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Author Topic: Reducers!  (Read 419 times)

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« on: June 19, 2022, 08:43am »
This mod is intended to be applied on characters straight from the OCP 2.4. Thus meaning that if you installed a booster on one of these characters, this mod might not work then.
I once asked what team bricks the game at all times, and Outsider said "Venom, Ronin, Deadpool and Nightcrawler." He was right, and therefore I am proud to announce that those 4 work perfectly.

Have you ever come across a game limit issue? Have you ever made a team composition and it ends up bricking the game? Well, with this mod, all those problems disappear like mist (results may vary) Alright, all jokes aside, let's get to the mod, I present to you, REDUCERS!

This mod covers :

:panther: Black Panther - Removed Panther Claw

:blackwidow: Black Widow - Removed Knife Bomb and Weeping Widow

:blade: Blade - Removed Glaive Strike

:capamer: Captain America - Removed Energy Shield

:genis: Captain Marvel - Removed Nebula Beam

:colossus: Colossus - Removed Pulverizing Punch

:cyclops: Cyclops - Removed Optic Beam

:daredevil: Daredevil - Removed Baton Throw and Charge

:deadpool: Deadpool - Removed Assassin Strike and Teleport Flurry

:doom: Doctor Doom - Removed Doom Blast

:strange: Doctor Strange - Removed Eldritch Aura and Mind Wipe

:elektra: Elektra - Removed Nerve Strike and Death's Touch

:ghostr: Ghost Rider - Removed Ravaging Flame

:hawkeye: Hawkeye -  Removed Multishot

:hulk_icon: Hulk - Removed Cyclone Punch

:humant: Human Torch - Removed Fire Storm

:iceman: Iceman - Removed Freeze Beam and Polar Explosion

:iwoman: Invisible Woman - Removed Kinetic Surge

:stark: Iron Man - Removed Plasma Disc and Rocket Uppercut

:pman: Luke Cage - Removed Jab

:magneto: Magneto - Removed Magnetic Pulse

:moonk: Moon Knight - Removed Cable Shot

:fantastic: Mr. Fantastic - Removed Elastic Crush

:warbird: Ms. Marvel - Removed Explosive Touch

:nightcrawler: Nightcrawler - Removed Acrobatic Kick and Bamf Flurry

:ronin: Ronin - Removed Echo Effect and Backlash

:stooth: Sabretooth - Removed Disembowel and Pounce

:silvers: Silver Surfer - Removed Cosmic Beam

:spiderman: Spiderman - Removed Slingshot

:spiderwoman: Spiderwoman - Removed Spider's Bite

:thing: The Thing - Removed Uppercut

:thor: Thor - Removed Mjolnir's Might

:venom: Venom - Removed Tendril Thrust and Symbiote Bite

And rest assured! If you don't want to apply every change, I put each character's files in their own respective folder!

Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/rjw3dlbulxhxixd/Reducers_-_SPOONY.rar/file

I noticed :venom: Venom's flail ability's damage multiplicatively increased, so I removed it so that his damage values are fixed and added :ronin: Ronin's missing Slice and Dice power.
Updated The Reducers Roster to 34, with the exception of :nfury: Nick Fury and :wolverine: Wolverine.

Credits :
Tubular Spaceman + Bacon Wizard17 for the Reducers name
The makers of MUA
Makers of the OCP
You, for downloading  :D

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