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:xmen_logo: Welcome To Spoony's Utilities! :xmen_logo:

This Will Be My Main Domain To Find ANY Post I Made! Ever!

Please Note That I Will Not Be Liable For Any Problems Occurring When Using My Mods. For Anyone Wanting To Use My Work To Make Their Own To Post It, Should ALWAYS Be Under My Permission.

Here Are My Posts! Sorted From Newest Updates To Oldest.

Reducers For MUA's Default Characters!
ORIGINAL LINKS : https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,11243.0.html & https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,11236.0.html
Last Edit : 2022/07/28 (yyyy/mm/dd)

Tutorial On How To Make ANY MUA1 Character Throwable!
ORIGINAL LINK : https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,11247.0.html
Last Edit : 2022/07/23 (yyyy/mm/dd)

Double MUA Enemies + Harder NPCSTAT
ORIGINAL LINKS : https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,11235.0.html & https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,11244.0.html
Last Edit : 2022/07/17 (yyyy/mm/dd)
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July 24, 2022, 03:20AM #1 Last Edit: July 24, 2022, 03:26AM by Spoony
This will be a tutorial regarding how to make any character in MUA throwable. As in, being thrown by allies like :pman: Luke Cage and :thing: The Thing!
I will try my best to guide you through this process!

You need XMLBCUI or Quick Batch, to break down ENGB files into text based XML files. You can get it and more here at Tony Stark's Resource Backup Database: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8626.0.html
Your Character's Herostat and Powerstyle file.
Your Character's talent file at hand, to take reference off of.
And this download file for future reference and example's : https://www.mediafire.com/file/w4yhcxhoz1pk51e/ThrowCode.rar/file
Alright, so you have everything at hand, and you're ready to go!

*What you need to do is to launch XMLBCUI or Quick Batch (I will be using XMLBCUI's process) and decompile your Herostat.engb file, found in your game's data folder.
*Then you'd want to add canbeallythrown = true ; under your selected character's herostat. Preferably under the character's body stat.
*Then you are done with the Herostat!
*Save your herostat.xml file and compile it to herostat.engb.

If you want to make characters be able to throw allies, just add canthrowally = true ; in their herostat, same principle.

*Launch XMLBCUI or Quickbatch, and decompile your character's powerstyle file (Found in your game's directory > data > powerstyles) aswell as your character's talent file, located in the talents folder.
*It will look something like this : ps_charactername.engb and charactername.engb
*Then, open the XML file you created to edit their powerstyle file.
*Paste the text file's code in right above the first instance of fightmove {. With an open space between the last piece of code and the Fightmove code found In ThrowCode.txt

*You would see that there is a trigger for damage = %charactername_pX_dmg ;
*This is where you would take your character's name from the talent file's name reference and replace charactername with that name. For example Deadpool, his name would then be %deadp_pX_dmg ;
*Replace pX with any of the character's powers that uses his/her weapons, like deadp_p4_dmg ;

So you have everything done, for now...

Additional Skinsegments and Boltons:
*This is if your character uses skinsegments, like weapons. Deadpool uses katanas, Cap uses a shield, etc.

*Find the name of Skinsegment codes, usually at the top of the powerstyle file, and Copy that name = show_something ;
Example found in Skinsegments.txt.

(Note that it might not always be show_something, it might also be something_to_hand and so on. Inspect what the event states to confirm you have the code to show the skinsegment, the same goes for the hide_something.)

*Locate the Fastball Fightmove and add a trigger { under the fightmove, under that trigger add the skinsegment's name = show_something ; and add a time = 0 ; under the name. Then close the trigger by adding a } under the time.

(If the character uses L and R hand skinsegments, just paste the trigger you just added again but replace the L/R with the opposite hand.)

*Locate the hide codes for skinsegments and copy the name = hide_something ; of it.
*Go to the fastballland and fastballhit fightmoves.
*Add a trigger { under those fightmoves, under that trigger add the skinsegment's name = hide_something and add a time = 0 ; under the name. Then close the trigger by adding a } under the time.

An Example of how this would look can be located in Throwables.txt

There you go! Now just compile your character's powerstyle file to .engb and enjoy your new throwable character!

My Own Modifications I Made To Various Characters Can Found In Throwables.txt For Ease Of Access Or Reference

Ninja Kyden - Discovery of Canbeallythrown within the Herostat.
You, for taking a liking towards my work :D
Remember To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! I Do Not Take Requests.

July 24, 2022, 03:21AM #2 Last Edit: July 28, 2022, 05:05AM by Spoony
This mod is intended to be applied on characters straight from the OCP 2.4. Thus meaning that if you installed a booster on one of these characters, this mod might not work then.
I once asked what team bricks the game at all times, and Outsider said "Venom, Ronin, Deadpool and Nightcrawler." He was right, and therefore I am proud to announce that those 4 work perfectly.

Have you ever come across a game limit issue? Have you ever made a team composition and it ends up bricking the game? Well, with this mod, all those problems disappear like mist (results may vary) Alright, all jokes aside, let's get to the mod, I present to you, REDUCERS!

