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Author Topic: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!  (Read 11090 times)

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #30 on: September 27, 2020, 07:31pm »
Updated report:
- Colossus nc-packages refer to colossus_icon1.igb, while the icon file in OCP 2.0 is named colossus_icon.igb.
   Here is the corrected packages (from RE).
   Note: I couldn't decompile the normal packages (seems to be something fishy...), but the icons reference is correct.
- Colossus effects OCP/RE effects are identical except for p2_power.xmlb (which has a different date in OCP).
   RE version uses two different textures (and effect parts that go with it).
   Here are the effect files from RE.
   I had troubles decompiling the OCP version (like many files with date 2006-11-11), so I'm guessing the proper version is RE.
- Moon Knight packages refer to effects and textures that he's not using at all (from Ghost Rider) (+ two mistakes).
   Here is the corrected packages (from RE).
   Note1: It contains his staff model that was missing (might not be needed).
   Note2: I couldn't decompile the normal packages (seems to be something fishy...).
- Moon Knight effects OCP/RE effects are identical except for p1_impact.xmlb (which has a different date in OCP).
   RE basically completes the last half of the effect file, which just had mostly empty values.
   Here are the effect files from RE.
- Rogue's packages are different for 5th and 6th skins. Is there a correction? Corrections should be made for all packages.
   Here are the packages that match 1st to 4th skins (from boosters).
- Rogue includes the vanilla effect files (if I'm not mistaken). Could be removed.
- Hulk is missing packages\generated\fightstyles\fightstyle_hulk_carryguy.pkgb. (Not sure if it's needed, but RE has it. Colossus has it in OCP.)
   He's missing packages\generated\fightstyles\interact_hulk_victim.pkgb too.
- I don't remember if I wrote about powerstyle packages already. I found three more anyway. I don't think that they're needed...

I dove into the RE files the last few days and discovered many minor differences in them. Just some highlights here and a small fix for OCP (the reason why I post this):
- RE replaced many fightstyles packages (in packages\generated\characters folder) of npc's and bosses (and old DLC) with duplicates of the primary skin package.
   I'm still thinking these are unused.
- RE files differ sometimes, mostly due to the graphic difference between the versions.
   Eg. Changed most/all plat in RE effects and textures (packages) from 40 to 488. Removed most other (non-40-plat) effect parts.
    Updated discovery: OCP 1 effects are plat 31. Does this mean Platform? (Xbox, PS2, PS3, Wii, PC, PSP, etc?)
     PC 2006 = plat 40, plat 23, plat 55, plat 104
     PC 2016 = plat 488, plat 1000
     OCP 1 (xbox 360?) = plat 31
- Some conversation files (in vanilla already) are in the wrong folder but (all) have a duplicate or improved version in the correct location.
- Many NPC's have packages for non-combat (..._nc.pkgb), but these are identical in most cases.
   (All) npc combat (..._c.pkgb) packages are "empty" and identical.
- Sabretooth (at least packages) seems to contain XML leftovers that aren't used anymore.
- Colossus packages in 2006 (OCP 1) differ from RE, but they work anyway.
- Richpresence in RE has additionally the display name of every character and other entries, plus updated online stuff.
- Now to the important stuff: RE "fixed" a few vanilla data files. I examined them and provide them for possible inclusion.
    Powerstyles Daredevil (p7 boost), Ms Marvel (p6 boost), Spiderman (p6 boost), Silver Surfer (p7 boost) contain "tag_name: _arcade_remove" in RE.
     Arcadebot powerstyle in RE adds the arcade_remove power (that removes these speed boosts). Is called "power_normalspeed".
    Iceman's powerstyle in RE adds "is_power = true" in power 5, that was missing before.
    Mr Fantastic's powerstyle in RE fixes a "dmgmod_auto_knockback" entry (was "dmgmod_knockback" before).
     Also got an icon fix for one costume talent in RE.
    Thing got two minor description "fixes" in power 1 and power 6 boost in RE.
    Blade's powerstyle in RE containts aim tweaks on power 5.
    Dark Thor's powerstyle in RE changes the tornado release animation. Was this animation missing? No real fix...
     At least RE version of 10_thor_dark.igb is missing this animation. (Missing the replacement anim too though)
     There is a fix anim file around called 10_thor_dark_4_combat.igb, that is a copy of thor's anim file with all unused anims x-ed out.
    Dr. Strange's powerstyle in RE allows a bit of transition time for grabsmash release (at least that's what I think it does).
    Storm's powerstyle in RE changes level (and boost scope, team) for power 6 boost. I don't think there was anything wrong?
     She got an extremely minor description "fix" in power 5. Plus a costume talent fix.
    Fury's powerstyle in RE changes damage type in power 4 from physical to fire (grenade, explosion type thing).
    Deadpool's powerstyle in RE changes damage (placeholder damage only) from 1 to 0 in power 5.
    Luke Cages's 3rd costume "All Resistances" talent got description and values fixed in RE. (Completed by comparing to Thor by ak2yny).
    Thor got an extremely minor description "fix" in his power 6 boost in RE.
    Human Torch's xtreme got a damage boost in RE, plus a typo-fix in one costume talent.
    Wolverine's xtreme got a damage boost in RE.

