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Author Topic: X-MEN BOSS LEGENDS  (Read 1569 times)

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« on: September 13, 2022, 03:25pm »
Hello there! This is another spot of mine where I will post the original bosses from XML. Simply but i has to be done. The topic is that they only have four powers and I will bring them back as accurate as possible, like they were in XML.

Pyro :pyro:

Here we got Pyro's boss version that includes:
Power 1 : Flamethrower ! The classic pyro moveset that spreads flame infront of him
Power 2 : The fire bats ! The classic fire bats that he summons during the battle. But this one increases the number of bats as he levels up.
Power 3 : Fireshield ! Pyro during your combat in XML, he uses a shield to protect himself by upgrading his resistances. So he will do in  XML2.
Power 4 : Column of Fire ! Well, that cloud of fire that knocks you back. In my opinion it's effects are far better than sunfire's geyser.

- Mutant Mastery
- Scorch
- Elemental Combat
- Boss resistances

He only plays sounds from X-men Legends, meaning that his taunts, victories and ability sounds are from XML original Pyro

A link to see how he works:


The torched file:

Mystique :mystique:

There's Mystique from XML boss style. Includes:
Power 1 : Dual Shooting. Mystique relies on her innate prestidigitation with pistols and shoots in line infront her.
Power 2 : Bullet Storm. In this case she uses the pistols in a wide open zone to hit multiple enemies at the same time.
Power 3 : Confusion Transformation. Just like in XML to wolverine. she will do the same to every enemy in XML by transforming herself into target foe. Also gets a damage boost.
Power 4 : Grenade Toss. As a xtreme move but without the slow motion, she throws a grenade to disperse her enemies.

Boss resistances (doesn't have an icon. It is represented in black)
Physical resistant (doesn't have an icon. It is represented in black) - *That's the passive she got in XML.*

The sound were modified so she only have her taunts and victories from XML. Like the unused sound files and ability sounds. The transformation skill was moded so it steals the form of target foe and at the same time she doesn't lose her skills passives and boosts.

A little gameplay to see how she looks:

The mystic archive:

Avalanche :avalanche:

Here we've got Avalanche boss style from XML1:
There's Mystique from XML boss style. Includes:
Power 1 : Rock Spike. Avalanche releases a spike that follows his enemy until it meets a hit.
Power 2 : Ground Smash. By jumping and smashing the ground with his hands, he knock backs his enemies bringing the down.
Power 3 : Earth Prison. A rock cage emerge from the ground to trap Avalanche's enemies.
Power 4 : Quake. As a xtreme that shakes the ground dealing massive damage and slowing them down.

Boss resistances (doesn't have an icon. It is represented in black)
Physical resistant (doesn't have an icon. It is represented in black) - *That's the passive he got in XML.*

He has the sound converted from XML1 with unused quotes that I think you'll find cool to hear. His fightstyle is exactly the same as the XML1 boss fight, but if you don't like it, then you'll have to eliminate the code from the powerstyle. If coding is not your strong, don't worry and contact me on discord, I'm always glad to help.

A closer look to Avalanche in a video:
Careful, a tectonic file is in sight:

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