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Quote from: BloodyMares on September 30, 2012, 11:24PM
Yep, as I said, these are old skins, I just didn't upload them here. Maybe If I have some time I could re-release it with better colors. BTW I wish Blaw (sorry, old habits die hard) converted the model of it from SM3 or better from TASM game xD.

If I had time, I'd do it. I have the SM3 game on my computer, but the best I could do is try to rip the models.

November 09, 2020, 12:56PM #32 Last Edit: January 25, 2022, 10:57AM by BloodyMares
The time has come to open this ancient Vault once again! I can't believe I gave up on modding in 2012. Well, things are about to change...

And this time, I present to everyone my first ever character mod:

PUCK v1.1

Meet Alpha Flight's agile hand-to-hand specialist, named Puck! This mod was created as a response to Outsider's challenge for new modders since Puck was the only iconic member left from the Alpha Flight roster. Puck turned out to be extremely effective, even if he doesn't have a lot of moves. Check him out! And bring his fellow Alpha Flight members along for the ultimate teamwork experience!

- 4 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
- Abilities of Compressed Cellular Structure (25% resistance to any damage type), Acrobatic Agility (can manually evade attacks while blocking, making combat more skill-based!).
- 5 hex-edited skins, 5 HUDs, a loading screen (+ 2 extra), icons, mannequin, and sound/voice file that uses voice lines of League of Legends' character Rumble.
- Uses assigned number #243 (will clash with Heimdall in mannequin).
v1.1 Update:
- Fixed the known bugs
- Updated animations and got rid of the custom fightstyle reducing the amount of triggers
- Rebalanced some the powers
- Power 3 "Cartwheel Circus" now requires holding the button to continue evading, thus fixing the problem of being stuck in the cartwheel mode if energy reaches 0.

1. Puck n' Roll: Curling into a ball, Puck propels himself forward, knocking his opponents down.
2. Tripping Breakaway: Spins legs around kicking any enemies within range, sweeping them off balance.
3. Cartwheel Circus: Eugene performs cartwheels to evade enemy attacks. Press Attack or Smash to unleash a devastating leap kick as a counterattack.
4. Dropkick Pass: Puck jumps on his targets, dealing Physical Dmg with a chance to knock out stunned enemies.
5. (Boost) Bullfighter's Grit: Puck boosts his own movement speed and motivates his allies, increasing the chance to dodge enemy attacks for the entire team.
6. (Boost) Half as Tall, Twice the Hero: Thanks to his superhuman stamina, Eugene is able to sustain peak exertion and greatly decrease energy spending for a time.
7. (Xtreme) What the Puck!: Accelerating to superhuman speed, Puck curls into a ball and stuns all enemies, dealing massive Physical Dmg.
Ability. Acrobatic Agility: Hold Block and press Attack or Smash to Evade enemy attacks.
Ability. Fastball: Can be thrown like a fastball by bigger heroes!

- If you want to use 2 bonus loading screens, go to "xtras" folder and rename the one you want to 24303 and place it in "textures\loading". If you want to use all 3 loading screens, rename both to 24301 and 24302, but note that those will clash with Heimdall's. If you are using a mod of another Alpha Flight member (Guardian, Vindicator, Sasquatch, Shaman, Aurora/Northstar, or Snowbird), you can use the Alpha Flight loading screen for them instead. Given that Guardian, Shaman, and Sasquatch don't have loading screens, you can use their numbers.
- The "xtras" folder also includes his voice line (PUCK_BREAK.wav) for the x_voice if you want him to say a quote in the Character Select Screen.

- While using his Xtreme power, like with all teleporting powers, it's possible to fall through the map to your death on uneven surfaces, so try to avoid using Xtreme on slopes or stairs.

