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Started by Spoony, June 16, 2022, 03:42PM

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June 16, 2022, 03:42PM Last Edit: July 17, 2022, 02:42AM by Spoony
To start off with my first mod, I introduce to you: An updated, English and Harder Enemy Update to MUA!

DISCLAIMER: Because this modifies the enemies on the map, you hereby agree that you are aware of the initial risk that this mod might pose to not work with every modified version of the game, and that I am not responsible for any damages caused.

It is vital to have the OCP 2.4 installed before installing this mod.

This mod features :
Double the enemy minions (no increase number of leaders or stronger enemies e.g Super Soldiers)
An NPCstat that pairs well with this, also my work. (Increased Enemy's Health and Attack Rating)
Everything is updated to work with the OCP 2.4.

Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/occr02odcjmcth4/Update_to_MUA_enemies_-_SPOONY.rar/file  (Atlantis Hotfix is now implemented)      06/07/2022    (dd/mm/yyyy)
Atlantis Hotfix Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/4x988123x52m0i2/Atlantis_Hotfix_-_SPOONY.rar/file   06/07/2022    (dd/mm/yyyy)


*Updated NPCSTAT to load in some NPC's correctly, and fixed the 4th part of the heli mission's text on things like doors to the next stage, etc.
*Updated Heli, Bifrost, Niffleheim and Doom missions.
*ADDED Atlantis (excluding Temple Of Negrete, due to it being a problematic stage) and Murderworld! Also Fixed NPCSTAT.
*Updated Atlantis enemy postitions, so that some of them do not stay mid-air. This is an optional update since you can just hit the enemies and they will then start to fall down to the ground.
*Updated NPCstat, finally. Updated Murderworld and The Skrull Empire with an excessive amount of enemies falling through.
*Reduced the times of enemies falling through the map to a minimum.

This now declares my last update, since I completed a full playthrough with satisfying results. It was fun making this mod!

Known Bugs:
On a select few occasions the added enemies might fall through the map and die.
Any other reports will be taken into account.

Lucasfernandesbr, Zero
Remember To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! I Do Not Take Requests.