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Author Topic: Improved Unlockables  (Read 1132 times)

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Improved Unlockables
« on: January 29, 2022, 05:35pm »
Improved Unlockables v8.0

This mod allows for many vanilla & modded characters to be unlocked through story progression. This mod also brings back many of the achievements found in the other versions of the game where Xbox achievements and PlayStation Trophies were rewarded.

Important Notes
* Before installing this mod, I'd highly recommend you to install the latest version of OCP and 50 or 36 Roster hack to your game first since this mod includes support for characters from those mods.
* For simple installation instructions, please download the mod and look at the readme.txt file.

v8.0 Notes
* Added a NEW list found in the extras folder that displays all of the unlockable characters along with where they are unlocked at. Now if a player with a modded roster wants to use this mod, then they can simply just search the list for characters on their roster to see if their entire roster is made unlockable.
* Added over 50 NEW unlockables characters! I won't list them all here but they can all be found in the new list found in the extras folder.
* Fixed Colossus unlock from not properly displaying his unlock popup message.
* Since there are so many unlockable characters and achievements now, I have reduced the timings between each unlock greatly from 1 second to 1/2 of a second. This means that all unlocks will now happen faster and in half the original time.
* Removed lots of redundant code/unused in game scripting code.

v4.0 Preview - https://imgur.com/a/K0hM2Fb
Download - https://www.mediafire.com/file/pt4pbivtja8lh9x/Improved+Unlockables+v8.0.rar/file
All Unlockable Characters List - https://1drv.ms/x/s!AkAKCMK6BqYixl7ZCvFWVAsFus5u?e=bwqatN

1. None

Credits - Rampage, Metal Venger1, ak2yny for all of his help and advice, Enchlore for Hank Pym unlockable, Huge thanks to all of the X Voice contributors and the modding community as I have included many modded characters from MarvelMods to be unlockable with this mod.
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