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Author Topic: Lags's Gamecube Works (Updated - 11/19/2020):  (Read 106963 times)

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Re: Lags's Gamecube Works: Updated - (10/22/2020)
« Reply #90 on: October 24, 2020, 09:12pm »
Blob - Preview

Although there are already two Blob mods in the vault (Nodoubt_jr's and Cohollow's respectively), I wanted to have my own take on him as well. Initially, this was meant to be a private mod I wanted to keep to myself, but as I was modifying him, I ended up making more changes to him than I had planned, and turned him into somewhat of his own separate character with his own playstyle. He'll still has some assets borrowed from both Nodoubt_jr's and Cohollow's versions (since there's not much I could change due to the limits on XML animations besides damage output and affectors), so the two will be given credit upon his release, as well as others who've helped with the original mod.

For now, this Blob Mod will remain exclusive for GameCube download only since I don't have any plans setting him up for the PC version. This doesn't mean I won't allow anyone who's interested in converting him over on their own free will. When he's released, this mod will be free for anyone to port him over for their preferred platform of XML II. Just be sure credit my name (for making this version of Blob) and those who helped the original mod if there any means to released on the other ports. :)
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Re: Lags's Gamecube Works: Updated - (10/29/2020)
« Reply #91 on: October 29, 2020, 05:06pm »
Shared Talent - Dodge Roll

This updated shared talent gives heroes the ability to perform the dodge roll technique that was previously exclusive for the AI only. In order to have the option to dodge roll, all heroes must have the Block ability listed in their Herostat because it is built in the ability's FightMove, which is very similar to Marvel's Ultimate Alliance's. Unlike MUA's however, rather than just being able to roll forward, there are also commands included to dodge roll right or left, giving players the opportunity to play more defensively and avoiding enemy strikes.

How To Perform:

1.) The Hero must have the Block shared talent included in their talent list and at least learned at Level 1.
2.) Hold the Block Ability down and tilt your joystick at any of the directions below:

Block + Move Forward = Roll Forward
Block + Move Right = Roll Right
Block + Move Left = Roll Left


Because XML II's coding for the FightMove is a little different than it's successor, MUA, tapping a direction button while blocking will always immediately perform the dodge roll. Unlike MUA's, where the rolling feature has a smooth combination set which is performed when initiating the block command + moving forward + quickly letting go of the command keys. This is something that cannot be done for XML II.

Inside the download also includes instructions how to apply it to your game.
Be sure to backup your previous permanent_fightstyles.fb in case something goes wrong.

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Re: Lags's Gamecube Works: Updated - (11/6/2020)
« Reply #92 on: November 05, 2020, 11:49pm »

Did my own take on Blob's character, this version has slight different features but still plays like your lovable blubbery boy. He comes with a full power set with total of 7 offensive powers, 2 secondary (1 buff, and debuff), and two Xtremes, updated animation for his Xtreme, and major fixes on his movement issues (see the Misc. section down below).

This character requires the X-Men Legends II - Version 2.0 Patch to be installed to avoid any missing texture effects for his powers.

This mod is currently exclusive only for the Game Cube port.
See the Misc Section below for more information.



- Blob uses two different animations for his .fb and _nc.fb. His _nc packages uses a modified version of his XML 1 animations to give him a Menu_Action and Menu_Goodbye for the Character Menu, whereas his normal .fb packages uses his actual animation set (in XML II, the only differences was he didn't use the left jab and instead had it swapped for a quick roll forward animation,). This doesn't affect his play style in any way. Only the console versions can perform this trick.

Click to enlarge the image.



Smashes enemies with a heavy punch. Increased melee attack with Knockback
- Starting Ability

Belly Smack
Knocks multiple enemies away using his belly
- Level Requirement: 7.

Belly Flop
Uses his enormous weight to body slam.
- Level Requirement: 14.
- Belly Smack is required to be learned.

Rock Toss - New Ability
Blob reaches into the surface and lifts a perfect shaped rock to hurl it at the enemy.
- Level Requirement: Level 14

Mad Stomps - New Ability
Aggressively stomps around, pushing enemies away and has a chance to cause them to lose balance. (Press and Hold the ability)
- Level Requirement: 21
- Belly Flop is required to be learned

Butt Slam
Sits down and causes radial damage, sending enemies flying. Causes pop up damage.
- Level Requirement: 28
- Area of effect has been reduced greatly for balancing purposes.
- Uses a new effect

Bowling Ball
Curls into a ball and rolls around, dealing knockback damage. (Press and Hold)
- Level Requirement: 28.
- Mad Stomps is required to be learned
- Ability has been fixed to roll accordingly to its speed.

