Enigma's Mister Fantastic Mod

Started by Enigma, June 14, 2024, 05:00PM

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:fantastic: Enigma's Mister Fantastic Mod v1.0 :fantastic:


This is my Mister Fantastic mod. It contains the following:

*By default, Mister Fantastic's voicepack in MUA1 is almost completely empty. He has 1 bored, 2 can't go, 3 cmd attack any, 3 cmd attack target, 3 cmd follow, 4 respaffirm, 6 stats, 7 Orbital Attack Xtreme callouts (none of which have echoes on them like they're supposed to), and his Menu Breaks are in the file for some reason. All other types of lines are missing.
-I've expanded his voicepack as much as possible by repurposing the Menu Breaks, repurposing the Stats lines which are a type of line XML2 doesn't use, and adding more lines from his unique conversations, all voiced by David Naughton.
-I've also added his MUA1 Dark NPC's unique Death grunt and 3 Pain grunts.
-I've added reverb to his Orbital Attack Xtreme callouts, which by default don't have any echo on them.
*I made a HERBIE Xtreme callout voiced by Tara Strong as HERBIE from Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1.
*Pinball use its MUA1 power sounds.
-The PC version of 2 of his 3 Pinball impact sounds had a loud unfixable audio pop at the end of it and 1 was much lower volume than the others. I replaced them with the PS2 versions, which aren't broken, and I rebalanced the audio level the 1 to match the other 2.
-By default, it had no sound that plays when he's rolling around. I've added 1 that's an unused power sound from the MUA1 Dark Mister Fantastic NPC that is labeled as being used for this power.
-The charge power sound also now plays when the power ends.
*Propeller Arms uses its MUA1 power sounds.
*Elastic Crush uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Rubberband Recoil uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Fantastic Fists uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Elastic Evasion uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Drastic Elastic uses 1 of its MUA1 charge sounds. It also uses 2 power sounds that it randomly picks between: its MUA1 power sound and an unused power sound from the MUA1 Dark Mister Fantastic NPC that is labeled as being used for this power.
*Fantastic Surprise uses 2 unused power sounds from the MUA1 Dark Mister Fantastic NPC.
*Orbital Attack uses its MUA1 charge sound and 1 of Cyclops's Marvel Heroes power sounds.
*HERBIE shares Orbital Attack's MUA1 charge sound and when he spawns, it randomly picks from among Orbital Attack's 4 MUA1 power sounds.

*He uses his MUA1 Retail PS2 skeleton.
-I've hex edited it to remove the unique Melee animations that didn't work properly in XML2. I made one of them his menu idle.
-I've hex edited the unique Melee animations I kept to work properly.
-I hex edited it so that Pinball's looping animation and his unique melee Trip animation will work properly.
*He has the generic passives Block and Leadership.
*He uses the wrestling fightstyle.
*He now has double jump.
*For all powers from MUA1 that I've used, as well as his unique Melee attacks, I've rebalanced them for XML2, recoded them to work in XML2, rewrote the power descriptions, rewrote the combo text (and added it in where it was missing), added in damage types where they were missing, and recoded the AI (and added it where it was missing).
-The XP increase that Psychohistory gives is less than any boosts any characters have that increase XP so that both types still useful and so that this passive isn't unbalanced.
*He has his MUA1 power Pinball.
-It now functions by holding the power button down to keep using it.
-It's now listed as a Charge instead of a Special.
*He has his MUA1 power Propeller Arms.
-It's now listed as a Charge instead of a Special.
-I added in the damage type where it was missing.
-The part that says it increases Melee damage actually just increases his attack damage for all powers. I've replaced this with an Attack Rating increase.
-I've completely recoded this power because the MUA1 version didn't stop properly and because overall it was coded in a strange and unnecessarily complex way that was preventing it from working properly.
*He has his MUA1 power Elastic Crush.
-It's now listed as a Melee power instead of a Projectile.
-Instead of doing more damage if the enemy is stunned, it now stuns enemies and has a chance for a Deadly Strike.
-It's description now says it does knockback and knockback now levels up.
-It now pierces through enemies.
*He has his MUA1 power Drastic Elastic.
-It's now a tap the button power instead of a hold the button power.
-It now trips enemies instead of knocking them back.
*He has his MUA1 boost Rubberband Recoil.
-It's now listed as a Radial instead of a Special.
-It's knockback now levels up.
-It's max range is now a static number that's larger.
-It can now affect enemies laying on the ground.
*He has his MUA1 boost Fantastic Fists.
-The increases Critical chance part now only affects non-powered Melee attacks.
*He has his MUA1 Xtreme Orbital Attack.
-It's now listed as a Blast.
-It no longer increases XP and damage.
-It now immobilizes any enemies who survive.
*I added a new 2nd Xtreme where he summons HERBIE.
*I added a new power called Fantastic Surprise.
*I added 3 new passives, Elastic Mastery, Psychohistory, and Vitality Capture.
*Unlike in MUA1, he doesn't have his unique Fastball Special, because it didn't work, and he can't be thrown by allies because the game allows you to do it when he's in the middle of using his powers, and if you do that, it causes problems.