Another discovery I made while looking at the RE files, was that Hulk's powers got changed a bit for the OCP 1 version.
 (I thought I looked ad RE before, but it was obviously something different)
 Here are the changes from OCP 1 back to RE (official):
  Edited many *.0 entries to non-decimals numbers. (Unimportant, no difference)
  Changed combo-texts to something more creative than just the power name, for powers 1-4.
  Removed slide and knockback in power 1, and moved an effect from r to l hand.
  Changed power 2 to a tap power (as originally intended). Radial instead of ranged.
    ?Description has radial AND ranged. Descshort says radial.
    Does it need a different animation file?
    Effects on hands instead of feet (does that make sense?)
    Reduced range. Different Damage. No "Hulk_p2_pct". (in talents file)
  (to fix: less sound in power 3).
    Slightly increased levels. No Hulk_p3_pct. (in talents file)
  Slightly increased levels in power 4. (in talents file)
  Changed sound timing on power 7 boost (I guess goes with the sound in sound file).
  Has no 3rd boost (growing).
  Changed sound timing on the xtreme (I guess goes with the sound in sound file).
    Has no slide trigger in xtreme.
  Missing grab, stun, etc immunity
  Replacing Melee Damage with XP boost. Replacing XP boost with Max Health.
 I realize that OCP Hulk is the better version, but because it is more "official", I created an OCP-updated RE version:
  Combo texts from RE (in favor of creativity).
  Used the slide in p1 from OCP, because it misses way to often otherwise.
  Used the RE version of power 2, because it's the official version (and only real difference).
  Used the 3rd boost, exclusive to MarvelMod's OCP.
  Used the stun, grab, etc immunity.
  Used some additional sounds from OCP version.
  No slide trigger in xtreme (I didn't notice a real difference).
  Used costume talents of OCP version.
 This is meant to take or leave. Any volunteers to test and compare? Don't get too excited, the changes are minimal.
 While at it: I have loop fixed sounds on Hulk and don't remember if it is in the files I uploaded earlier.
                   His loop power (p4) has no stop trigger, so the fixed loop actually creates a bug.
                   So here's his OCP version with a loop stop added (still with the three minor sound tweaks from before).
                   Removed the intro on Xtreme again (the one I added), because I don't see anymore why I thought this was removed.
 Bonus: Re-added p8_power sound (from OCP 1.3) in sound file and in additional powerstyles (re-replacing p6_power).
             This was missing in his sound file and so I replaced the reference in powerstyle before. Now it's back again in this alternate package.
              And preview of the difference https://voca.ro/1HDP2qPUSZWm = p6_power  https://voca.ro/11iDtq27LvLm = p8_power

Now to segments. This is an update to what I wrote at Discord (and I realize that you might have made this already):
Nick Fury:  I read that you moved segment of fury back into npcstat, and maybe it's best (I didn't test him in doomstark helping). It took a lot of trial and error to find a proper way to fix his segment hiding. First I tried to add the codes in stark1.py, strange1.py, etc but had troubles. Then I perfected the sc_fury version by adding the monsterspawnscripts (back) into the maps engb files of the three remaining levels (this is probably not working in doomstark 2 - or where is he helping? - yet). This is V1. The downside to this one is that Loki Fury is not 100% safe, I think, because I had to replace a setAIActive-false entry. But I tested the level and Fury didn't become active. There is also no reason for him to do so, because he fades, once the Destroyer Armor is active. Then I went back, because I figured out Fury's name and made V2 by adding the script after a short wait time in the aforementioned main script files (eg. stark1.py). The downside to this one is that they don't hide if Fury (for whatever new reason) takes longer to spawn than the wait time. BUT you can mix the versions by using V1 except for Loki Fury, and add scripts\act3\niffleheim\niffleheim4\niffleheim4b.PY (this one has no wait time) from V2.
[Edit: Removed links, because segment hiding with scripts for Fury is flawed. sc_deadpool and possibly sc_daredevil can be found in the latest OCP2 updates/fixes]
 Sidenote1: I realized that you shouldn't talk to fury in niffleheim4b, because it creates a bug.
                   This is in vanilla already, but maybe it can be fixed or talk option removed (in maps).
 Sidenote2: Magneto code works perfectly (with the OCP 1 skins only).

Black Widow: I saw that she only has a couple of scripts. She has a non-segment NPC model anyways, so I wouldn't bother about adding it for the other levels (for now). Note: Black Panther and Widow are both in the packages, but still done by UltraMegaMagnus.
Deadpool: Hiding different segments provides no challenge, so I'm starting to believe that you left the sword in his hand on purpose. I still put a different script in the packages with fury.

Daredevil: Was an easy fix in his sc-script. Only had to rename segments. His hands look a bit *Strange* and testing this right after hiding the segments, made me think he should hold something...

About npcstat entries of all herostats: I believe this is also to provide a fix for names in conversations when a hero is swapped in herostat and therefore missing. If this adds to the limit, I would suggest to remove these.

I made an HUD for his human form. Note: IcemanSimple skin in npcstat has to be changed to 0810. It's his only npc appearance AFAIK, so we're safe doing this. I included the npcstat from the segment test with this change, but best is, if you change the skin manually in the latest npcstat.

Sidenote1: This is a vanilla problem, but the map file (engb) precaches iceman_talk while the script is called talk_iceman. The script is called in a different entry, that has the correct name (obviously). I just thought that I'd mention it.
Sidenote2: I found a leftover package that was for a skin with the number 0820. This seems to be a leftover thing...

Locked treasure chest in snowy map:
I couldn't find any chests in any snowy map, except the one we need to find the key first (the chest where we find Volla's Ring).
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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #31 on: September 28, 2020, 02:01am »
Many thx again for detailed reported and fixes, everything will be added for next version, except for Hulk and Deadpool, I haven't tested him yet, I don't remember where I found the chest exactly, I'll try to found it back and screen.
About Nick Fury, I gave up on him, too many not easy change to do, with Deadpool segment removed from npcstat, we should be fine with the segment limit to 14 characters, can't lower more.

