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Author Topic: GreekGodGaming's XML1 Sabretooth and Havok mod  (Read 85 times)

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GreekGodGaming's XML1 Sabretooth and Havok mod
« on: September 21, 2022, 04:20pm »
Hello There ! It's Ryujjin Jaka here and today I'm representing GreekGodGaming in his special release. GreekGodGaming is presenting today a mod where Havok and Sabretooth are available to be played at XML. With that said, we will bring you the content:

Here are some of the preview results:

Here'es the link :https://www.mediafire.com/file/xh7sl2z9vehcsty/XML1_Sabretooth_and_Havok_Mod.zip/file

And of course GreekGodGaming wanted to give credit to Generic Lags for his help and support on modding.
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