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Author Topic: Enchlore's mods: characters, skins, NPCs, aesthetics, sounds (UPDATE 2021-09-26)  (Read 14889 times)

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Do you like playing with the Fantastic Four, but feel tired of not having enough good up-to-date skins for them? Your troubles are over! Announcing the Fantastic Four Skin Pack, featuring four skins for each of the Four! Go grab it in the first post!

Each character gets these skins:
- Original (based on their first costumes)
- Classic (based on John Byrne's revamp)
- New Marvel (based on the late 1990s designs)
- Future Foundation (based on, well, the Future Foundation)

Mannequins are included for every Original, Classic and New Marvel skin. The Human Torch is different in that his mannequins are all flamed on, so they're organized differently.

These are all custom models made out of kitbashes and customized textures, with the exception of Reed, Sue and Johnny's Future Foundation skins which are taken directly from Marvel Future Fight.

The source parts for Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Human Torch were taken from Marvel Future Fight. Thing's model was taken from Marvel Heroes and modified to fit in with the others (I chose this model because I feel it is more deformed/monstrous than his Future Fight model).

On another note, the Daredevil Yellow skin has been updated - there is now a version of the skin with extra texture maps.
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Released a new Spider-Man skin based on a Brazilian fan film project.

Big releases including major updates for my character mods of Rogue and Mega Man X are coming soon. Please be patient as I am currently pretty busy.
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