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Welcome everyone! This is the thread I will use to post any character mods I make for Marvel Ultimate Alliance, one of my favorite games of all time. How many will I end up making? Who knows, but I hope you all enjoy them. Let the battle against the Masters of Evil begin anew!

Do not sell these mods for money and don't pass them off as your own. Grave consequences will come to you if you try to pull these stunts, got it?

Before making a booster of any of my mods, please ask for my full permission as long as I am still active in the community, whether it be the forums or on Discord. If/when I'm inactive in the community for a long time, however, then you can do whatever you want with them. Alternatively, you can send me any files you've made/modified for my mods, and I'll consider adding them in an update.

Take the regular precautions when installing mods. Don't come crying to me if your game completely breaks apart due to improper installation.

October 25, 2022, 11:51PM #1 Last Edit: February 06, 2023, 11:12AM by Cyborg Sun

Meet my very first character mod, Kung Fu Man! Who is this guy? Well, in spite of the generic sounding name, he's actually rather iconic, as he is the starter character who is bundled with every download of M.U.G.E.N, a popular customizable fighting game engine.

Hailing from another universe, there existed a simple martial artist whose real name was known to no one; he was only referred to as "Kung Fu Man", named after his perfected Kung Fu style. This simple man led a simple life, with a loving girlfriend at his side.

But all of that would change, as one fateful day, while on a walk with his girlfriend, his archenemy known as "Suave Dude" and his minions would ambush them, kidnapping Kung Fu Man's girlfriend.

Traveling to Suave Dude's secret abandoned mountainside temple hideout, Kung Fu Man found himself facing a near-identical copy of himself. While he emerged from the fight victorious in the end, Kung Fu Man sadly found himself in a strange paradox: Suave Dude's character was never created, thus he never truly... existed? Unable to get his girlfriend back, Kung Fu Man then cried in the corner for what seemed like hours...

But then, during his sob session, he noticed a glowing portal had opened right behind him. Kung Fu Man had a feeling that this portal was where Suave Dude may have fled. Clenching his fist, he ran into the portal, not caring what he had to face next. What he couldn't have realized was that he involved himself in the biggest interdimensional fight in the omniverse.

What started as a simple quest to save his girlfriend became a mad dash through several universes. Over the course of many years, possibly even decades or centuries, Kung Fu Man would fight against and alongside a large variety of characters, taking part in a whole variety of wacky adventures and fighting tournaments. There were too many warriors to describe; some were fellow martial artists, others were superheroes, many were other variants of himself, and that's not to meantion the countless characters you wouldn't expect to be fighters... you can name any character, and chances are, Kung Fu Man has met, beaten, and been beaten by several variants of them.

But no matter how tough the fights got, Kung Fu Man never forgot his original quest. He knew that one day, he would find Suave Dude and finally save his girlfriend. And in that quest, he's made several allies (which has proven most beneficial to him, as he could rely on those with healing powers to revive him if he was ever seriously injured, or even straight-up killed), not the least of which were the heroes of Earth-7150, a seemingly perfect variant of the main 616 Marvel universe.

During a routine training session with some of his interdimensional partners, Kung Fu Man would be visited by the Exiles, who warned him of a dire threat that could threaten a large chunk of the multiverse. While he was of course willing to help, he was also surprised to hear that a large number of other beings from across the omniverse were also being summoned to this one Earth in particular, figuring this strike team would've been more spread out across the multiverse for a threat like this. Nonetheless, with such an impressive cast assembling... could Suave Dude be among them?

Assuming his signature battle stance, Kung Fu Man traveled back to this Earth without a second thought, not only hoping to fight new strong opponents, but also to finally find answers concerning the location of his long-lost girlfriend and reunite with her once and for all...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme.
-Abilities of might and leadership.
-4 hex-edited skins, HUDs, 1 loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using sound effects from the base M.U.G.E.N engine (including the announcer voice and the few voice lines KFM himself has).
-Uses assigned number #122, and skin numbers 13-16 (Clashes with Mach-V and Conan the Barbarian in mannequin and loadscreens only).

1. Kung Fu Palm: A basic palm strike technique that Kung Fu Man has perfected. Believe it or not, it's not for novices.
2. Kung Fu Upper: Kung Fu Man performs a basic uppercut, sending enemies flying upwards.
3. Kung Fu Zankou: Kung Fu Man performs a shoulder attack which knocks down enemies. (Chargeable)
4. Kung Fu Knee: Kung Fu Man adapts his rising knee attack into a grounded strike which stuns enemies.
5. Kung Fu Blow: Kung Fu Man adapts his Kung Fu Blow technique into a 360 spin, useful for knocking down groups of enemies who swarm him.
6. (Boost) Kung Fu Intuition: Having already fought hundreds of versions of these enemies, Kung Fu Man is able to easily predict their movements, slowing down time for him and his allies.
7. (Boost) Kung Fu Cheapie: For some unexplainable reason, Kung Fun Man is able to draw power from one of his more overpowered alternate universe selves, increasing attack speed and damage.
8. (Xtreme) Kung Fu Debugging: Kung Fu Man calls upon the M.U.G.E.N engine's debug keys to power himself up and perform a massive slam.

