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Author Topic: Enigma's Spider-Man Mod  (Read 183 times)

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Enigma's Spider-Man Mod
« on: November 28, 2022, 03:53pm »
:spiderman:Enigma's Spider-Man Mod v1.1 :spiderman:


This is my Spider-Man mod.
For this mod, I've used elements and ideas from the following sources: MUA1 Retail PS2, MUA1 Prototype, MUA2 Wii, and iammingy's XML2 Spider-Man mod, MUA2 PS3 and Spider-Man 1 for PS1. I've also used the MUA1 Prototype skeleton, which includes more and different animations. I've made fixes to all the powers where necessary.
He contains the following:

*A voicepack featuring Quinton Flynn's performance as Spider-Man in MUA1.
-I've used his MUA1 voicepack lines and grunts and I've added to them using his MUA1 multiplayer only Stats lines, lines from his NPC conversations and the 3 Pain grunts and 1 Death grunt from the MUA1 Dark Spider-Man boss, also voiced by Flynn.
-I've made his No Work lines double as No Power lines because they fit well and No Work lines aren't used very much.
-He uses his unused MUA1 Bored lines (2 lines).
-He uses his MUA1 Banter lines with Deadpool (3 lines) and Iceman (2 lines).
-I've created 2 Iron Man Banter lines using lines from his MUA1 NPC conversations.
-I've used a bunch of lines from his NPC conversations to further expand his voicepack.
-There are 3 grunts that MUA1 appears to use for power sounds (or something along those lines). I've repurposed 2 of them as grunts (1 for Jump and 1 for Pickup. The 3rd was too low quality to use). This also makes things easier for future alternate voicepacks.
*Also, I've rearranged his MUA1 power sounds to fit the new powerset. Some of his MUA1 power sounds appear to not be used, but I have used them for this mod. I've also made use of his MUA1 Prototype power sounds, as it contains many that aren't in the Retail version.
-For his Web Bullets power, in MUA1, the power picks from 3 random sound effects for the bullets. Dark Spider-Man has 2 unique Web Bullet sound effects. The MUA1 Prototype has 2 unique Web Bullet sound effect. I've added these, so that now, Web Bullets randomly picks from between all 7 of its official sound effects.
-His Web Swinging uses his MUA1 Retail Web Swining power sound. I've coded it to loop and added some silence onto the end of the sound so that it'll work properly with the way I've coded the power.
-Web Snare uses its MUA1 Retail power sounds.
-Spider Sense use his MUA1 Retail power sound.
-Web Gloves uses an unused MUA1 Retail power sound.
-Electro Proof uses his MUA1 Prototype Spider Sense power sound.
-Slingshot it uses an unused MUA1 Prototype sound for the charge and the sound it uses in MUA1 Retail when he releases.
-For the MUA1 Prototype's Bungee Bash, it uses its MUA1 Prototype power sound, but it's MUA1 Prototype impact sound is missing, so I've used 1 of his unused MUA1 Retail impact sounds and 3 of his unused MUA1 Prototype impact sounds instead.
-Web Mace uses Spider-Man's 3 fusion power sounds. The game randomly picks from among them.
-Bungee Bash also uses the same sound as Web Swinging because he's also swinging in this power.
-Spider Armor uses his MUA1 Retail Web Shield power sound.

