisher mod. Before you install this mod, please backup ui/models/mannequin/15801.igb as well as textures/loading/15801.igb and 15802.igb, and if you have the Punisher mod in your roster, remove him from it. Neglecting or failing to do so will result in unexpected issues.

Mediafire link:
Mod showcase link:
Gameplay video link:
DesireWorker voice pack showcase video link:

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with how this mod turned out. It's been a while since I've worked so hard on a new mod, but it was worth every drop of sweat. Thank you so much for your continued interest in my work, and I hope I can continue to captivate you in the future as well.

Until then, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint the people who have been following my work, briefly. I decided it is best for now to take back the promise of Erwin Arclight and Chii Aruel being my next mods. Truth be told, as a modder, an infinity of ideas for the next mod will be on your mind, and your mood kind of swings from character to character. I think, when making mods, the mood to make a mod of a certain character is the best possible window of opportunity during which to develop said mod, because it'll turn out better in the end. In that spirit, I'm going to stop declaring that this or that mod is going to get made next. I am sorry to the people who were looking forward to Erwin and Chii, but I hope you can understand my decision. I just don't want to end up in a situation where I finally get around to a character mod after some time, and then my former mood to make them is suddenly gone. I'm going to end up making said mod anyway, and when I do, I want it to turn out as well as I can make it.

In spite of this, I hope you will still tune in to the content I put out over time and find something to enjoy in my characters mods. Until next time, my friends.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I have a small update for my Tenebris mod. The purpose of it is to fix some minor issues, as follows:

-Fixed an issue causing Tenebris not to play his usual idle animation during the briefing dialogue part of a simulator mission
-Fixed an issue causing Tenebris not to play the swimming idle animation in Atlantis levels and instead using his regular idle
-Fixed an issue causing the second power, Shredding Current, to cost way less energy than intended.
-Fixed an issue causing certain quotes not to play when using the default voice pack. Personally, I found that the quotes for the boost power, Justice, were not playing.


I would also like to announce that the mod showcase video is now up. Check it out:
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Hasn't been a long time since my official release of Tenebris, but I bring to you, regardless, the DesireWorker of Obsession, Lerfenne!


Lerfenne was among the humans who were unfortunate enough to be trapped inside the Vacuum, a massive lump of alien energy which plunged Stair Second, the planet Earth of an alternate universe, into chaos without warning or reason. In an environment as dangerous as this, infested with terrible creatures known as SoulJunk, with an appetite for all matter, organic or otherwise, any lone regular person would either fall prey to said creatures or be mentally ruined by the malevolent essence which defines the Vacuum - Desire. She was of the latter type, as her obsessive nature drowned out all reason and humanity, even in this negative place, and empowered her with the ability to generate a weapon of her choice, the rapier, out of thin air, as well as vastly improved durability, stamina, strength, reflexes, agility and a healing factor.

After roaming the Vacuum all alone for some time, she was eventually defeated and captured by a man named Tenebris, taken to a shelter called Grasscover Camp, in hopes of successfully rehabilitating her from her broken state of mind. At the time, the inhabitants of the camp regarded this idea with little more than scoffs and raised eyebrows, for DesireWorkers are murderous animals with no human traits other than their appearance and intelligence. Against all expectations, the actions of Tenebris and his friend and co-founder of the camp, Lord, were seemingly successful, and Lerfenne was apparently cured of Desire's influence. She could once again walk among humans as one of them, untainted by this power... or so it was assumed. The truth was something else entirely.

Unbeknownst to all, the target of Lerfenne's obsession simply changed. Seeing Tenebris' determination to restore this poor victim's soul, in spite of everyone else's ugly stares, touched her to her very core, and thus she developed deep affectionate feelings for him. And yet she remained capable of rational thought and normal social interactions, in order to keep him close, thus attracting the suspicion of none. Mistaken for a SoulWorker henceforth, she fought bravely in defense of the people of Grasscover Camp, until its very end.

Though successful for a time, even this shelter could not withstand the countless dangers of the Vacuum forever. Negativity crept inside the hearts of its members, giving birth to infighting, and the eventual fall of Grasscover Camp, from the inside out. With this chapter behind her, Lupan too had to move on, and after a long time, she found herself out of the Vacuum, back into the outside world, her memories and even her Desire for Tenebris no more.

But her greed would persist, nonetheless. Though most who leave the Vacuum as SoulWorkers or DesireWorkers and awaken in the outside world latch on to a Desire to protect humanity, Lerfenne was an exception. She became obsessed with the Vacuum itself, and as a result, joined a cult-like organization, called the Vacuum Fanatics, which worships it and aims to bring about the apocalypse. During her time as a devotee to this cult, her physique has undergone transformations, such that her body became half-SoulJunk, as a result of her starting to devour such creatures for survival, and eventually, also for the twisted pleasure of enduring something so dangerous.

Lerfenne later re-emerged with this new identity, and was recognized as a former member of the late Grasscover Camp by others with associations to it, due to previous visions they had seen of the establishment. She was then captured and, to this very day, is subjected to inhumane experimentations by the Starry Forest League's scientists, in order to study the fusion between humans and SoulJunk and improve their war effort.

This mod features:

-one skin: DesireWorker
-4 basic powers
-1 debuff
-2 boosts
-1 Xtreme
-1 loading screen
-a mechanic which makes a power require the use of another power previously to be temporarily unlocked

WARNING: This mod clashes with Black Widow (vanilla). Before installing it, make sure to backup ui/models/mannequin/14801.igb and textures/loading/14801.igb, and remove her from your roster if she is there. Failing or neglecting to take these measures will result in issues.

Download link:
Mod showcase video:
Gameplay video link:

Known issues and credits can be found inside the README.txt file.

Other than that, developing this mod has been a blast. I feel like I've realized my vision for the most part with this execution. I hope you enjoy playing with it, and that I'll see you again here, in my mod catalog, for my future mod releases.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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Barely a few minutes passed, and already I need to release a new version to fix some bugs. Sorry about that.

Changes made with version 1.0.5 of the Lupan mod:

-drastically reduced the energy costs of Obsess to Impress and Love, they previously had such a high energy cost that they couldn't be used at early levels at all
-Lupan now has quotes for leveling up, which I forgot to take care of earlier. Took some of her quotes from Obsess to Impress. Voiceover material's quite scarce with this one.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

The Lupan mod showcase video is here. Check it out:
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

I've put together a very important archive, containing effects files for all the mods currently in the catalog (at the time of writing this, everything from Haru Estia to Lupan) so that a major issue is fixed. Previously, people playing with these mods might've experienced a problem causing yellow and pink squares to replace the typical effect textures. I believe that to be fixed now.


Credit goes to Ninja Kyden from the Discord server for helping me fix this issue.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.