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Started by Rampage, January 11, 2022, 12:42AM

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January 11, 2022, 12:42AM Last Edit: August 07, 2023, 04:26PM by Rampage
Improved Teams v9.0

Greatly improves, updates, and adds to the teams within Ultimate Alliance 1

Important Notes
* Before installing this mod, I'd highly recommend you to install the latest version of OCP and 50 or 36 Roster hack to your game first since this mod includes support for characters for those mods.
* For simple installation instructions, please download the mod and look at the readme.txt file.

v9.0 Notes
* Added a new team bonus preset called MUA Default Extended Teams. This preset is perfect for players like me who enjoy playing only with the MUA official characters + 8 dlc + console exclusive characters that include Moon Knight, Colossus, Captain Marvel, Ronin, and Black widow.
* Majority of team bonuses for this preset have been slightly buffed or nerfed in order to actually make an impact on gameplay.
* Added a new team to the preset called Ultimate Exclusives and it includes: Moon Knight, Colossus, Captain Marvel, Ronin, Black widow, and Hawkeye.
* Removed many skin requirements for most teams in this preset to allow for better team compatibility except for the two teams that heavily rely on skin looks which are Alternate Identities and Flashback.
* Added helpful readme files to each custom team preset to inform the user which custom team pack is best suited for them and their roster.

v7.0 Video Preview -
Team Previews -
Download - Download

1. None.

Credits - Rampage, ak2yny, Ceamonks890 for Team Callouts.