*Since his default PS2 skins are in very bad shape, and since his none of his default PC or PS2 huds are accurate to what his skins look like, I've only included skins I've completely remade. I've also made custom huds and 3D heads for each of them.
*Due to many technical issues, he doesn't use separate skin files for his arms for the powers and melee attacks that use them in MUA1 (Propeller Arms, Elastic Crush, Drastic Elastic, melee light attack 1 2 and 3, melee trip 2) and instead uses arms built into his skins. This also allows him to use the giant fist boltons, which I've also done new versions of. The giant fists aren't compatible with the separate skin files in XML2 due to more technical issues.
*He uses his MUA1 icons, which depict his Ultimate Younger skin.
-He uses his unused icon, which I used for Fantastic Surprise.
-He uses BaconWizard17's higher quality version of the XML2 Block icon.
-I made new icons for Elastic Mastery, Psychohistory, and Vitality Capture.
-I made a new icon for HERBIE using some comic art.
*I've made a XML2-compatible version of his MUA1 loading screen and created a character select portrait using the art.
-This loading screen is not actually of his Ultimate skin, it's of his Marvel Adventures skin, which Raven didn't actually make.
*His unique melee Triple Hit uses its MUA1 effect.
*His unique melee Trip uses its MUA1 effect.
*Pinball uses its MUA1 trail effect and an impact effect I created.
*Propeller Arms uses its MUA1 effect.
-I removed the weird out of place dust cloud from it.
*Drastic Elastic uses its MUA1 effect.
*Rubberband Recoil uses its MUA1 effect.
-I removed the camera shake.
*Fantastic Surprise uses the same pylon model that Cyclops's Auto Artillery/Deploy Pylon power does as well as the XML2 Ultimate Patch versions of its effects.
*Fantastic Fists uses its MUA1 effect.
*Elastic Evasion uses its MUA1 effect.
*Orbital Attack uses its MUA1 effects.
-I recolored parts of both effects so that they would be blue like the rest of the effects instead of yellow.
*Since in MUA1, only his Orbital Attack Xtreme has an impact effect, I've created a new one to use for Pinball and Elastic Crush.
*Since there's no HERBIE skin, and since he did have versions in the comics where he was a normal humanoid robot with normal arms and legs, I've used the skin that was closest to that, has a Cel Shaded version, and isn't already a XML2 NPC, which is the MUA1 Prototype Ultron Striker.
*HERBIE uses the same charge effects as Orbital Attack. I created the effect that aura effect that's used when HERBIE appears and disappears.

*Menu Breaks: One of his default Menu Breaks mentions MUA1's plot so I've replaced it. Because his Menu Breaks are in an odd order, I've included them all renumbered so that replacing that one is easier.
*Non-Cel Shaded Assets: Non-Cel Shaded versions of the default skins and fists.
*Alternate Fists: Fist boltons for his Original, Classic, and Dark skins.

*BaconWizard17: higher quality Block icon, testing, troubleshooting
*Cates: idea to use giant fist boltons for Block.
*tubularspaceman: feedback, ideas
*a well known crackpot, JulioCabral, metal venger 1, One Below All, Phoenix, undertakrr, Vampyre: feedback