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Author Topic: Enigma's Cannonball Mod  (Read 438 times)

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Enigma's Cannonball Mod
« on: May 05, 2022, 11:07am »
:cball:Enigma's Cannonball Mod v1.1 :cball:


This is my Cannonball mod. It's a new and updated version of nodoubt_jr's Cannonball mod and contains the following improvements over the original:

Sound Changes:
*Now includes his own unused official voices by Dee Bradley Baker from the PC version of XML2.
-I edited part of a bored line into a new respaffirm, and reused 1 of his Can't Talk lines (which aren't used) as a respaffirm so that he wouldn't have only 3.
-I used 1 of his Can't Talk lines as a Taunt line, so that we wouldn't only have 3 Taunt lines.
-I had one of his No Work lines also be used for a 3rd No Power line, as it fit fight in and No Work lines aren't used very much.
-I had one of his CMD Attack Target lines also be used for a 4th No Health line, as it fit fight in and CMD Attack Target lines aren't used very much.
-I had 3 of his Menu Breaks also be used as respaffirms, 2 also be used as a I See You lines, 1 also be used as a Level Up line, as didn't have too many voice lines and needed some more, and they fit perfectly.
*Previously his grunts and power sounds were thought to only be in the PSP version in poor quality and they also sounded very muffled. But I recently discovered his grunts and power sounds are on the XML2 UK DVD, but only install if you pick the Spanish language option (all languages use English grunts).
-Because of this, his PSP power sounds can now be used. I used all of them but one, which didn't fit in anywhere.
-I also used power sounds from PlanetSide 2 and 1 from Magneto's Marvel Heroes sounds (that I didn't use for my Polaris mod), as Cannonball didn't have enough PSP power sounds weren't enough to cover everything and I needed more.
-For his grunts, his PSP ones are actually just Sunfire's, so I used grunts by the same actor as Mister Fantastic in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1, as the voice he's doing for those grunts sounds very close to his Cannonball voice.
*His flying takeoff and landing sounds are now unique and fit him much better than the generic XML2 ones he used in both the original mod and the original PSP version (and which every other flying character uses too). They actually sound like a rocket taking off and landing now. The sounds are from PlanetSide 2.
-His flying charge also uses this sound, instead of the generic XML2 whoosh sound, as it's a very similar type of action.
-He now uses his flying land sound for when he lands at the end of a flying charge.
*Fixed various coding issues with how his power sounds work.

Power Changes:
*Now his legs are hidden when he's flying and during all powers where he flies, just like in the PSP version.
*Rewrote power descriptions to fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, as well as to better describe what his powers actually do.
*Rewrote on-screen combo text.
*Renamed the following powers: Rocket Attack > Rocket Launch, Hand Blast > Bio-Kinetic Blast, Multi Hand Blast > Bio-Kinetic Burst, Field Overload > Blast Field Overload, Shock Waves > Shockwaves, Blast Field Shield > Blast Field Resistance, Field Deflection > Blast Field Deflection,
*I merged Personal Shield and Party Shield together into a new boost called Blast Field. Both boosts were very similar, except that Personal Shield only gave Cannonball the shield and absorbed a set amount of Physical Damage and Party Shield gave the shield to everyone and abosrbed all Physical damage within a certain amount of time. Now, the new boost starts out only being for him and levels up to be for the whole party. It uses the effects from Party Shield and works on a time limit like Party Shield did. And unlike Party Shield, the amount of time the boost lasts has now been properly balanced (at max level, it last up to 40, unlike the 11 seconds Party Shield did.) I also slowed this power's animation down a tiny bit so that it would sync up with Party Shield's PSP power sound, which I used for it.
*Added a new boost called Angular Momentum, which increases his defense, and movement speed. This gives him a much needed speed boost.
*Bio-Kinetic Blast didn't function how it was described. It's not just a standard hand blast power. It pierces enemies and does splash damage to nearby enemies and objects. I have rewritten the description to explain this. I've also reduced the reduced how far the power's splash damage can go, so that it's more obvious and easier to understand in-game how this power works once you start using it.
*Added coding to Blast Field Overload so that it'll damage the environment, as this power looks like it should be doing that already.
*Fixed his resistances not working correctly/not being coded properly and replaced Mental DMG resistance in Blast Field Resistance with Physical DMG resistance.
*Propulsive Uppercut now uses the popup animation from the fightstyle Cannonball uses, as the animation nodoubt_jr had it using was very awkward, which made the power very awkward to use and also just didn't feel right.
*His Shock Waves Xtreme said it did Fire Damage but it actually did Energy Damage. Now it really does do Fire Damage.
*Explosive Blows now does Fire Damage instead of Energy Damage, as all his other attacks do Fire Damage and this felt out of place.
*Bio-Kinetic Burst didn't have a damage type, so now it does Fire Damage like his other powers do.
*Disruptive Thrust is now listed as a radial. It now also does environmental damage like his other radials do.
*He now has a unique knockback.
*He now starts with a point in Flight.
*Fixed issues with his powers having weirdly sped up animations that made his powers feel awkward to use.