About Deadpool, Daredevil segment hidden via script, the latest OCP link should have the script and npcstat updated for them. The sword on Deadpool hand was an error from my part.
The segment part hidden via script for Black Widow is for convenience when players change her npc with a playable skin, that way they don't have to remove the segment via Alchemy to save time. Something to keep in mind is that since OCP 1.3 Deadpool segment was changed to match his PS2 segment name.
About Daredevil, I'm also conflicted if he was meant to hold or not something.

It's very interesting to see that RE actually fixed some things, about Dark Thor, thx to your report, I've mixed anims to include the missing power4_loop animation in 10_thor_dark.igb.
Highly plausible that RE has leftover everywhere, RE from PC even included XML2 maps files lol.

About a previous fix you uploaded for Venom, I think you forgot to include a file for the interact, I have crash when using his P3 Venom Swings, when it interacts with opponents specifically.
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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #32 on: September 28, 2020, 02:45pm »
There's a minor error on Deadpool icons. I'll fix it and post it on discord.
"It doesn't matter what you do, but how you do it."

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #33 on: September 29, 2020, 03:46am »
Thx, I updated the OCP link with aykin and Canino fixes, not all yet, still testing some things, I reverted Widow sounds to the one from Lars, powers were not doing sounds, dunno why, I might have forgot to install a matching powerstyle.

About the package for powerstyle, I've asked Outsider, they are not needed, for packages\generated\fightstyles\fightstyle_hulk_carryguy.pkgb, I will try to check if needed, not sure too. Those files might be leftover from consoles files maybe. In any doubt for the carryguy files, they will be included.
Cable and Dark Phoenix are missing 5th and 6th package, but low priority.

About Psylocke
I feel the current one is ok, hybrid of XML1 and PS2/Wii version are the best to me, if we use only one straight version of those, it would be very lame, PS2/Wii icons are also very bad quality, even upscaled.

I've also noticed again some bad rigging from RE lol :
I think I'll leave those rigging issue alone, I'm sure they are too many of those sadly, I understand they had to rush content at the time, but still sad to see those :(
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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #34 on: September 30, 2020, 09:11am »
To Do List:
I think this should be put on a board, where modders can sign up for a certain task and help. I'm sure there is a website that can help with this. Maybe even Discord?
Anyway, I made the todo-list in the changelog todo tab.
Mostly updated todo tab, but also added a few entries in other tabs (changes) that I think have been included. Added a date to find it easy. I added unused conversation list by LarsAlexandersson (still needs to be updated if possible or not).
Added changes from the txt file from Sep (7.). I trust those changes are still acurate?
Edit: link removed, see: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10936.msg199889.html#msg199889
Note1: I added a tick (actually root sign), if I think it's included already. Please double check.
            I added a question mark if I wasn't sure if this is (going to be) included, or if something else is unclear about it.
Note2: I hope that admins can help out with what (fix) should be done and which should be left alone (for now).
Note3: I found a few duplicate entries in the changelog. I corrected this in the provided file.

Dark Psylocke improved:
So I made this model of Dark Psylocke. Tried to stay close to the original.
Note1: I couldn't properly fix her shoulders/shoulder pads. Once I fix something, I break something else. I didn't have the Psylocke mod handy for testing.
Note2: I discovered that I don't have ColorStat entries in my AlchemyFinalizer from Alchemy 5 (must have messed something up).
Note3: Something's not as it's supposed to be with the normal map. I used the original normal map from MUA 2006.
Preview is in the archive.

Phoenix (to phoenix_hero) name change:
Maybe has been done already, but here it is anyway (wasn't much work).
Note: I included the packages for skin 12301 as well, so her npc skin could be used without having to create packages first. Only to be used if all npc packages are going to be included.

About improved models/textures:
I have to correct myself. Even though there are models and textures in RE that are bigger in file-size, there seem to be no improved ones among them.
Textures: I had a closer look and discovered that they're all the same, even though for some the size differs.
 The only improved texture is textures\nextgen\tinyripples_n.igb, but I'm pretty sure it's unused by MUA 2006 (wrong normal tex.).
Models: Some models have better textures, but removed normal and specular maps.
 The only one I found now (not sure if it even is from RE):
 Very few are better quality, with bigger textures. But all have the wrong (blue-ish) normal maps. Example:
 Some only changed the texture format from DXT1 to DXT5. Examples:
 Some have identical textures but still a bigger file size. These are almost impossible to compare, but prly unimportant. Example:
Note1: Many weapon and armor style models have a much reduced size in RE. Most removed normal and specular maps (probably because the green normal maps don't work with RE).
Note2: There's a texture moonk_crescent_placeholder.igb in RE, but it's unused by moonknight.
Sidenote: The textures\nextgen folder is very special, because it was obvoiusly thoght to be used with the ps3 and xbox 360 (and RE) versions of the game. It contains many (blue-ish) normal maps, that don't work with MUA 2006, I believe. I haven't yet looked for references in effects, powerstyles, entities, and others (and I probably won't), but I'm sure that most of these textures are unused by vanilla, and only some are used by OCP content.
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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #35 on: September 30, 2020, 12:29pm »
I know there's an issue with Jean Grey's NPC and playable character both being named Phoenix. Since all the boosters for her use Phoenix as well, why not just rename the npc to Phoenix_npc and keep the playable version just as Phoenix?

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #36 on: September 30, 2020, 01:39pm »
EDIT Changelog updated with some yellow note, if I don't comment, it's just that I'm not sure how we should do those suggestion: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v93ohg4x8d17nk3/to_include_in_next_ocp.7z/file

Thx for the report and fixes, I'll include Phoenix_hero ASAP and check the rest later, just a quick thing about Sabretooth P5 charge effect files, it references a texture not included in the pack: textures\nextgen\distort_sabrering.igb. This will be included in next version. You might have noticed it too already, I forgot.