*He uses his MUA1 Prototype skeleton, which I've edited to get his Web Bullets animations and heavy melee attack animations working correctly.
-I've hex edited it so that he uses his MUA1 idle animation.
-I also removed a duplicate animation, as 1 of his heavy attack animation and 1 of his stun animations was the same.
*He has proper working Web Swinging, which I've done by using his MUA1 Prototype animations combined with coding his Web Swinging similar to Iceman and Magma's slide powers. This also means Web Swinging is now a full proper power.
*Added his MUA1 boost Spidey Sense, which I've renamed Spider Sense. I used the MUA1 Prototype version and fixed an issue with its leveling information.
-This boost now only affects Spider-Man, because it doesn't make sense for it to affect the whole party.
-It now only increases his Movement Speed instead of also slowing down the whole world, because that part doesn't work in XML2, and it's powerful enough already anyway.
-I've made this boost now also reveal hidden enemies.
-I've sped up the animation speed of it.
*He uses iammingy's version of Web Snare, but it now uses its MUA1 Prototype animations.
-I've used some coding from MUA1 Prototype to get the beam to come out of the right spot.
-The beam now only fires from his right hand to match the new animation.
-It's now listed as a Trap power.
-If you use this on an enemy that's in midair, such while they're popped up into the air, the power will suspend them in midair. Because of this, and because of its overall similarity to Hangman, I've chosen not to include that power.
*I created a new powered based upon his MUA2 PS3 power Web Mace.
*Added a rebalanced version of his MUA2 Wii Spider Reflexes passive. It allows a chance for him to dodge all forms of attack.
*Because his Web Shield boost is similar to this, I've replaced it with a new boost: Electro Proof, in which he wears his Electro Proof suit and nullifies all Elemental and Energy damage.
*I've added another new boost: Web Gloves.
*I used the iammingy version of Slingshot, but changed its AI type to projectile near, which is what it uses in the MUA1 Prototype.
-This power no longer does both Mental and Physical damage. It only does Physical damage.
*I used iammingy's Web Mastery passive, which I've changed to be more similar to the default characters' Mastery passives.
*I've replaced his Bungee Bash Xtrene with the MUA1 Prototype's completely different Bungee Bash Xtreme, which I've extensively modified and recoded so that it will work properly in XML2.
*He has a 2nd Xtreme. Inspired by the 2000 PS1 Spider-Man game, Spidey puts on his Spider Armor and becomes invincible and deal more damage.
-He uses Ultimate VeNoM's Shattered Dimensions Spider Armor skin for this.
*I added the Regeneration passive that several XML2 default characters have.
*Web Bullets now puts out fires and both it and Web Snare now say they do in their descriptions.
*His autospend is now bruiser_light, which is what it is in the MUA1 Prototype.
*Rewrote power descriptions and fixed typos with level up text.
*Redid all AI coding, combo text, and power requirements.
*Reorganized all power coding to be easier to keep track of everything.
*Removed all unneeded coding.

*For Web Bullets, he uses his MUA1 Prototype Web Bullets effects and textures.
*For Web Snare, he uses his MUA1 Retail effects as well as the effects and models iammingy made for his version of it.
*For Web Swinging, he uses his MUA1 Prototype Web Swinging effect and texture.
-Bungee Bash and Slingshot also use this effect.
*For Slingshot's trail effect, I've recolored it to white.
*For Spider Sense, he uses his MUA1 Prototype Spidey Sense textures and 1 of its effects.
*For Web Mace, I retextured the Loki Troll Mace from MUA1 PS2 and created a new effect.
*For Web Gloves, I used the white versions of Mr. Fantastic's fists from MUA1 PS2.
*For Electro Proof, I've created a new effect.
*Spider Armor uses a modified version of one of Iceman's unused XML2 effects.
*His texture icon (what appears in the main menu/skirmish Danger Room) is now correct.
*His icons are now in the same quality as they are in MUA1.
-I've added his 3 MUA2 Wii exclusive icons, which I've AI Upscaled, to his MUA1 PC icons.
-I've added the Regeneration icon that is used for that passive for all default XML2 characters that have it.
-I've edited his MUA1 and MUA2 Wii icons so that the red circles around them are now big enough to fill XML2's full icon circles and so that the MUA2 Wii icons will fit in better with the MUA1 icons.
*I've made packages that allow his icons can appear in higher quality in the character select menu and so that each skin can have a unique hud and 3D head, which they all now do.
-These are also the X-Men Legends II Ulimate Patch-style streamlined packages.
-He uses UltimateVeNoM's Spider Armor skin for his Spider Armor Xtreme.
-He uses UltimateVeNoM's Electro Proof skin for his Electro Proof boost.
-I've tried to have his skins fit each category as closely as possible.
-For his normal skins, he uses all 5 MUA1 skins: Classic, Black Suit, Scarlet Spider, Iron Spider, and Dark.
-He also uses a custom 2099 skin.
-He has no Age of Apocalypse skin, so that slot is occupied by a skin featuring his costume from the cartoon Spider-Man Unlimited, as that cartoon was set in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe and that felt like a good fit to me.
-Since there are no existing skins that fit the 60s and Civilian slots, those are empty for now.
*I've redone the following MUA1 huds so that they'll work in XML2, and be same quality and resolution as they are in MUA1:
-the Official Characters Pack version of his Classic hud, his other 4 official MUA1 huds, Crowley's MUA1 2099 hud, and Teancum's Spider-Man Unlimited hud
*I used his MUA1 Prototype 3D head for his Classic skin and I've reskinned this 3D head to make new ones for all his other skins, including the bonus ones.
*All skins, conversation huds, and 3D heads are hex edited.
*I've redone his character select portrait based upon his MUA1 loading screen.
*Includes my versions of his 2 loading screens from MUA1: his classic one and the one with him and Blackheart.


