Dark laboratory of Putine - Marvel Dragon Ball and all

Started by Putine, August 17, 2021, 05:26AM

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Hello dear people, here I create my mods for MUA, most of all I like the Dragon Ball universe, but Marvel is not an exception. Therefore, the theme here will sometimes be updated with the release of any of my mods.

Here I am creating a topic to register myself here as a moderator, for now I will leave the field empty here until I create the very first mod for the Putine character. I do not know how long it will take to learn, but I will try to figure it out as soon as possible in order to make good mods.

Welcome aboard! Always nice to have new people join the modding scene.

Please don't feel the need to rush as even us experienced modders had it rough at first. If you ever need any clarity that the available tutorials don't explain well, feel free to join our community Discord server as everyone primarily resides there in real-time.

Will be interesting to see more Dragon Ball character mods at some point in the future, as there hasn't been any new ones made since Julio and Aventureiromax stopped actively modding.

Good day! Hello dear Admin, I created two files today, I think I will take on the rest when I find additional strength.

I do not mind going to your Discord! Hopefully I can find some wise advice on how to create mods.

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Kai, 10th of the Universe and a former student of Gowasu, who decided to exterminate mortals, claiming the error and incorrigibility of mortals. He decides to kill all the Kai so that the Gods of Destruction will not interfere with him, and wishes to kill any Gods who wish to interfere with him. Zamasu wants to create a new world, a world without mortals, he believes in the indisputable Divine justice.



Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q45WyZ4banU&t=30s