About Jean Grey's NPC
I considered this first, but I feel this is a change that could break thing if not done correctly. I feel this change is not easy, last time I've checked, there were many references of her internal name in many scripts, conversations. I also found quite complicated to figure out all the phoenix references in scripts (like if that phoenix reference is pointing to the internal name or another file).
If editing the NPC, we would have to make sure to not break anything where she appears,(Murderworld, Sanctum and Mephisto), that's why I went for the easier way (or lazier way) with playable internal name change, plus by doing do, we have less testing to do.

Anyone can try editing Jean Grey's NPC, but I honestly don't think it's worthwhile, yet that would be the ultimate fix for booster, you would have to be extra careful about it and do a lot of testing.

EDIT: Changing Jean Grey's NPC would actually be the ultimate fix lol, about the internal name clashing, I don't remember exactly the problem (it was game breaking for sure), but I recall she won't appears in Mephisto if you have her in your team or that she will be removed from your roster if you save Nightcrawler.

EDIT2:Changing all boosters to Phoenix_hero would be simpler

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #37 on: October 01, 2020, 04:10pm »
About Black Widow sounds: I tested her again today and everything works fine. I'm not sure what powerstyle you have, but all use the same hashes and most the same sounds for each power too.

About Sabretooth texture: I scanned the RE files for the textures (there's also a lightning_bolt_green.igb) and thought they weren't used. Thanks for notifying us about this. Got them back from RE. distort_sabrering is nextgen normal map though, and therefore useless. I can easily create the right normal map, but I don't know how to create a texture (igb) for the game. I'm guessing it works like the creation of a loadscreen, with the only difference of a different size "board"? For these with normal maps, I think that it would be best to include color and alpha fixes. If you're interrested, we could create versions for all nextgen textures to use correct normal maps (once we figure out how to export and finalize textures), because I really do think the effects look much better with the normal maps (certainly for Sabretooth).
Note: The lightning_bolt_green is for doom's grabsmash and only used with the RE version of effects. Same texture, except green (the effect colours are probably changed accordingly).

Phoenix NPC name change, alternatively to mod internal name change (phoenix > phoenix_hero):
I made thorough research and testing to determine what npc codes conflict with the phoenix name. I nailed it down to a total of 16 conflicting and 10 possible conflicting files, if we're assuming that a mod or booster might want to use ents_phoenix file.
I put two archives into the download for conflicting and possibly conflicting files. I changed conflicting "phoenix" script entries to "phoenix_npc" and "PhoenixSimple" (to my surprise conflicting) to "JeanSimple". Possibly conflicting "ents_phoenix" file and references were changed to "ents_meph_phoenix" reflecting "ps_meph_phoenix".
This mod might need further testing. It should only be installed on top of the latest OCP 2 release.

Complete List of all jean and phoenix entries in all files:
Code: [Select]
data, 1 conflict, and 2 files with possible conflicts
   NPC names are PhoenixSimple (conflicting!), Mephisto_Phoenix, Murder_Phoenix, and JeanGrey.
   XML leftover only
   Mention of Jean only (voice actress)
   Only mentions of both Jean Grey and Phoenix.
   reference to:
    file name possibly conflicting with booster/mod creation
    No conflicts with XML pack, OCP 2.0.
   5 hits of Phoenix and Jean Grey in mission objective descriptions only.
 maps, 4 files with conflicts
   npc name: PhoenixSimple, conflicting
    plus entry in maps\act2\strange\strange1.chrb
   map name: jeangrey
   scripts called: act2/strange/sc_jeangrey
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\strange\strange1.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\strange\strange1.pkgb
   entinst entry for pym: phoenix, conflicting
   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\strange\strange1.pkgb
                  123_jean_grey (animations)
   npc name: Murder_Phoenix
    plus entry in maps\act2\murder\murder1.chrb
   map name: jean_enemy
   scripts called: act2/murder/murder1/jean_enemy_intro
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder1.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder1.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder1.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder1.pkgb
   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder1.pkgb
                  123_jean_grey (animations)
                  data/entities/ents_phoenix, possibly conflicting
   npc name: Murder_Phoenix
    plus entry in maps\act2\murder\murder2.chrb
   map name: jean
   scripts called: act2/murder/murder2/phoenix_def_conv
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder2.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder2.pkgb
   entinst called phoenix, conflicting
   entity of Murder_Phoenix called phoenix, conflicting
   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder2.pkgb
                  123_jean_grey (animations)
                  data/entities/ents_phoenix, possibly conflicting
   npc name: JeanGrey
    plus entry in maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto1.chrb
   map name: phoenix, conflicting
   scripts called: act2/mephisto/mephisto1/phoenix_spawnscript
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto1.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto1.pkgb
   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto1.pkgb
                  123_jean_grey (animations)
    plus entry
   scripts called: act2/mephisto/mephisto2/jean_conv
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto2.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto2.pkgb
   npc name: PhoenixSimple, conflicting!
    plus entry in maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto3.chrb
   map name: phoenix, conflicting
   scripts called: act2/mephisto/mephisto3/phoenix_release
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto3.pkgb
                    plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto3.pkgb
   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto3.pkgb
                  123_jean_grey (animations)
   npc name: Mephisto_Phoenix
    plus entry in maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto4.chrb
   models called: boss_mephisto/u_statue_phoenix_bmep_b
                   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto4.pkgb
                   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto4.pkgb
   plus entry in packages\generated\maps\act2\mephisto\mephisto4.pkgb
                  123_jean_grey (animations)
                  data/entities/ents_phoenix, possibly conflicting