*MUA1 Prototype Web Swinging Effect
-This is the MUA1 Prototype's Web Swinging effect, which is also used for Slingshot.

*Spider-Armor MKII Skin Swap:
-This is an alternate Spider-Armor that's hex edited to work for the Spider-Armor power.

*Bonus Skins (I've hex edited them and I made 3D heads for them. Some of them had broken huds, so I only remade the following ones that weren't broken: Ben Reilly, Dusk, Superior Spider-Man.):
-2099 Captain Universe
-Ben Reilly
-Noir Captain Universe
-Secret War
-Superior Spider-Man

*Bonus Character Select Portraits:
-MUA1 Prototype Character Select Portrait: A version of his unused MUA1 Prototype character select portrait I remade by using a higher quality version of the source image I found.
-MUA1 Promo Cards Character Select Portrait: A character select portrait made using Spider-Man's art from the MUA1 promo deck of playing cards, which I scanned myself and removed the playing card numbers and suits from.

*Bonus Conversation Huds:
-MUA1 Default Classic Conversation Hud: The MUA1 Official Characters Project fixed his Classic hud and that version is in the MUA1-Style Conversation Huds folder. This is the original MUA1 Classic Conversation Hud.
-MUA1 Promo Playing Cards Conversation Hud: A conversation hud made using Spider-Man's art from the MUA1 promo deck of playing cards, which I scanned myself and removed the playing card numbers and suits from.
-MUA1 Loading Screen Conversation Hud: A conversation hud I made using Spider-Man's MUA1 loading screen.

*Bonus Loading Screens:
-Custom Black Suit Loading Screen By Marko Djurdjevic
-Custom Scarlet Spider Loading Screen: Uses art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Jason Keith. I AI Upscaled it.

*Concept Art:
-This is an AI Upscaled version of Spider-Man's MUA1 concept art from the in-game gallery. I've removed the the Iron Spider art to make it fit in the XML2's concept art dimensions, and I've removed the SHIELD frame so that it will fit in with the character concept art in XML2's in-game gallery.

*Danger Room Challenge:
-I've made a Spider-Man Danger Room challenge.

Skins List:
-Skin: Classic (18801)
-Skin_Astonishing: Iron Spider (18802)
-Skin_AOA: Unlimited (18803)
-Skin_60s: Empty for now (18804)
-Skin_70s: Black Suit (18805)
-Skin_WeaponX: Scarlet Spider (18806)
-Skin_Future: 2099 (18807)
-Skin_Winter: Dark (18808)
-Skin_Civilian: Empty for now (18809)
-Skin Swap 1: Electro Proof (18800)
-Skin Swap 2: Spider Armor (18810)

-Web Mastery now affects Bungee Bash.
-Added a default XML2 texture to his package files that won't be in the permanent file in the Ultimate Patch.

*iammingy: original Spider-Man mod, Unlimited skin, Ben Reilly skin, 2099 skin,
*Ultimate VeNoM: Noir skin, Noir Captain Universe skin, Spider Armor skin, Electro Proof skin, Flipside skin, Dusk skin, Superior Spider-Man skin, Spider-Armor MKII Skin, 2099 Captain Universe skin, Secret War skin,
*Official Characters Pack: Classic MUA1-Style Conversation Hud
*Teamcum: Unlimited conversation hud
*Crowley: MUA1 2099 conversation hud
*BLaw: Ben Reilly conversation hud

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Re: Enigma's Spider-Man Mod
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2022, 12:11pm »
I've updated him to v1.1.
Check changelog for details.