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Author Topic: The Outsider's Crypt (Contains over 290 total projects)  (Read 1642841 times)

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Re: The Outsider's Crypt (Contains over 290 total projects)
« Reply #2430 on: July 18, 2021, 08:34pm »
Just to let everyone know, I am still working on my next mod. It's just been slow going because one of my favorite video games - Streets of Rage 4 came out with a Mr. X Nightmare DLC, and I am loving it! My girlfriend and I have been having so much fun playing it, as SOR4 is a mix of classic, old school beat 'em up with a modern fighting game style. Anyway, this mod will be cool, and I'm trying something innovative with this one. Stay tuned. :king: (evil laugh)

Impressive mod once again :)

I appreciate that, Polygone. Feel free to join our Discord server at any time, as we're very active over there.

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The Outsider's Crypt - Spyke
« Reply #2431 on: July 22, 2021, 06:42pm »

Be honest... you didn't think this day would ever come. But, it is here. Here comes my mod of Evan Daniels, the young black mutant that was created exclusively for the cartoon X-Men Evolution known as Spyke. Now no longer stuck to skateboarding around Bayville, :storm: Storm's nephew can finally join his teammates for battle against the Masters of Evil. But he's not as slim as you remember... he's been hitting the gym since then, and no, he doesn't play anything like :marrow: Marrow. Now he's a quick, strong, and durable threat with unique abilities, simple but damaging powers, and cool-looking skins. Catch some air with this mod, man.

-5 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-Abilities of Healing Factor and Skateboard Ability (can ride, jump, and attack on his skateboard while immune to damage).
-3 hex-edited skins, 2 HUDs, loading screen, icons, mannequin, and sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #119 (Shares with Winter Soldier. Will clash in mannequin.)

1. Bone Spikes: Fires razor-sharp shards of bone. Will heat up and burn enemies if fully charged. Also strengthens grab smash.
2. Spear Combat: Attacks enemies with a 4-hit bone spear combo while deflecting projectiles.
3. Skateboard Strike: Charges forward on his skateboard, knocking enemies out of the way.
4. Tornado Blade: Creates twin bone sickles and spins with a chance for critical damage.
5. Scythe Crush: Slams a bone scythe into the ground, blasting enemies upward.
6. (Boost) Speed of Mjnari: From another universe, gains movement and attack speed for a time.
7. (Boost) Porcupine Armor: Grows hard spikes around himself and evolves his strength, endurance, and can reverse damage as a familiar theme plays.
8. (Xtreme) Bad 2 The Bone: Creates large sharp constructs made of bone to trap enemies, then crush them from within.

This mod plays the theme from the "X-Men Evolution" cartoon in one of his boosts. I claim no credit for this track.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, X-Men & Street Skater skins, HUDs, loading screen, mannequin, icons, bone models (except scythe), sounds/voice, earthquake script, etc.
UltraMegaMagnus - Skateboard and bone scythe models
Zignutus - Age of X skin

None so far.

GET IT HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/?zves0ftlvhsl1rt

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Re: The Outsider's Crypt (Contains over 290 total projects)
« Reply #2432 on: July 23, 2021, 04:56am »
Very cool mod, Outsider! Spyke is great!

I always thought the X-Men: Evolution cartoon was pretty cool; not only did it give us Spyke, but also X-23. Personally, my favorite X-Men cartoon is still the one from the 90's, but there's parts of Evolution that I like better than how that show was. Probably the main one was that Nightcrawler was part of the main cast in Evolution, while he only showed up in two episodes of the 90's show; I think Iceman, another of my favorite X-Men, had as many appearances in the 90's show as well. I still haven't checked out that show Wolverine and the X-Men; I've heard it's good, but I didn't care for how they basically switched around the roles of Wolverine and Cyclops, when Cyclops has already been given a hard time ever since his character was assassinated in X-Factor many, many years ago.

Streets of Rage 4 is a great game! I beat the main campaign a few weeks ago, but haven't gotten or tried the Mr. X Nightmare DLC yet. I might have to pick that up soon!

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Re: The Outsider's Crypt (Contains over 290 total projects)
« Reply #2433 on: Today at 06:26 pm »
Everyone, the following characters have been updated:

A-Bomb: Removed Abomination & Titannus as alternates. Herostat changed.
:apocalypse: Apocalypse (booster): Fixed Wrecker of Weakness' instant kill properties, got rid of Doctor Strange references.
:blade: Blade (booster): Added Lord of Night skin, grab smash now stuns. Herostat changed.
:carnage: Carnage: Updated to MUA2 animations. Herostat changed.
Falcon: Updated a couple of skins & HUDs, Shield Throw now works ideally. Herostat changed.
Mistress Death: Added newest skins, added voice file, fixed spelling error. Herostat changed.
Red She-Hulk: Added new Fortnite skins. Herostat changed.
Shazam: Fixed idle animation problem.

Pay close attention for the ones that say "herostat changed," because that means you have to update the herostat of that character as well. I have :polaris: Polaris and :cd: Cloak & Dagger in line for updates as well, but those will take me a bit longer to do, so bear with me with those. I will also start on my next mod soon, but I have to create skins of her. Stay tuned to The Crypt. :king: (evil laugh)