Spider-Man 4 and beyond

Started by Lord Frankie, October 07, 2007, 12:15PM

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 :spiderman: It looks like Spider-man 1,2 and 3 producers are willing to continue Spidey's stories on the big screen.
:spiderman: Only, it seems that Tobey Maguire doesn't.
:spiderman: so the new saga would be something like James Bond: the actors change but the world remains the same.

Then if you have something to say about this say it. Also, if you have news....

Quote from: Magneto on October 07, 2007, 12:15PM
:spiderman: so the new saga would be something like James Bond: the actors change but the world remains the same.

although, in the James Bond flicks, the world doesnt really remain the same, there is a big lack of continuity and time lines, but i doubt this will happen with the spiderman flicks

yes thats right.

anyhow with "the world" i mean that 007's name is always james bond, he still is a british secret agent etc. but that's not important.

ah and i think that Maguire isn't the best actor to play spidey. he should say and do more stupid funny things and maguire was a bit... sad in the 3 movies

I thought Tobey Maguire was signed on until #7. Although what I would like to know is what villians will be in the fourth movie? Also I think the Spidey movies will go the way of the Batman movies of how they had different actors playing Batman, first and second Michael Keaton, third Val Kilmer and fourth George Clooney. Batman Begins does not count as they started over with those movies.

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I hope they make another Spider-man movie. The first three were mad good, especially the third one. But I heard that Toby doesnt want to do another bcuz Kirsten didnt want to do another movie.
Someone also said that they were running out of enemies to use. They could just use guys like Carnage, Shocker, Scorpion, ect.

i heard in spiderman 4 the villain is the vampire that sucks the powers from animal based heros - villains i think his name is mobius ??? well he pulled out spideys eye in the comics or that another vampire lol

First off, it's Morbius. Second, the guy that took his eye out was Morlun. Finally, third, All I've heard is the actor that plays Curt Connors is interested in playing the Lizard. I think Laura Ziskin also said if Tobey/Kirsten/Sam do not want to return, they will make the movie without them.

It not my fault there two vampires with same names ... anyway ive read thing about lizard somwere on marvel forums i think

Loads of people (non-official sources) think it'll be Carnage but I  doubt that since Venom wasn't explored enough and to portray him well you couldn't make it a family friendly movie.
Other people think Kraven but would that make a good movie?
I dunno about lizard but I think it should be scorpion - Spidey's really popular and JJ's been publicly humiliated by having to appologise to him so perhaps he'd fund the scorpion project.
Venom obviousy would have to come back since he wasn't used enough.
There's even talk of Bruce Campbell playing Mysterio! I think it'd be great if one of Spidey's lesser villains (Mysterio, Rhino, Shocker) had a little cameo at the start of the film just to mix it up a little...

Kraven/Lizard; Kraven's Last Hunt; Lizard takes the place of Vermin. That is one of those persistant rumors that would actually be a GOOD thing to happen :laugh: (unlike Carnage......)

Yea I would love to see a Spider-Man movie with Carnage, Lizard, Morbius, and /or Scorpion

I'd like a movie with a Villain like Rhino with little to no background. And who doesn't turn up to be Uncle Ben's real murderer.

yea that was kinda stupid, rhino would be perfect or shocker

Who do you think would make a great Rhino? I think Michael Clark Duncan would be good because he is a big guy and he could really dumb it down too. I know that the Rhino is a white guy but if they could get Duncan to play Kingpin in Daredevil than what could it hurt to get him to play Rhino. Also I heard that Bruce Campbell wanted to play Electro instead of Mysterio.

yea I heard that about Electro, I wouldn't really mind seeing either one of them. Yea Michael Duncan would be really good for Rhino, and he could dumb it down, lol. But i think they should get someone like the Undertaker, he's big, and I bet he could dumb the part down. I don't know if he could fully get into the part like Duncan could, but I wouldn't mind seeing another wrestler turn actor.