This mod covers :

:panther: Black Panther - Removed Panther Claw

:blackwidow: Black Widow - Removed Knife Bomb and Weeping Widow

:blade: Blade - Removed Glaive Strike

:capamer: Captain America - Removed Energy Shield

:genis: Captain Marvel - Removed Nebula Beam

:colossus: Colossus - Removed Pulverizing Punch

:cyclops: Cyclops - Removed Optic Beam

:daredevil: Daredevil - Removed Baton Throw and Charge

:deadpool: Deadpool - Removed Assassin Strike and Teleport Flurry

:doom: Doctor Doom - Removed Doom Blast

:strange: Doctor Strange - Removed Eldritch Aura and Mind Wipe

:elektra: Elektra - Removed Nerve Strike and Death's Touch

:ghostr: Ghost Rider - Removed Ravaging Flame

:hawkeye: Hawkeye -  Removed Multishot

:hulk_icon: Hulk - Removed Cyclone Punch

:humant: Human Torch - Removed Fire Storm

:iceman: Iceman - Removed Freeze Beam and Polar Explosion

:iwoman: Invisible Woman - Removed Kinetic Surge

:stark: Iron Man - Removed Plasma Disc and Rocket Uppercut

:pman: Luke Cage - Removed Jab

:magneto: Magneto - Removed Magnetic Pulse

:moonk: Moon Knight - Removed Cable Shot

:fantastic: Mr. Fantastic - Removed Elastic Crush

:warbird: Ms. Marvel - Removed Explosive Touch

:nfury: Nick Fury - Fixed And Removed Redundant Code

:nightcrawler: Nightcrawler - Removed Acrobatic Kick and Bamf Flurry

:ronin: Ronin - Removed Echo Effect and Backlash

:stooth: Sabretooth - Removed Disembowel and Pounce

:silvers: Silver Surfer - Removed Cosmic Beam

:spiderman: Spiderman - Removed Slingshot

:spiderwoman: Spiderwoman - Removed Spider's Bite

:thing: The Thing - Removed Uppercut

:thor: Thor - Removed Mjolnir's Might

:venom: Venom - Removed Tendril Thrust and Symbiote Bite

:wolverine: Wolverine - Removed Redundant Code

And rest assured! If you don't want to apply every change, I put each character's files in their own respective folder!

Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/x6ulv7q6lez8pbg/Reducers_-_SPOONY.rar/file


You can find the updated versions within the characters' folder, and any optional updates are within said character's folder.

*I noticed :venom: Venom's flail ability's damage increased multiplicatively, so I removed it so that his damage values are fixed and added :ronin: Ronin's missing Slice and Dice power.
*Updated The Reducers Roster to 34, with the exception of :nfury: Nick Fury and :wolverine: Wolverine.
*Major Update to :nightcrawler: Nightcrawler, reduced him even further! Here is a file to get his updated powerstyle! (I reduced his redundant code)
*Update to :venom: Venom, cutting his redundant coding out further.
*Update to :nightcrawler: Nightcrawler, reducing more redundant code and changing his Bamfing Blitz power. This power is loopable, and teleports around his enemy, kicking and punching them repeatedly.
*Updated the Reducers roster to the full 36 characters! Fixed :nfury: Nick Fury & removed his redundant code, as well as :wolverine: Wolverine!

Preview of :nightcrawler: Nightcrawler's Updated Bamfing Blitz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG1A6t5nH_A&ab_channel=Zamir

Credits :
Tubular Spaceman + Bacon Wizard17 for the Reducers name
The makers of MUA
Makers of the OCP
You, for downloading  :D
Remember To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! I Do Not Take Requests.

To start off with my first mod, I introduce to you: An updated, English and Harder Enemy Update to MUA!

DISCLAIMER: Because this modifies the enemies on the map, you hereby agree that you are aware of the initial risk that this mod might pose to not work with every modified version of the game, and that I am not responsible for any damages caused.

It is vital to have the OCP 2.4 installed before installing this mod.

This mod features :
Double the enemy minions (no increase number of leaders or stronger enemies e.g Super Soldiers)
An NPCstat that pairs well with this, also my work. (Increased Enemy's Health and Attack Rating)
Everything is updated to work with the OCP 2.4.

Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/occr02odcjmcth4/Update_to_MUA_enemies_-_SPOONY.rar/file  (Atlantis Hotfix is now implemented)      06/07/2022    (dd/mm/yyyy)
Atlantis Hotfix Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/4x988123x52m0i2/Atlantis_Hotfix_-_SPOONY.rar/file   06/07/2022    (dd/mm/yyyy)


*Updated NPCSTAT to load in some NPC's correctly, and fixed the 4th part of the heli mission's text on things like doors to the next stage, etc.
*Updated Heli, Bifrost, Niffleheim and Doom missions.
*ADDED Atlantis (excluding Temple Of Negrete, due to it being a problematic stage) and Murderworld! Also Fixed NPCSTAT.
*Updated Atlantis enemy postitions, so that some of them do not stay mid-air. This is an optional update since you can just hit the enemies and they will then start to fall down to the ground.
*Updated NPCstat, finally. Updated Murderworld and The Skrull Empire with an excessive amount of enemies falling through.
*Reduced the times of enemies falling through the map to a minimum.

This now declares my last update, since I completed a full playthrough with satisfying results. It was fun making this mod!

Known Bugs:
On a select few occasions the added enemies might fall through the map and die.
Any other reports will be taken into account.

Lucasfernandesbr, Zero
Remember To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! I Do Not Take Requests.