 packages, 2 files conflicting, and 3+5 files with possible conflict
  possibly conflicting entry data/entities/ents_phoenix
  No conflicts:

 scripts, 11 files with conflicts
 Note: some might be unused, but I included all conflicting scripts, to be on the safe side.
   Pym? conversation in strange1 map:
   act phoenix entity/enemy in murder2 map (spawns her, I think?):
     Whichever is used... (I think the ..._new one only)
   remove phoenix monster/npc in mephisto3 map (after saving):
     + effect location
     + effect location
   remove phoenix monster/npc in mephisto1 map:
  No conflicts:
   jean_enemy name in murder1 map only:
     uses name jean_simple instead of jean_enemy. Probably old/leftover (intro focus camera on her)
     uses name jean_simple instead of jean_enemy. Probably old/leftover
   simple Jean name (s_phoenix) in mephisto3 map only:
   other map names/entries only:
   check if jean or nightcrawler alive (only gameflag, no name conflict):
   randomly make jean or nighcrawler alive:

 conversations, no conflicts
  Note: voice (soundtoplay for voiced conversation) hash includes both JEAN_GREY and phoenix. There might be a mistake somewhere with these (a mixup) so that a sound doesn't play. Don't know.
  act2: 195 hits of Jean, either in text, script, or her conversation/NPC name %JEANGREY%.
        16 hits of Phoenix, all either connected to voice hash, script file names, or mentions in texts.
           script call (unique script name, no change necessary)
           Mention of phoenix or jean in text (no change)
           Conversations with sound call (called voice/phoenix and a unique hash, these don't have to be changed)
  act3: 8 hits of Jean.

 no internal name change necessary/no clash (end of the line, are referred in unique files):

Final Notes: Some mephisto scripts are edited on top of the Magneto Saves both X-Men scripts I provided. If it's not wanted, search out the 11 files from the list above and edit the names manually (from "phoenix" to "phoenix_npc", should be 28 replacements in 11 files).
Some map files are included. Future map edits might be made on them, so that these become outdated.

About mephisto3.engb with chest unlock by Canino. This is the file from the Gold pack by Krisan Thyme that had a seperate next zone (if both X-Men are saved?). This zone/map (mephisto4b) is just the mephisto4 from the RE. I'm not sure, but it's probably identical to the MUA 2006 version of the map. In my mod for Magneto saving both X-Men I removed the script for mephisto4b (that was still from Gold Edition Content pack), to use OCP version. I said that it creates a bug, this was most likely because of the missing map. The entries are still in mephisto3.engb, but they don't change anything if not used.
Question: Krisan Thyme changed many things in maps (like the mentioned alternate/identical mephisto boss stage), is it reasonable to ask him for a change list of these for possible inclusion (I only know of four more changes, beside the SIM missions)?

About Flipjump:
All the characters that need to do flipjumps, the really agile ones, have it by default. (I wasn't aware of that, so I suggested it.) Only some that have flipjump in MUA2, but not in MUA1 would gain a new flipjump, eg. Cap. So this is really only a question of preference (and appearance). Flipjump is still available seperately...

About Colossus skins 7801 and 7802:
I moved them to vanilla game and they match in size and date. Primary skin change must be in herostat only. Double check though, because I don't have latest OCP.

About SIM discs:
I remember that there were also issues (at one time?) with OCP 1.3 SIM disc placement. The reports of Cyborg Sun might be related to the incomplete disc placements/removements that were already made in first OCP 2.0 release. Not sure. I will still try to fix placements. Since new simulator.engb is not planned to be in OCP, I will comment elsewhere about this though.
That said: There is almost no map edits in OCP1 (or OCP2) apart from disc placements. OCP 2.0 (first update) versions of strange2, mephisto3, valhalla2, and attilan2 are buggy and everyone should use vanilla (for vanilla SIMs) or OCP 1.3 (for OCP SIMs) versions of these. Special note on mephisto3 above though.
Note: Map edits are tricky, because you have to be extremely keen to keep track of changes made in each version of the maps, and it needs skills to combine multiple map edits on the same file. I use notepad++ and compare plugin to see differences quickly. Don't use RE versions of maps if at all avoidable, because the code is changed around a lot, even though the content is still the same. I'm making a list of all changes and possible improvements of all RE maps. No bug fixes so far, only one additional hint trigger.

About packages:
I thought for consistency we should include the interract... packages for the remaining characters. But don't bother if they're not used.
Packages for phoenix mod name change are with the name change I provide and the OCP 2.0 peeenix change. This todo entry in packages section can be removed (comes with the archive/OCP).
I thought for consistency we should include ironman_psp, like eg. elektra_psp that is included. But don't bother if it's not used.

About fightstyles:
I thought for consistency we should include the individual fightstyles for the remaining characters. But don't bother if they're not used. (Don't remove OCP 1 fightstyles, as commented in latest todo)

About XML:
I'm not aware of a XML1 pack.
Psylocke effects use little space, and Blizz' Psylocke uses indeed the psyloc version of effects.
Beast has always been the most complete of all XML1 characters to me.
I'm in the lucky situation to not have played XML1 and therefore not know the good stuff I'm missing.