BloodyMares - Mod creation & coding, HUDs, icons, sounds, effects recolor, and 2 bonus loading screens.
Outsider - Mod concept and moveset suggestions, coding of "Cartwheel Circus" power and "Fastball" ability, 1 loading screen.
Dr. Bruce Banner - All 5 skins;
UltraMegaMagnus - Mannequin;
Ceamonks890 - Help with animation mixing
uncannyknack (Deviantart) - Alpha Flight fan-art:

Special Thanks to my mentor Outsider for his guide "[MUA1] THE OUTSIDER'S GUIDE TO MODDING", his various contributions for the modding community that inspired me, and his invaluable help with the coding, words of advice, and moral support! But most of all, his patience. I would never be able to do it without his guidance.
Also thanks to the Marvel Mods Discord community for help, especially Nicaras, ZuluViking, UltraMegaMagnus, and Rock of the SCPD/Corvetterules.


Congrats on your first mod! I knew you could do it. And, I appreciate the kind words.

NEW BOOSTER:  :daredevil: Daredevil - "The Son of Battlin' Jack" (v1,1)

The Son of Battlin' Jack

"The son of boxer Battlin' Jack, Matt Murdock grew up in the relative poverty of Hell's Kitchen with much reverence for his father, who constantly pressed him to study instead of playing with his friends. In turn, they taunted him with the nickname Daredevil since he always went back to studying and secretly training in his father's gym instead of doing things with them."

This booster respects this part of Daredevil's origin and gives him a whole set of different moves for hand-to-hand combat. But that doesn't mean that his baton combat had to go... So I implemented a new Boost power, that triggers the familiar baton combat, but now it also increases Daredevil's chance for critical attacks. I also made some small improvements, so take a look.

- entirely different melee fighting style, true to Daredevil's boxing and martial arts training.
EDIT:  Updated some of the melee unarmed attacks with new animations and the new red trail. In unarmed mode, replaced default knockback attack with 2 heavy attacks, inspired by the X-Men Legends combat system to make unarmed combat equally viable.

- 1 new Boost power called "Billy Club" that enables baton combat and increases the chance for critical hits. Unlike the unarmed combat, uses the original chargeable knockback attack.

- Changed "Baton Smash" power from Melee to a Counter. Because of the charging animation, it occurred to me that he should be blocking incoming attacks before striking. And it also plays into the fact that Daredevil is an expert martial artist, making him a viable option on the harder difficulty.
EDIT: Rebalanced. Now it returns incoming damage and reflects projectiles on release, the blocking duration shortened to 2 seconds and can only block incoming attacks in 180 degrees.

- Now X-Treme does a massive knockdown to surrounding enemies. Additionally, fixed the glitch that didn't show Daredevil's second billy club during the animation.
- New passive called "Man Without Fear". Adds immunity to fear and mind control and decreases Physical and Bleeding damage taken by 15%.

- Added ability of Baton Swing from iammingy's booster.

- This booster requires at least Official Characters Pack (OCP 2.0) or newer. Make sure to install that before this booster.
- If you want to use 5th and 6th skins, you'll encounter a glitch that doesn't show Daredevil's billy clubs during Power 4 and Xtreme. To fix that, go to the "actors" folder of your game, and copy either of these files: 0250 (for red batons), 0252 (for grey batons) or 0253 (for black batons) and name it as "0254" for 5th skin and "0255 for 6th skin.

- None so far (let me know if you encounter any)

BloodyMares - Booster's creation & coding
Panaka_69 - Merging with iammingy's "Baton Swing ability for Daredevil" booster
Outsider - Invention of the "Counter" power type
Special thanks to these awesome modders for their expertise and advice: ak2yny, UltraMegaMagnus and Outsider


Daredevil - "The Son of Battlin' Jack" booster received an update! Now it's using the animation mixing method (much less triggers used) and features iammingy's Baton Swing ability, new unarmed heavy attacks replacing the knockback when "Billy Club" boost is not active and 1 new Passive (Man Without Fear) which gives immunity to fear/mind control and gives 15% resistance to Physical and Bleed Damage. "Baton Smash" and "Billy Club" powers were tweaked and rebalanced as well.
So make sure to download him again.

Puck has been updated to version v1.1:

- Fixed the known bugs
- Updated animations and got rid of the custom fightstyle reducing the amount of triggers (thanks to Ceamonks890)
- Rebalanced some of the powers
- Power 3 "Cartwheel Circus" now requires holding the button to continue evading, thus fixing the problem of being stuck in the cartwheel mode if energy reaches 0.

