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Started by ImBaby, September 15, 2021, 11:02PM

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                                                           Welcome to my release page!

I'll be using this page to post my model conversions from different marvel related games along with some custom skins I plan on putting together.

- Please feel free to give feedback and detail any issues you may find while playing, I will try fixing them asap
- Feel free to use my skins for your projects and please remember to give proper credits
- Please excuse the page formatting, I plan on making it a bit more visually pleasing once I have a bit more time 
- Currently I will not be taking requests

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:phoenix: Jean Grey :phoenix:

Here is where I'll post my custom models for Jean Grey! Pack file will include conversation HUD, the skin file itself and a render preview for each skin. I've also added a modifed file for the walk/run animations as it was more flattering for the models.

Update: Added 90's costume, file includes two versions( both versions include alternate costume textures)
side note: the hair down version of the 90's costume does not have hair physics

Download Link:



Credits & Special Thanks:
- Netmarble,UMVC3 : Game Assets
- Ethan (BaconWizard17) for the helpful advice                       

Incredible! Ultimate Jean is truly amazing.
Canino passed away in April 2022. He will be dearly missed by the community