Only Moon Knight and Colossus playable on PS2 version?

Started by lkakinho, October 06, 2021, 07:35PM

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Would anyone have downloaded the files to make the moon knight  :moonk: and colossus  :colossus: be playable on ps2 version?
I'm just looking for these two characters

Do you want hulk,hawkeye,cyclops and captain marvel as well?

The mod is very good my congratulations, but I would still like to keep the original roster, however, only enabling the moon knight and the colossus, would this be possible?

 How do I do that? would it be the same as the pc version?
Would I be able to make a herostat for me so that only these two are playable?
sorry but i don't know much about mods

27 characters is the max,so you have default roster plus two extra

Sorry to be a little late here. Did you get help on Discord in the meantime?

Anyway, here is a tutorial for modding the consoles:
Editing the herostat is partly included (telling you where to find more info about the exact process).

 Hello I haven't tried going to Discord yet I'm trying to make the change myself but I can't figure out how to edit the ps2 version heroselect...