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Started by corvetterules, August 07, 2020, 08:23AM

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A monster born from selfless guilt and selfish ambition, the nightmarish Ferdelance makes the world of Marvel Ultimate Alliance its hunting ground!


When the Vacuum hit Stair Oroboroi, a distant planet home to the aliens known as Vessi, its inhabitants were warped to Stair Second, the planet Earth of an alternate universe. This forceful displacement sparked a decade-old, violent conflict with mankind, whom they blamed for their predicament, at the time unaware of the true mastermind behind these events.

Yet not all of their factions walked the path of war. In the ranks of the eastern Cherry Blossom Vessi, fairy-like and drawing power from happiness, there was a clash of equally matched ideals: one dictating that humans are exploitable livestock, and an ideal by which coexistence with humans is possible  This divide led to the Cherry Blossom splitting into two camps, which in time have come to see each other as enemies: the Good Kid Vessi, who allied themselves with humanity, and the Bad Kid Vessi, who have vowed to stamp out these former brethren.

Lilah was a soldier in the ranks of the Good Kid Vessi, who one day stumbled upon a deployment of human soldiers, searching a snow and cold-ridden field. That Vessi are humanoid became common knowledge with time, and so, upon spotting such a strange-looking woman, their leader, Thomas, prepared to fire upon Lilah with his handgun, to no avail. His lengthy exposure to the cold weather had worn him down, reducing his movement to a mere crawl, and denying him the ability to pull the trigger. Soon, he succumbed and fell unconscious.

When he woke up, Thomas found himself in a farm-based settlement along with his subordinates. It soon became clear that they were being fed and nursed back to health by the very same Vessi they previously ran into. Thanks to this act of kindness, Lilah opened the Good Kid faction's future up to the possibility of an alliance with mankind's most promiment military force, the Starry Forest League, in which Thomas was a major.

Gradually, the war effort against the Bad Kid yielded better results, now aided by these new bedfellows. Furthermore, beyond just the salvation of her people, Lilah found herself growing closer to Thomas, until the two formed perhaps the world's first love between human and Vessi.

In time, the Starry Forest League would send a group of extremely powerful SoulWorkers to provide further aid in winning the conflict against the Bad Kid Vessi, resulting in the successful capture of their leader, as well as takeover of previously contested territory, crucial to the survival of any Cherry Blossom Vessi. A participant in the final fights was the Savior, a guardian of the Good Kid faction of yet unknown origin, who nonetheless ultimately went rogue and struck Lilah before fleeing. Vowing to avenge this attack, Thomas gathered a hunting party to catch and destroy the creature himself.

But only too late, after wounds too deep were inflicted, was the shocking revelation made that the Savior was Thomas' mother. She had been subjected to horrifying experiments by an unknown party while under the care of the Good Kid Vessi, under the guise of healing injuries suffered prior to being rescued. Realizing the horror of what he had done, the major began to hate the Cherry Blossom faction as a whole and separated himself from Lilah.

The truth was no less unforeseen or tragic to her than to anyone else. Feelings of confusion, sadness and guilt took root in Lilah's heart. Though not to blame, she was heartbroken by her lover's distance and the suffering he became victim to right under her nose. Her desperation reached a tipping point when, one day, a SFL scientist called Vista approached her with an offer to resurrect his mother.

She showed Lilah a strange chemical and a piece of living tissue that came from the body of Thomas' mother, claiming that combining the two would revive her. Though clearly suspicious, she saw no other way out of her situation. There was no other way to heal her lover's broken soul, or resolve her self-blame, but to make a gamble and accept Vista's proposition.

As soon as the chemical touched the living tissue, it instantly mutated into a beast beyond description, which bonded with Lilah and subjected her body to its will. Unable to control it, she languished as it began to indiscriminately attack and consume any living creature it saw as its prey and corrupt the surrounding area. With every moment, her will was slowly being overwritten by the monster's primal instincts, its rage becoming her own.

Perceived as beyond saving, and with the perils of an eventually corrupted, uninhabitable environment to consider, Lilah died at the hands of the SoulWorkers who had previously helped her people. Her last moments were spent unable to see, profusely apologizing to Thomas for everything before fading away.

Mod showcase + gameplay link:

WARNING: This mod clashes with Outsider's Quan Chi, Outsider's Black Knight and Ceamonks890/Jake's Fire Giant mods. Before you install this mod, make sure you backup 14901.igb from ui/models/mannequin and 14901.igb, 14902.igb and 14903.igb from textures/loading, and make sure those mods are not in your current roster. Failure to do so will result in duplicate mannequin glitches.

WARNING: This mod contains depictions of blood and partial nudity. User discretion is advised.

Download link:

This has been a long time coming. One year and half, to be specific. Had to learn some additional modding skills to make this one, such as custom animations and how fxlevels work. But in the end, I think I made something that'll stick with me for a long time.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

An update for my latest mod, Ferdelance, version 1.1, is out!

Update contents:

-increased the gain of crit chance per P1 stack significantly, and doubled said gain while in rage mode
-fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when taking Ferdelance in certain stages, such as the Lizard simulator mission map
-removed the part of Frenzy's description saying it generates momentum (it never did, nor is it actually possible to make a power generate momentum, but I only learned this later)
-adjusted the playspeed of Martyr of the East in an attempt to time the explosion sound effect properly
-when using Monster's Thorns, if any power button is held during the radial tendril strike, Ferdelance will also perform Unleashed Predator's lunge

Download link:
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

The mod showcase + gameplay video for my Ferdelance mod is out!

In addition, I have made a minor update to her, which fixes the effect and sound desync with her Xtreme. Here's the link:

In order to install the fix, simply drag and drop ps_ferdelance.engb to data/powerstyles and xtr_ferdelance.xmlb to effects/char/ferdelance. Overwrite when it asks you to.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.