About scripts:
I have conversations together with script in a (hopefully) near future plan, so these haven't been reported too much. Most OCP 2.0 are fine. I apologize for using "trust me" in such a public file. Compare shows scripts\act1\stark\talk_blackwidow01.py and scripts\act2\murder\murder2\enter_tent_start_conv.py are identical to vanilla. I'm guessing that the changes in these files were reversed. Unless they've been changed since OCP 2.0 (first update), they can be removed from the pack.
enter_tent_start_conv.py: cyclops convo during jean boss fight (by Enchlore) is planned to be included and will replace this file (replacing is safe, though vanilla special conv. will be replaced).
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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #38 on: October 02, 2020, 02:00am »
About textures:
Thx for the report, I haven't read everything yet, I'm still at the part with next-gen effect, trying to figure out how to export normal effect texture.
I'm still testing, here a test texture, please try it out, I can't tell if this working when used on Sabretooth, if working correctly I can convert the rest : http://www.mediafire.com/file/w50e1rshabyvc5l/distort_sabrering.igb/file

I ripped a fire texture effect, they are just plain square mesh AFAIK. http://www.mediafire.com/file/79wiyrmxrf6t4et/Effect_texture_template_normal_flip_for_this_template.zip/file
The issue is that normal map have alpha channel AFAIK, I'm not sure if the igb export supports alpha channel correctly, normal map added via MUA Editor works for sure, so I did for the test exporting a dummy igb with a random texture, and using MUA Editor to add the normal texture on it, and making so the random texture is not used with Alchemy 5 (I've looked for the texture node of this random texture and set image count to 0 for it and changed his ID material, so it does load image of it, probably could have done with Alchemy 2.5), this method is farfetched, still trying to figure out if this work.

How to convert to DXT5nm format (credit to nikita):
To do this you need program that can modify channels. Open your Normal Map texture and modify channels like this:
1. Copy Red channel to Alpha channel.
2. Fill Red and Blue channels with black color.
3. Save your DDS in DXT5 format (NOT DXT5_NM).

How the distort_sabrering looks in game (used as fire4 from nextgen folder for testing):
The texture from RE used directly :
The texture test:

About Dark Psylocke
I don't see anything wrong, it's very well rigged, I don't see the problem, for normal I use Photoshop to save DTX5, not sure how to save DTX5 properly with Gimp.

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #39 on: October 03, 2020, 12:52am »
About Flipjump and generally mixing anim:
We can leave this as separate indeed, I've seen Lars pack that added MUA2 improvement that is very good.
Any mixing anim that is needed we can add without problem.

About Colossus skins 7801 and 7802:
I see my error now, I wanted to invert Ultimate and Classic skin, but forgot to rename properly skin lol, I'll remove those 2 files and just keep Ultimate as first skin like vanilla.

About SIM discs:
Added sim disc placement will respawn, even if already obtained, in latest OCP I edited the OCP 1.3 maps to restore original disc spawn, they are probably like vanilla now and can be removed.

About packages and fightstyle:
Not used according to Outsider.

About XML:

My bad, it's actually not a pack, but individual mods character released by Blitzz.
Highly recommend it to play on Dolphin Emulator just to get the taste of flashback mission.
Beast XML1 fur ball powers works differently in MUA, because there is something specific from XML1 not present in XML2/MUA, I'ved asked Cohollow help about this.
Besides that, the melee atk are using other animation like fightstyle_hero and hard_smash and jump_smash are very different.

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #40 on: October 04, 2020, 06:50pm »
Updated report / todo:
- Maps: additionally to strange2, valhalla2, and attilan2, incompletely reversed comic disk placements are in stark2 and mephisto3 (discs are the only change on these 5).
- Packages: packages\generated\maps\act3\valhalla\valhalla1.pkg is the decompiled version and identical to valhalla1.pkgb. Can be removed.

Dark Psylocke update:
Updated textures (spec and norm could still be smoother). Plus improved face.
Removed weights of feet on calf (still not happy about the shoulders, can't fix, I should've gone for more poly, would be easy then)

Iceman human form NPC HUD update:
I need to learn how to export huds in 3dsMax. For now I included a png.

Conversation box fix update:
Maybe you've made this already, I think I saw somewhere that you're aware of it (did I report already?). It's a Fury conversation in Murderworld that was missing a fix.

Question about removing npc's that are in the team (Black Widow, Phoenix only):
Black Widow is like Fury too important and can't be removed. (Fury isn't removed when you have him in the team)
For Phoenix exists a mod already, that removes her (or even the conversation) in conv with Xavier in the Sanctum. Do we want to include it?
The story goes so that Cyclop's gone missing, if we condemn Jean do death. Should we lock him for a while, like it's done with the players current hero, when we swap him for Ghost Rider?

Hulk sim:
So, what was missing were the scripts and a modified conversatins file to call the scripts. The scripts are all official, they're from the RE. The conversation file is from 2017 and I don't know what genious made it (Krisan Thyme, Outsider, or maybe Lars?).
Anyway, Works like a charm.
Note: Please use epilogue.engb from OCP1, because the spelling is superior to the one from RE.
Bonus: I added a script (ecs_aux_control.py) that unlocks the sim at the same time we unlock the Hulk. It says that we aquired a Sim Disc, but that makes sense since we interacted with a console. For that, the startloaded true has to be removed from Hulk's entry in simulator.engb. For convenience I added the arena and course to the vanilla simulator.engb (It's the version from OCP1 with more variety of NPC's). I tested this simulator.engb, successfully for Hulk. I unhid the hidden VS Sims, so there are 35 (the max AFAIK).


I added a Black Widow unlock, that unlocks her in valhalla2, when we finish the Weasel/Widow sidequest after Fury informs us, that he sent her to spy on Doom, because he was suspecting him all along. This sidequest is completely optional (if I remember correctly), and therefore this unlock is thought to be a special reward for the ones who take the time to complete it.
Note: I added her SIM unlock, because it has no disc placement yet and the SIM had to be unlocked from the start so far. Needs the sim added and locked though. The info says that we aquired a disc which doesn't make much sense, but I'm not sure if I want to remove the sim unlock and add a disc, because we need Widow unlocked before we can play the simulation. What are your opinions?

