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Started by mgcorpa, July 06, 2020, 11:22AM

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July 06, 2020, 11:22AM Last Edit: November 16, 2020, 12:11PM by mgcorpa
First of all i would like to say that since my IT knowledge is very limited the main rule I follow is "if it's not broken, don't fix it.", so i´m 99.99% sure that this tutorial can be improved, or maybe some steps can be avoided. If you see any possibility of improvement feel free to comment.

It works on XML2 and MUA1 PSP versions, i need to test it in MUA2, but since models/skins are intercheangeable between PSP versions of the game should work.

I tried to do it as clear as possible, but if you have any doubt feel free to ask.

You will need the following programs which can be found in the following link (

Console Texture Explorer: Will be used to search for the texture, export to TIM2 to be used in Rainbow (exporting directly to .bmp and modifying the image in Gimp didn't show the correct colours, maybe there is way to fix it).

RainbowApp:  Will be used to convert TIM2 files to png in ordert to be edited with Gimp/Photoshop, and after finishing the job, converting from png to TIM2 again.

: Mainly for models with skin sgements.

Step 1:  Open the .igb file you want to use for your skin in Console Texture Explorer, I will start with Gambit(because in my opinion there are a lot of cool outfits that were left behind). Please note that all values shall be as indicated inside the area marked in red:

Step 2:  Click on "Try to draw", unless you re the Chosen one of the Matrix you won´t see anything understandable by the humans, don´t worry now is time to find the offsets. I recommend starting with add as 1000 and reduce the number when you start to see the picture

Step 3:  Once you reach the correct offset value you will see a much clearer picture. If you are lucky, now you only have to click on Texture+MipMaps.

*Step 3.1 Palette Offsets (If applicable)
With some models, you will need to find also palette ofssets, very similar to using TextureFinder for PS2, if that is the case, i highly recommend to try to search in TextureFinder two rows in red, blue or green ,  then adjust the ofssets to one row only, and then until you see several colours(if the first value with several colours is not correct go one by one including the offset value in Console Texture Explorer).

*Step 3.2 Segments (If applicable)

Sometimes your skin will have segments, i.e  Dr strange and Magneto capes. You will need to do also steps 3 and 3.1 for them (adjusting witdth and height). I recommend to use the PPSSPP texture extractor to find the texture size.

Click "Try to draw" again and voila, you have the clear picture:

Step 4:  Click on export, you will have a TIM2 texture. Open it on Rainbow and export the image again with the following configuration:

Step 5:  Use your favourite image editor to modify the image.

Step 6:  Import the image again into Rainbow. Import: texture.xml. You should see your modifications. Save

Step 7:  Import the image again in Console Texture Explorer. Save again

Step 8: Test the igb in game:

In case you would like to test some models in a quick way, find below some offsets to start to play:

                                Graphic Offset   Palette Offset
Gambit_90s                      88799   
Gambit_Xtreme              78548   
Bishop_Modern              97439   
X-Man Trenchcoat      77942   
X-Man A.O.A                      67590                         82646
Nick Fury MUA2              76079                         92399
Cyclops 70s                      73407   
Quicksilver MUA2      47442   
Xavier X-Uniform              75142   
Cable MUA2                     105688                  97304
Banshee XML2              77806   
Tony  Stark XML2              76177   

Hope the tutorial is useful

Updated with indications on palette offsets finding