February 03, 2024, 03:14PM #40 Last Edit: February 03, 2024, 03:18PM by BloodyMares
NEW BOOSTER:  :daredevil: Daredevil - MCU Booster (v1.0)

(Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus and ak2yny for providing screenshots)

This booster was originally inspired by a request from Julio Cabral back in 2020 when I just started modding. He is a fan of Marvel's Daredevil series and he wanted to see a booster that would focus on Daredevil's brutal melee combat unlike the base version of the character which showcased his acrobatics and various ranged attacks. And so, at first I made a booster called "The Son of Battlin' Jack" which I finished in 2021.

However, while working on that booster, I knew that I wanted to take it further, and make a separate booster with revamped moveset that would faithfully adapt the dark and grounded version of Daredevil from the Netflix series played spectacularly by Charlie Cox. And after 3 years of rocky development caused by creative blocks, indecisiveness, and lack of experience, as well as personal struggles I was finally able to finish him thanks to the announcement of the Echo series on DisneyPlus (and creative reboot of Daredevil: Born Again) which gave me just enough motivation for the final push. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen is finally ready to unleash his vengeance!

- 6 new skins with matching huds and the new mannequin
- New passives and abilities
- 3 new loading screens
- New powers: "Let the Devil Out", "Rebounding Club", and "Devil's Trick"
- New boost: "See No Devil"
- New Xtreme: "World on Fire"
- Expanded melee combat: Reference Martial Arts ability to see the extent of his new moves
- "Hyper Sense" boost power was removed. Now the time slowdown happens while performing side dodges.
- "Blind Sight" boost power was changed into "Radar Sense" ability that is activated by standing idle for several seconds.
- "Baton Smash" power is now a timing-based Counter.
- "Baton Throw" and "Extensive Strike" were merged into a single power called "Extensive Reach" that activates each move by pressing or holding the button. This power is exclusive to the skins that use the billy club.
- "The Way of Stick" boost that was first introduced in "The Son of Battlin' Jack" booster under the name "Billy Club" enables baton combat and increases melee damage.

LIMIT INFO: 69 FightMoves / 337 Triggers - fully playable in light teams of four with no more than 575 Triggers for the rest of the team (~190 Triggers per character)

- This booster requires at least Official Characters Pack (OCP 2.0) or newer. Make sure to install that before this booster.
- This booster uses custom skins with skin-segments that were made to work specifically with the new powers. If you try to use vanilla or other skins that were not included in the booster, you'll encounter visual bugs related to batons not showing properly during "Rebounding Club" and "Extensive Reach" powers. Similar visual bugs will occur if you try to use the skins from this booster on a vanilla character or another booster. To skinners who wish to release skins compatible with my booster, use existing skins and the herostat as a reference for required segments (Multiparts).

- Standard bugs of vanilla Daredevil related to his billy-club grapple power (Can lock on to a different target while holding the victim in place).
- "Devil's Trick" power sometimes doesn't move toward the target, most noticeable if there's difference in elevation.

BloodyMares - Booster's creation, coding, huds, loading screens, icons, sounds, mannequin
Corvetterules - moveset ideas and advice
epicandragon94 - help with coding for "Let the Devil Out" power, general advice
UltraMegaMagnus - new skin segments and fixes for all skins, new billy club bolton model, Psylocke's animation from MUA2 for Devil's Trick power; help with sounds, animations, and the mannequin
Julio Cabral - Vigilante Suit (Season 1), Advanced Suit (Season 2), Back to Basics (Season 3), and Matt Murdock skins
Amit Amir - MFF 'Devil of Hell's Kitchen' skin conversion
Panaka_69 - skin based on the yellow and red suit from She-Hulk series (based on Julio Cabral's "Season 2" skin)
Maegawa - contribution to the icons and coding advice
Gazillion Entertainment (Marvel Heroes) - inspiration for some power names and visuals

Additionally, unknown artists who created their fan-art for Daredevil which was used for icons and huds
Special thanks to Marvel Mods community for their opinions and advice, in particular ak2yny, Outsider, Ceamonks890, and Generic Unit (Lags).


Just downloaded your Puck mod!  He looks cool and I'm anxious to giving him a go.  :)  Thanks for sharing him.
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