Make ANY Character Throwable In MUA!

Started by Spoony, July 12, 2022, 03:39AM

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July 12, 2022, 03:39AM Last Edit: July 23, 2022, 10:27AM by Spoony
This will be a tutorial regarding how to make any character in MUA throwable. As in, being thrown by allies like :pman: Luke Cage and :thing: The Thing!
I will try my best to guide you through this process!

You need XMLBCUI or Quick Batch, to break down ENGB files into text based XML files. You can get it and more here at Tony Stark's Resource Backup Database:,8626.0.html
Your Character's Herostat and Powerstyle file.
Your Character's talent file at hand, to take reference off of.
And this download file for future reference and example's :
Alright, so you have everything at hand, and you're ready to go!

*What you need to do is to launch XMLBCUI or Quick Batch (I will be using XMLBCUI's process) and decompile your Herostat.engb file, found in your game's data folder.
*Then you'd want to add canbeallythrown = true ; under your selected character's herostat. Preferably under the character's body stat.
*Then you are done with the Herostat!
*Save your herostat.xml file and compile it to herostat.engb.

If you want to make characters be able to throw allies, just add canthrowally = true ; in their herostat, same principle.

*Launch XMLBCUI or Quickbatch, and decompile your character's powerstyle file (Found in your game's directory > data > powerstyles) aswell as your character's talent file, located in the talents folder.
*It will look something like this : ps_charactername.engb and charactername.engb
*Then, open the XML file you created to edit their powerstyle file.
*Paste the text file's code in right above the first instance of fightmove {. With an open space between the last piece of code and the Fightmove code found In ThrowCode.txt

*You would see that there is a trigger for damage = %charactername_pX_dmg ;
*This is where you would take your character's name from the talent file's name reference and replace charactername with that name. For example Deadpool, his name would then be %deadp_pX_dmg ;
*Replace pX with any of the character's powers that uses his/her weapons, like deadp_p4_dmg ;

So you have everything done, for now...

Additional Skinsegments and Boltons:
*This is if your character uses skinsegments, like weapons. Deadpool uses katanas, Cap uses a shield, etc.

*Find the name of Skinsegment codes, usually at the top of the powerstyle file, and Copy that name = show_something ;
Example found in Skinsegments.txt.

(Note that it might not always be show_something, it might also be something_to_hand and so on. Inspect what the event states to confirm you have the code to show the skinsegment, the same goes for the hide_something.)

*Locate the Fastball Fightmove and add a trigger { under the fightmove, under that trigger add the skinsegment's name = show_something ; and add a time = 0 ; under the name. Then close the trigger by adding a } under the time.

(If the character uses L and R hand skinsegments, just paste the trigger you just added again but replace the L/R with the opposite hand.)

*Locate the hide codes for skinsegments and copy the name = hide_something ; of it.
*Go to the fastballland and fastballhit fightmoves.
*Add a trigger { under those fightmoves, under that trigger add the skinsegment's name = hide_something and add a time = 0 ; under the name. Then close the trigger by adding a } under the time.

An Example of how this would look can be located in Throwables.txt

There you go! Now just compile your character's powerstyle file to .engb and enjoy your new throwable character!

My Own Modifications I Made To Various Characters Can Found In Throwables.txt For Ease Of Access Or Reference

Ninja Kyden - Discovery of Canbeallythrown within the Herostat.
You, for taking a liking towards my work :D
Remember To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due! I Do Not Take Requests.

This is a very fun idea!

Just wanted to add on that if you do use OHS for your herostat editing, you can add the canbeallythrown = true ; line to your character's herostat entry in OHS as well, then run OHS to compile your herostat.