-Proper skins for his other 3 costumes (Akuma retexture for Kung Fu Fan, Classic retexture for Evil Kung Fu Man, fanmade model for Kung Fu Girl). Placeholders are being used for now.

Cyborg Sun - Mod creation.
UltraMegaMagnus + Tubular Spaceman - Classic skin conversion + mannequin creation.
SpiderPyro - Original creator of the custom Kung Fu Man model.
Outsider - For his tutorial, which has been an invaluable guide to help me create my very first mod. Plus, his Akuma mod from which I took the placeholder skins.
Ceamonks890 - For encouraging me to take on the mod, even with a lack of a proper skin at the time (while also giving me the idea to use placeholders for other mods I want to eventually make).
aky2ny - For assistance with sound files when I briefly struggled with them.
The M.U.G.E.N community - Inspiration for the alternate skins + inspiration for "Kung Fu Cheapie".
The rest of the Marvel Mods community - For being an endless source of fun for one of my all-time favorite games. I hope you all enjoy my first modding endeavor!


i never though I'll see Kung Fu Man himself in something like MUA, very creative idea!

January 14, 2023, 04:41PM #3 Last Edit: February 02, 2024, 12:23PM by Cyborg Sun

Hailing from another universe (more specifically, one that is an amalgam of many otherwise disconnected games from the series), Frankie von Weinerhund was the mascot of the PC edutainment series JumpStart's 1st Grade products, and later the entire series in general.

A big dreamer who's full of energy, with a love of digging holes and a knack for trying new things, Frankie was at one time a prolific circus performer, being one of the best jugglers in the business. After leaving the circus life (only returning one last time to stop a mischief-making magician named Mel), his hole-digging would for a short time be his undoing in his very own backyard, as the Queen Bee punished him for ruining her kingdom, shrinking him to their size.

After making amends by befriending the bug inhabitants of the backyard, the Queen would reward Frankie by allowing him to return to full size, as well as enchanting his collar, granting him the ability to shrink and grow at will so that he may visit his new friends anytime he wished, something he would come to do quite often.

As he matured, he eventually worked as a volunteer for JumpStartville's local schools, mainly helping First Graders tackle academic subjects by way of fun activities found all throughout the school buildings (even implementing a full-on treasure hunt at one point). He made even more friends through this work, not the least of which were many of the other JumpStart mascots, like CJ & Edison, an adventurous frog & firefly duo; Hopsalot Jr., a young bunny with a knack for invention (who's father also happened to be a famous Kindergarten teacher); And the Preschool Gang, a group of four friends with optimism and talent to match the best of them.

Rising to even greater notoriety throughout JumpStartville thanks to his work in various special programs and jobs over the years (going as far as traveling the world at one point), Frankie would soon become the top commander of the JumpStart Intelligence Agency, focusing on stopping even greater mischief caused by greater villains, such as the evil snail known as Dr. Listick.

One day, the J.I.A. detected several spatial anomalies occurring within JumpStartville, with reports of attacks from robots following soon after their discovery. Frankie had sent several of his agents (many of which were the friends he made over the course of his life) to investigate, but they weren't heard from in quite some time. Feeling his friends had to be in more serious danger than they had anticipated, he took it upon himself to help them in any way he could.

Putting on his special collar from the Queen Bee in case he needed to use its power, he traveled to one of these dimensional rifts, unaware of the long battle that awaited him...

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses two music tracks from JumpStart 1st Grade (Both the original 1995 version and the 1999 version). I do not claim ownership of them.

-4 powers, 3 boosts and an Xtreme.
-Leadership ability.
-4 hex-edited skins, HUDs, 3 loading screens, icons and sound/voice file using archived audio of Dee Bradley Baker's performance as Frankie from JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade.
-Uses assigned number #220, and skin numbers 11-14 (Clashes with Sandman and Ghost in mannequin and loadscreens only).
-Uses internal name "FrankJS" to avoid potential future conflicts with other characters named "Frankie" (Such as Marvel's Frankie Raye).