Visual Changes:
*He has new skins, conversation huds, 3D heads, and icons by BaconWizard17.
*He now uses his original PSP effects. nodoubt_jr changed them to hide Cannonball's legs, because the only skins he had back then didn't have leg segments that could be hidden. That's no longer necessary thanks to BaconWizard17's great new skins.
*All the white effects in his custom effect for Blast Field Overload have been recolored the same orange color as the rest of the effect.
*His Charge Xtreme no longer uses ones of Sunfire's effects that doesn't fit it. Instead, it now uses an effect that was leftover and unused after I combined Personal Shield and Party Shield.
*I've created new effects for his new power, Angular Momentum, and his new unique knockback.
*Removed camera shaking from all effects that had it.
*Removed the cloud of dust from Disruptive Thrust, as I felt it was out of place.
*His flying effect now shows up properly when he's doing his flying charge.
*I AI Upscaled his unused XML2 PC loading screen.
*I remade his character select portrait using the afforementioned AI Upscaled loading screen.
*His icons now show up in higher resolution and quality in the character select menu. I have altered his talent file and packages files to achieve this.
*I made a few new icons so that every power and passive could have a unique one. I also changed which icons are for which powers.
*I altered his packages so that he can have unique 3D heads and conversation huds for each skin.

Misc Changes:
*Changed his autospend in his herostat to bruiser, to match what it is in the PSP version.
*I have includes packages for 9 skins. He only has 7 in this mod, but the option is now available to you.
*Changed his packages to allow for unique conversation huds and 3D heads for every skin.
*Removed all unused files.

*PSP Icons:
-Uses Boreman's version of his icons, which are in his MUA1 Cannonball mod and the MUA1 Official Characters Pack. They are the official PSP icons but with slight color changes. He also made a few new icons that look as official as the originals, which is why I used his versions.
-I also made 4 new icons (though I only ended up needing to use 3 of them.)
*Bonus Loading Screens: 1 by Shafcrawler (AI Upscaled) and 2 by Peter Nguyen (only 1 of them needed AI Upscaling)

-Corrected icon order
-Switched flying charge sound to be the same as his flying takeoff sound instead of the generic XML2 whoosh sound.
-He now uses his flying land sound for when he lands at the end of a flying charge.
-He now starts with a point in Flight.

*nodoubt_jr: original Cannonball mod
*BaconWizard17: skins, huds, 3D heads, icons, feedback
*Boreman: PSP Icons
*Maegawa: troubleshooting
*hemlot: feedback
*LarsKusanagi: letting me know his PSP grunts are just Sunfire's.
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Re: Enigma's Cannonball Mod
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2022, 11:07am »
Here's his list of powers:

Rocket Launch - Cannonball launches forward towards the targeted enemy, damaging and stunning them.
Bio-Kinetic Blast - Unleashes a two-handled Bio-Kinetic blast that pierces through enemies and causes splash damage.
Bio-Kinetic Burst - A flurry of Bio-Kinetic punches that damage and stun enemies.
Propulsive Uppercut - A slow but powerful Bio-Kinetic uppercut that sends enemies flying.
Blast Field Overload - Cannonball charges up his Blast Field and expands it outwards, causing $DMG_FIRE to all enemies it touches.
Disruptive Thrust - Cannonball launches upwards, releasing a radial blast of Thermochemical Energy that damages and stuns nearby enemies.

Blast Field - Cannonball uses his Blast Field to make himself immune to $DMG_PHYSICAL for a time. Can level up to include all party members.
Explosive Blows - Cannonball charges his body with Thermochemical Energy and does more and more $DMG_FIRE with each attack.
Angular Momentum - Cannonball uses Thermochemical Energy to boost his Defense and Movement Speed.

Shockwaves - Cannonball launches into the air and slams into the ground, damaging and knocking down nearby enemies.
Charge - Cannonball extends his Bio-Kinetic Field to cover all party members, making everyone invulnerable for a time and increasing their max $EP.


Thermochemical Energy Mastery - Increases damage and chance for criticals with powers that do $DMG_FIRE.
Blast Field Resistance - Increases Cannonball's resistances to Elemental, Physical, Energy, and Radiation Damage.
Blast Field Deflection - Cannonball uses his Blast Field to deflect a percentage of Missile attacks.

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Re: Enigma's Cannonball Mod
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2022, 11:46am »
Made a minor update to v1.1.
Check Changelog for details.