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Author Topic: Enigma's Magma Booster  (Read 908 times)

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Enigma's Magma Booster
« on: January 23, 2022, 03:41pm »
:magma: Magma Booster v2.0 :magma:


This is a booster for nodoubt_jr's Magma mod. It contains the following:

*Added her XML1 voices, which I have expanded using some clips from her XML1 conversation dialogue. (1 more Bored line, 5 more Level Up lines, 2 more Respaffirm lines, and 1 more Too Heavy line.)
-Her 2nd Xtreme now has a callout, by reusing one of her Level Up lines, as there wasn't really anything else that fit, and I feel that the line I picked fits pretty well.
*I rewrote her power descriptions to be more clear and accurate as to what the powers do.
Renamed Rising Fire to Flaming Geyser.
*I gave her new power sounds using Human Torch's power sounds from Marvel Heroes (but I did still use her XML1 Volcano Xtreme and Lava Fissure power sounds) so that now Magma has unique power sounds for all her powers, including replacing the mod's power sound that had the sound of a man grunting in it. Flaming Geyser has 2 different power sounds that can play, as I had access to 2 similar power sounds and figured why not.
*I remade her character select portrait using a higher quality version of her XML1 loading screen.
*I included a remade version of her XML1 loading screen using a higher quality version of the image, as well as her unused X-Treme Gear loading screen using an AI Upscaled version of that image from the XML1 Prototype.
*I reordered skins in herostat to be in alphabetical order
*Her files are future-proofed for the new way icons will work in X2UP (1 file for menus and 1 for in-game so that the menu ones will be higher resolution.) Once that's released, you can use the icons files from that with this booster (This booster will be part of the X2UP as well.)
*She can now have a unique conversation hud and 3d head for every skin, as well. In this booster, all conversation huds are the same (but you can install the Bonus ones if you wish) and all 3d heads are the same except 03, but the option is now there.
*Changed her Magma Form skin to 3610
*All skins from 3601 to 3609 now have packages. There aren't skins 3604 and 3609 in this booster, but you can add them from elsewhere if you wish.

*XML1 Prototype Conversation Hud: I remade her conversation hud using the higher quality version of the image from the XML1 Prototype. It's a bonus so you can pick which skin or skins to use it for.
*Custom Xtreme Conversation Hud: A conversation hud I made using her X-Treme Gear loading screen to fit in with the official huds.

nodoubt_jr: Magma mod

-Added new packages to future proof for the new way icons will work in X2UP and so that she can have unique conversation huds and 3d heads for every skin
-Added packs for skins 3604 and 3609 (there aren't skins for these numbers in this mod, but the option is now there)
-Changed her Magma Form skin to 3610
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