Mortal Kombat - Release Katalog

Started by Outsider, June 30, 2017, 07:41PM

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December 30, 2023, 09:49PM #450 Last Edit: December 30, 2023, 11:18PM by Outsider
Ladies and gentleman, a new kombatant has entered the fray. Frost is now her own mod and ready to whoop some ass. Click on her portrait at the Warrior Select screen (first post) to check her out. A reminder of her bio below:

Having thawed out from being severely frozen, Frost had betrayed her sifu, Sub-Zero, turned herself into a cyborg, and formed the Cyber Lin Kuei. Now Frost aids Shao Kahn in the alternate Earthrealm war, having received orders from Kronika. She also seeks to become more powerful than Sub-Zero's medallion. She eventually met a green-skinned man with a gamma-charged brain, who agrees to aid her. However, a vigilante associated with Earth's moon plans to stop them.

As a result of this, Kitana has been updated, as she longer shares her mod with Frost. Her herostat has changed. And because of that, the MK on MUA Content has also been updated to reflect the change to Kitana. I've also fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze before the character select screen appeared. (PLEASE NOTE: Warriors listed as "Other Kombatants" including Frost have not been added to the MK on MUA Content mod as of yet. I promise I'll get to that now that there's at least four new ones, I just have so much to do at this time.)

Shang Tsung has been updated as well, as the skin he uses to morph into Frost has changed. You don't have to re-install the whole mod though. Frost's skin there is 8260.

Finally, my Scorpion booster has been updated, no longer needing effects from Ghost Rider.

I may decide to go on a bit of a Mortal Kombat run at this time, so I will be bringing a few more kombatants in. Can't tell you how soon they'll come though. Who will they be? Stay tuned. :king: (evil laugh)

Everyone, the following MK warriors have been updated:

Liu Kang: Added new skin and HUD, and some newer animations. Herostat has changed.
Johnny Cage: Added newer animations, including fixed Ball Buster.
Raiden: Added some newer animations, and replaced "Staff Kombat" with new boost "Divine Wisdom." Herostat has changed.
Scorpion: Added new Spear animation and fixed sound of Hellfire Breath from going too long.
Kitana: Added some newer animations.
Jax: Added new skins and HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Baraka: Added new skins & HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Sindel: Added new skins and HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Nightwolf: Added new skins and HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Jade: Added new skin and HUD. Herostat has changed.
Quan Chi: Added new skins and HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Fujin: Added new skin and HUD. Herostat has changed.

In addition, because of all the herostat changes, the MK on MUA Content mod has been updated accordingly. It will still take some time before I can add the "Other Kombatants" to it. My apologies for the long wait, as I've been super busy. (I know, I know, I say that all of the time... but sadly it's true.)