Justice League Cosmic Chaos Audio

Started by Enigma, September 18, 2023, 07:38PM

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Justice League Cosmic Chaos Audio


Please credit me if you use these!

*This is the audio from Justice League Cosmic Chaos.
-Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman's power sounds are with their voices. Everyone else's are in the NPC Power Sounds folder.
-I've also included the save icon.
-I haven't included the environment sound effects or the generic enemy sound effects because there were thousands of them and the filesizes all combined were massive.

*Voice Cast:
   Nolan North       ...    Superman / Clayface / Javier
   Diedrich Bader       ...    Batman / Super Fan Steve / Ethyl
   Vanessa Marshall    ...    Wonder Woman / Blue Snowman / Grace
   Dana Snyder       ...    Mr. Mxyzptlk
   Fred Tatasciore    ...    Starro / Bizarro / George the House
   Tasia Valenza       ...    Poison Ivy / Lois Lane / Momo
   Terrence 'T.C.' Carson    ...    Green Lantern John Stewart
   Cooper Andrews       ...    Aquaman / Robert Dinkins
   Delbert Hunt       ...    Cyborg / Checkmate King (I didn't find any audio for this character but they're listed in the credits)
   Alexander Bedria    ...    Snapper Carr / Booster Gold / Albert Hamhock
   Josh Keaton       ...    The Flash / Skeets / Alex
   Rick Wasserman       ...    Lobo / Ares / Calvin
   Michelle Wong       ...    Bethany Lee / Karen / Radio Anchor
   Alastair Duncan    ...    Alfred Pennyworth / Clinton Scarantino / Old Stan
   Jared Cram       ...    Enemy Voices
   Alex Jordan       ...    NPCs
   Unknown Actors          ...     Abbie, Aiden, Andrew, Announcer, Ariel, August Cloonan, Back Office Guard, Belinda, Benny, Biffton, Billie, Bub, Bus Driver Marge, Cam, Cat, Clerk, Computer, Denise, Diego, Dorothy, Emmy, Einsvein, Fish Monster, Fish Police, Francisco, Franklin, Greer, Harry, Herman, Jarro, Jean, Jerome, Jordan, Lei, Manager, Marie, Maya, Newton, Radio Commercials, Rosalind, Shay, Sarah, Skylar, Taleb, Tony, Radio Workers, Valerie, Wally, Wynn