"Justice League conversation mod 7_4 - scottsum" mod

Started by CaptivaGuy, January 11, 2021, 11:17AM

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I'm trying to get the "Justice League conversation mod 7_4 - scottsum" mod working, and I'm playing MUA1 on my PS4. Will this mod work on PS4? I'm basically trying to accomplish that whole Zatanna saves Jean Grey and Nightcrawler mission.

Unfortunately, this mod won't work with the 2016 remaster for PS4, Xbox One and Steam, only for the original 2006 PC version.
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Are there any mods made for the 2016 remaster for PS4 that will have the effect I'm looking for?

Afraid not. MUA1 mods are only available for the original 2006 PC port, original Xbox, PSP & Wii (with the 2006 PC port being the most popular version to mod for). So if you don't have any of those versions of the game, you're effectively out of luck in terms of mod support.

Understood. Oh well, looks like I'm gonna have to purchase a PC version like the one I had when it came out in 2006. Thanks everyone for your help. :)