360 Mod (brainstorming only)

Started by Teancum, February 19, 2013, 09:00AM

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So XML1/2 and MUA2 Wii animations work. Sweet. Going to try the model you sent me now.

Crashed with that model. I'm thinking if there's any hope that it's a texture thing. Can you try exporting with PC settings using a DXT5 texture and no mipmaps?

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Crash and burn. That sucks. Well, I guess having access to tons of animations including Wii/PS2 MUA2 ain't a bad tradeoff. Now I gotta figure out how best to reskin some characters to work as hero skins. Up next will be checks on boltons and true original Xbox models. If I can do those then I stand a much better chance of doing something quality.

PC sounds don't work, nor do any others. Boltons don't work either. This is looking less and less fun.

Did you try PC boltons? Or custom ones?

Tried custom and XML2. I 'spose I could test PC MUA as well, but the 360 version already has all those boltons.

Custom models are now possible - thanks to Jayglass for figuring it out!