High Quality PSP-Only Heroes' Audio

Started by Enigma, April 23, 2022, 02:04PM

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High Quality PSP-Only Heroes' Audio


For the 4 PSP-Exclusive XML2 characters, Cable, Cannonball, Dark Phoenix, and X-Man, their voiced lines are in the PC version but their grunts and power sounds aren't. That audio is only in the PSP version and is much lower quality and very muffled.
Recently, I discovered that those 4 characters grunts and power sounds are on the XML2 PC UK DVD but only installs if you choose to install the Spanish language audio. But XML2 uses the English voice actors' grunts for all languages and the power sounds are the same across all languages as well.
So here are those files as a modding resource.
I've put them in the Modding Tools section because these aren't really intended to be used as-is for mods but instead for people modding those characters.

I had forgotten to include this before, but the grunts are reused from other characters not voiced by the actors that voiced these characters.
So, here are the credits if you're interested in finding grunts from these actors' other work (and also because they aren't credited by default in any version of XML2).

Dee Bradley Baker as Cannonball
Leigh Allen Baker as Dark Phoenix
Quinton Flynn as X-Man
Peter Lurie as Cable