SIM: The vanilla game has all SIMs locked at start and all can be unlocked by collecting discs. There are 5 hidden simulations (Paibok, Super Skrull, Thunderball, Lizard, and Kurse) that are unlocked from the start when unhidden.
OCP1 added disk pickups for Lizard and Kurse simulations and replaced Super Skrull with Captain Marvel sim (same boss), Paibok with Hawkeye sim, and Thunderball with Moon Knight. Vanilla Scorpion mission was replaced with Silver Surfer mission. Surfer and Hulk are unlocked from start in OCP1, the others got disk placements.
I made a mod above for Hulk.
OCP2 added Black Widow and Ronin (replacing Piledriver and Ulik) SIMs from PSP. No disks for them, so until now unlocked from the start. OCP2 so far goes back to the vanilla SIMs, so these have low priority.
Now, missing discs are: Silver Surfer, Hulk (maybe), Black Widow (maybe), and Ronin. Widow (or Surfer?) and Ronin can replace Piledriver and Ulik disk placements. I'm still conflicted if we shouldn't move replacments from Piledriver and Ulik (vanilla) to Lizard and Kurse (vanilla hidden), this way only one (Scorpion) of the 29 vanilla missions would be replaced. Surfer disc could be in Galactus stage or later. Not sure about Widow and Hulk. Opinions?

New discoveries:
data\review_stats.xmlb is responsible for counter of how many items we collected.
idnum entry for disk entries in map files cannot be higher than sim missions. These numbers are counting disc-internal. Therefore can be 1 to 35 (same as missions in simulator.engb).
idnum was 40 and above in OCP1, that's what caused the reappearance of disks. I successfully tested changing numbers.

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #41 on: October 05, 2020, 01:37am »
Thx for report and fixes, very nice found, all will be added in next OCP. I have not checked Jean Grey NPC yet.
About exporting hud etc, I'll make some quick written guide later and upload scripts, tools I use with Photoshop.
This the following fixes to be included in next OCP, I might have forgot to include previous fixes :

Conversation box fix update:
Thx, I missed this one, there is 1_omega1_010.engb that I missed and that will be included in next OCP.

I'm currently using vanilla with unhidden sim+Hulk (in the zip uploaded above) and ordered Sim alphabetically. I think we should leave the character specific sim optional, since we cannot play them if the character is not in the roster and favor the VS.

New discoveries:
data\review_stats.xmlb is responsible for counter of how many items we collected.
idnum entry for disk entries in map files cannot be higher than sim missions. These numbers are counting disc-internal. Therefore can be 1 to 35 (same as missions in simulator.engb).
idnum was 40 and above in OCP1, that's what caused the reappearance of disks. I successfully tested changing numbers.

This is big discovery, needs to be known to everyone, that makes me rething sim now lol

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #42 on: October 05, 2020, 11:40am »


I found two bugs in my uploaded packages:
1) Phoenix NPC name change: The murder conversation script before pitfall was wrong and created a softlock. I updated the link in the post above to use the conversation replacement (Cyclops) made by Enchlore. The conversation files are not included, so the mod by Enchlore has to be installed first.
2) Fury segment hide with scripts (especially V2) is indeed flawed (segments tend to not hide when a conversation is triggered at entering the HQ) and the npcstat entry segment hide code should be used instead (as it is the case in the latest OCP2 updates and fixes). I removed the links in the post above.

About SIM disks:
Yes, if we place disks at the right spots, or even use unlock together with heroes (Widow isn't such a nice solution), this is a realy nice alternative. I can easily create the disk placements, but I'm still unsure about Widow and replaced SIMs (Ulik, Piledriver, Scorpion, or Lizard, Kurse). Disks of replaced SIMs have to be removed/replaced too.

About maps:
There are more map edits that could be done while I'm at editing with sim disks:
1) Introduced by Krisan Thyme's pack: NPC entry reducing in npcstat through adding skins with scripts (also removing weak Fantastic Four versions, also remove personal talk info prompts); precaching conversations (might this get us around softlocks?); SIM mission fixes (don't know if the issues were present in OCP1 though); Spawn fixes (these issues are most likely not present in OCP maps); alternate Mephisto boss stage using map from RE (is it identical though?) depending on which X-Man saved
2) Introduced by RE: two additional hint triggers; possibly 2-3 fixes (need to be tested); typo fix "dampener" (there is a fix for a conversation too)
3) Included in OCP 2.0, coming from 50RH: xtraction points in heli and doom maps (included anyway, unless I'm stopped)
4) Included in OCP1: Magneto saves both X-Men related content (included anyway, unless I'm stopped); disk placement for new SIM's
5) Full conversatoin precache: Once we know what difference it makes, and what conv. can safely be used.
I plan to make a Knowledgebase post for all map changes to keep track of them. But first: What are your opinions? What to include, what not?

About unused conversations (and possible softlock fix mentioned above):
I'm volunteering to tackle these, but testing and editing are time consuming.

About ArcadeAndroid, that copies player's skin:
This is an easy change that only has to be done in npcstat and actors (skin). But there is two ways to handle this:
1) Remove skin copy (heroskin talent) and replace the white generic skin (13301, that also shows if skins aren't hex-edited) with an universal Android (custom?) skin. There are two npc's and we could make two different skins.
2) We leave the copy, but still replace the white generic skin (13301), and don't hex-edit any new custom skins. But that would leave characters that need to have hex-edited skins (eg. Mystique, Emma Frost) out. These would have to use skins with moderade polys and few skin segments.

