Ceamonks890's Character Voice & Sound Packs

Started by Ceamonks890, November 21, 2020, 08:26PM

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November 21, 2020, 08:26PM Last Edit: November 23, 2020, 10:21PM by Ceamonks890
Hey everyone, decided to start making these out of boredom. Most of these are likely going to be made for character mods who greatly lack much of a voice to call their own or have more than one actor having voiced them in official media.

But anyway, to start things off, here's Ashly Burch's voice for Outsider's Cassie Cage mod (finally giving her more of a voice, though they will clash with much of the MK11 voice actresses' audio which I've largely preserved for better synchronicity with the character mod). Enjoy!


EDIT (23/11/20): Due to coincidental release timing, its been confirmed that Outsider will be handling the rest of the non-voiced MK character mods himself (so I won't be making any other Mortal Kombat character voice/sound packs to avoid conflicting with Outsider through redundant releases). But with all that said, stay tuned!

Very cool!

I really like all the MK mods a lot, but it always bothered me that they don't talk the same way as the regular MUA characters or other mods. You're doing good work here!

Woah, its been quite some time since my last voicepack release, hasn't it?

But some good news, as I've got new Venom voice/sound files for all of you to use, originally requested by tubularspacedude on the Discord server on 28th December 2020 (using a modified version of Andrew Morgado's voice from Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, in order to have the voice be better fitting for the character). Original video that I ripped the audio from can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFjXOu8pH-g

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6i6mbdxg8mvb6na/Venom_%2528Modified_MVCI_Andrew_Morgado_voicepack%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

Back at ya with a new Yuri Lowenthal voicepack for Spider-Man, utilizing archived audio from both MUA3 & The Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game by request from BobbFett42 on the Discord server. Enjoy!


Have a new voicepack for Outsider's Lara Croft mod available for everyone, which uses ripped audio of Angelina Jolie's voice from the early 2000s Tomb Raider films. Nowhere near as chatty as the Lara Croft game voice actresses, but it certainly fits with this incarnation of the character. Enjoy!