SSJKratos' mannequins and skins (Cyclops Fox Movie Skin Released)

Started by SSJKratos, February 03, 2022, 05:52PM

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Hello friends. Here to do live action/movie/tv mannequins and in the process of learning to do full fledged skins in the coming weeks/months.

My Skins

Credit to Julio Cabral for X3 Official Game Wolverine skin & his Cyclops movie skin, which served as the base for this

Download Here

I recommend the hud made by BruceBixby located here.

Mannequins for Skins by Other Creators

(Mod creators: If I make a mannequin for your skin/mod feel free to package it with your download)

Fantastic Four 2000's (original skins by Adventureiromax and Julio Cabral)

X-Men 2000s
Colossus XTOG skin by Jayglass
Nightcrawler XTOG skin by Teancum
Cyclops, Iceman, Magneto, Storm, Wolverine and Professor X - skins by Julio Cabral
Please Note: The Colossus skin is not available yet and the Cylcops mannequin located here is inferior to the one packaged with the skin above.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Hawkeye Skin by Julio Cabral and Moss43
Hulk Skin by Julio Cabral

Sony Spider-Man Universe

Venom Movie skin by Cykal455
Eddie Brock model from Fortnite

More to come :)

Cyclops Released!

Mannequin and Skin available in top post

Sony Spider-Man Universe section added

Eddie Brock / Venom 2018 Mannequins Added