BOTTOMS UP (Xtreme 1)
Jumps high into the air and performs a devastating butt slam, dealing damage and a chance to slow enemies for a time.
- Level Requirement: 15.
- Deals Popup Damage
- Updated Animation and Effects
- The XTREME voice clip is now played to remove the silent Xtreme performance.

Makes Blob invincible, and doubles his damage for a time.
- Level Requirement: 20.
- Updated Animation and Charge Effect (charge effect does not damage enemies)
- Also provides Blob with taking no Knockback Damage from enemies.
- The XTREME voice clip is now played to remove the silent Xtreme performance.

Blubbery Shield (Boost) - New Ability
Blob can stand his own ground by resisting knockback, as well as reflect damage back at attackers.
- Level Requirement: 14
- Buffs himself only
- New Effect used

Bully (Debuff)
Intimidates enemies, getting them to run in fear with reduced stats.
- Level Requirement: 21.
- Instead of taunting, enemies run away now.
- Recolored effect

Passive Skills:

Blob's enormous size makes his body less vulnerable to physical attacks. Increases physical resistances.
- Level Requirement: 1.

Gives a natural $AR, and $DR increase.
- Level Requirement: 7.
- Overweight is required to be learned.

Thick Skin
Increases natural resistance to $RES_ELEMENTAL, $RES_RADIATION, $RES_ENERGY, and $RES_MENTAL.
- Level Requirement: Level 14

- Skill already learned at Level 1



- A few new power icons were created by me, and added into Blob's current icon set by Citizen V. These power icons were created and are used for: "Belly Smack", "Rock Toss", "Mad Stomps," "BOTTOMS UP (Xtreme)", Blubbery Shield (Boost), and Overweight (Passive) respectively.
- Blob is slightly scaled larger
- Like Juggernaut, Blob can now be knocked down by enemies for balancing reasons. However, his Blubbery Shield gives him the ability not to be knock down by enemies for a duration of time to retain his title as the Unmovable Object. Like most updated heroes in my Version 2.0 patch, he also comes equipped with the Block skill for defense purposes.

- Blob's movements have been greatly fixed. Below is a list of fix to most aspects of his movement issues he previously suffered:
  • Can now go into Bored Idle and misc when standing still too long.
  • No Longer clips slightly forward when he begins running
  • Now runs about the same speed as every other team member. This issue has been permanently fixed as well when he's running around base camp.
  • Can now be fully controlled by the AI. He no longer gets stuck in a spinning loop, which previously required certain procedures to get him freed. He now spins to look at his target accordingly, as he should, and breaks the cycle by himself.
  • Now follows the team and teleports to the group if strayed too far away. Doesn't sprint, but runs faster to catch up with the team when he needs to.

- I don't have any plans on setting him up for the PC version. But, this hero's necessary files and effects are free to anyone who wishes to port him over. Just let me (Lags) know before you do. He still, and must use, the same ID (3001) his character is registered under, as well as the same directories to locate his data.

- Raven Software: Original XML1/XML2 Assets
- Nodoubt_jr: Original Blob Mod creator. (used his version mainly as the base)
- Cohollow: Passive ability borrowed from his Blob (Thick Skin), as well as a few effects and animation ideas used for Blob's buff and debuff powers.
- Citizen V: Original Talent Icon list.

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Re: Lags's Gamecube Works (Updated - 11/6/2020): Blob Mod
« Reply #93 on: November 06, 2020, 11:39am »
He looks like fun!

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Captain America - By nodoubt_jr

This is a port of nodoubt_jr's Captain America mod from the PC version with his necessary files packaged into an .fb for him to be fully playable for Game Cube purposes. This post mainly contains previews on his skinset and other miscellaneous for him to work in the game. Because a hero's animation file size in MUA is too large for the gamecube to handle, special methods had to be done to get his performance to work properly without having the game crash. A guide is included in his download on how to install the required assets he needs to work properly. Please read through it carefully! Selection of Captain America's skins may differ from his PC mod, but his play style remains the same.

For more information about his powers and other things, be sure to check out the original mod on nodoubt_jr's thread about Captain America.

This character requires the X-Men Legends II - Version 2.0 Patch to be installed to avoid any missing texture effects for his powers.



Click on image to enlarge:



- Uses his actual skin set from MUA (X-Box version), including his dark skin to add more to the table. Classic Skin was set as AoA skin to gain boost with entire team.

- Includes his own voice set from Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

- Doesn't have sound effects for his powers, as well as additional sounds for powers that were used in his PC mod.

- Doesn't have a floating head model optimized for GCN yet, therefore, he will use his HUD_Head portrait as a placeholder for the time being.

Future Updates:


- Inclusion of proper sound effects for Captain America's powers when it becomes possible to modify sound files.
- Adding floating head model to each skin.



Raven Software: Original MUA and XML Assets
nodoubt_jr: Original mod creator

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