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #43 on: October 05, 2020, 12:28pm »
Sabretooth P1 with and without distort_sabre:

Thor Hammer projectile:
They use PS2 texturse, I'll remake them with PC texture resized to 256x256 (just in case if too high resolution texture for bolton makes loading a bit slower), maybe with spec if noticeable in game.

About unused conversations (and possible softlock fix mentioned above):
Many modders tried to add remaining conv, (precaching, shortening file patch, not working) it's seems to be a game memory limit, I fear the only possible solution is to expand this game limit somehow like how roster hack expands the roster.

About NPC
1) Introduced by Krisan Thyme's pack: NPC entry reducing in npcstat through adding skins with scripts (also removing weak Fantastic Four versions, also remove personal talk info prompts); precaching conversations (might this get us around softlocks?); SIM mission fixes (don't know if the issues were present in OCP1 though); Spawn fixes (these issues are most likely not present in OCP maps); alternate Mephisto boss stage using map from RE (is it identical though?) depending on which X-Man saved

I'm not sure about the reducing of npc, Outsider might answer better about the change made by Krisan Thyme with NPC.

For Phoenix exists a mod already, that removes her (or even the conversation) in conv with Xavier in the Sanctum. Do we want to include it?
The story goes so that Cyclop's gone missing, if we condemn Jean do death. Should we lock him for a while, like it's done with the players current hero, when we swap him for Ghost Rider?

I'm fine with all changes that makes more sense story-wise, as long as it's not too complicated to implement and with few risk of breakage.

About ArcadeAndroid
I totally agree with what you wrote about the ArcadeAndroid, the first method looks the best to me, I hate those, hexediting skin+hud, just to make the ArcadeAndroid working is a bore to me lol. Plus if we use skin very high poly, maybe that could stress too much the game. I'd leave them alone though for the pack in case players like them or make it optional.

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Re: Official Character Pack 2.0 Released!
« Reply #44 on: October 06, 2020, 02:12pm »


Once again the npc name change is buggy, because I completely forgot to use OCP version scripts. Plus, believe it or not, Phoenix is conflicting with PhoenixSimple (mephisto3 and strange1). The link has been updated in the post above (I didn't include npcstat, because I don't have the latest version). The maps are possibly outdated too. I will complete map edits with comic disk placements in the near future. Some edits (like "dampener" typo) will be made in addition. This will likely include the npc change.
Map edits are different than most other mods, because multiple changes are in the same file. So for OCP definitive maps I need more comments, please. Am I good to go for Phoenix NPC name change, Krisan Thyme pack changes, RE changes/fixes, conversation precache (I plan to add a line for each known DLC and missing conversation, same for packages*). The only thing I can leave open is disk placements, because SIMs changes are still optional so far.
*Not that it changes or fixes anything, but it will be there already if the conv. is going to be used. There's no harm done when they're added is there?
Bonus: This is a small change in the strange1.py script that removes Jean NPC, when she's on your team (using phoenix name that only works together with npc name change).

Brings to mind another question (that I hope varous voices can give an opinion on): If Phoenix' npc name change is going to be used, should we do the same for Professor X (we can't remove him if he's on the team, I think, because he has to assist us in mephisto maps to locate Nightcrawler)?
On a sidenote: Toad is called toad_hero in XML2 pack and toad in OCP2. Are both names used before OCP2? If not, I would suggest to go back to toad_hero for him. Everything possible should be reduced to one official version to avoid confusion in future modding imo.

After we open Nightcrawler's cage and Jean falls, and later in the fight with Mephisto sacrifices herself, and part of her last words are that we should say to Scott she loves him, Black Widow in Valhalla says that Cyclops has gone missing.
Here I present you a small mod (two lines in scripts) that makes Cyclops unavailable (locked) for the duration he is missing...
Edit: I was made aware of the fact that Dark Cyclops is actually a clone. So the unlocking moved from defeating Dark Cyclops in doom3 to the beginning of act 5, right after the intro helping Fury to defend the tower from Doom's Iron-Men.
Note1: When Cyclops is in your current team, he will stay there until you switch him out. Then he will be locked until unlocked.
Note2: I tested this, and there is no lock and unlock, if he is not in the roster. The unlock is not silent though, and if he is missing, the dialogue will say that defaultman has been unlocked.

More unlocks:
Since I discovered how easy it is and how well it works, here are more ideas of lock/unlocks:
1) Jean during act2 (from first mention of her and NC gone missing in 1_mandarin5_020) until released in Mephisto (unlock her the same way as Nightcrawler) OR, just unlock her the same as NC (locked from start).
2) ProfessorX during mephisto stage (when we return from Murderworld), when he is assisting us telepathically. Note that he will stay in the team if he is selected at the end of Murderworld.
3) Colossus and Psylocke in the same way as Cyclops, but maybe only when act4 starts. I don't want to do these, because Thor, Spiderman, Cap and the Fantastic Four aren't locked either.

About Arcade Android:
I suggest to use unused 9103 (looks like damaged Ultron Striker that could be used via script?) for him.
Here's a picture of an early test with 9101.                                Here's a picture of 9103.
For use just replace skin 13301 of both Arcade Android npc's in npcstat with 9103. Nothing else to do, if skin mirroring is kept.
Maybe, in the future, we will have a custom Arcade Android model (matching the colorful Murderworld environment).

About distort texture:
Something was wrong with the settings. Went to default, re-enabled advanced lighting. All settings were the same, but the distort is working this time! I am very sorry to have made a false report here. So all nextgen textures are working then. No need to do anything about it. Sorry for the troubles. At least you know now how to export textures (maybe you knew before and I was just ignorant).
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