1. Cowdog's Bone: Inspired by a particularly fun dream he had, Frankie throws a set of crescent-shaped dog bones, as if he were a bone-slinging Cowdog.
2. Champion's Kick: Being the champion of the JumpStartville Scooter Tournament, Frankie's a wiz when it comes to leg work, able to perform a powerful kick that sends enemies flying. (Chargeable)
3. Strong Dog: Using his experience from his circus days, Frankie grabs an enemy and swings them around before throwing them a great distance. Hold the button down to keep swinging them around!
4. Milk Cap Barrage: Thanks to technology from the J.I.A., Frankie was able to repurpose old milk caps from his first school volunteer job to create small but effective explosives.
5. (Boost) Interpersonal Encouragement: Representing the Interpersonal learning style, Frankie encourages his teammates to fight on, increasing skill ranks for the entire team.
6. (Boost) Queen Bee's Magic: Using the special collar gifted to him by the Queen Bee, Frankie temporarily shrinks down, gaining movement speed, higher strength, and chances to dodge.
7. (Debuff) Adaptive Learning Technology: It looks like those nearby enemies are doing a really good job, so the Skill Level of the game is set to a higher value for them. This will lower their defense, but also cause them to target Frankie.
8. (Xtreme) Boneanza: An ultra powerful variant of Cowdog's Bone, Frankie unleashes a massive barrage of bones!

-Proper skins for his Classic & Original costumes.

Cyborg Sun - Mod creation, voice ripping.
ProfEscanor - World skin conversion & custom edit for the Advanced costume.
Outsider - Hank Pym coding referenced for "Queen Bee's Magic".
The JumpStart fandom - For being a great source of fun, friendship, and nostalgia, with one of the best "fan Wikis about obscure franchises" around. This one's for you guys!!!


Very interesting choices for characters!

I thought I had previously commented about Kung Fu Man, but I guess not. He and Mugen are pretty cool, so I'm happy to see him in here; in a way, this game now almost feels like an alternate version of Mugen, one that's an adventure game engine instead of a fighting game engine!

I'm not familiar with Frankie myself, but reading about him here reminded me of another nostalgic edutainment series, Math Blaster. I feel Frankie would be in good company with Ceamonks' Carmen San Diego mod!

Keep up the good work!

January 19, 2023, 02:25PM #5 Last Edit: January 21, 2023, 04:44PM by Cyborg Sun
Everyone, both Kung Fu Man and Frankie have received updates over the past few days, mainly removing useless code, so they should be a bit lighter on the game's limits. Frankie in particular also has a new addition to his "Interpersonal Encouragement" power: Now there is a 2/8 chance that a music track will play when used! I've been updating them a lot, but I think I'm done with them now, unless someone reports a bug or until I receive proper skins for either of them.

EDIT: Kung Fu Man was updated once again, thanks to UltraMegaMagnus, he now has a proper Classic skin and mannequin!

Quote from: TheMK on January 14, 2023, 06:40PM
Very interesting choices for characters!

I thought I had previously commented about Kung Fu Man, but I guess not. He and Mugen are pretty cool, so I'm happy to see him in here; in a way, this game now almost feels like an alternate version of Mugen, one that's an adventure game engine instead of a fighting game engine!

I'm not familiar with Frankie myself, but reading about him here reminded me of another nostalgic edutainment series, Math Blaster. I feel Frankie would be in good company with Ceamonks' Carmen San Diego mod!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks! My releases will probably be rather infrequent (even after breaking into modding, I do feel I'm still more of a player than a creator, lol), but believe me, I've got more interesting and eccentric character choices brewing in my head... Stay tuned.

January 29, 2023, 04:49PM #6 Last Edit: July 01, 2024, 07:09PM by Cyborg Sun

In another universe, there existed a humble field mouse who lived with her children in a cinder block near a farm, who's last name was Brisby. Recently, her husband Johnathan tragically passed away due to circumstances unknown to her.

Life was not easy for the widowed mouse, as one of her sons, Timothy, caught a bad case of pneumonia right when the family needed to move away from the farm's tractor. While the tractor was delayed thanks to her friend the Shrew, Mrs. Brisby needed to find a way to move her home without exposing Timmy to the cold of the outdoors - and fast.

She had no other option than to meet the Great Owl for a solution. Flying to his cave on the back of Jeremy, a lovesick & clumsy crow she met while delivering medicine to her home, she was frightened that the Owl might eat her. Fortunately, the Great Owl would indeed give her the advice she needed, tipping her off to a colony of rats who lived in a rosebush near the farm, and a rat named Nicodemus that she had to meet.

Discovering a secret entrance in the rosebush (and briefly encountering an intimidating rat guard named Brutus), Mrs. Brisby would soon find her friend Mr. Ages, who would reluctantly lead her to the colony of rats. After meeting the Captain of the Guard, Justin, and a cunning rat named Jenner, she would be led to Nicodemus at last.

Here, the elderly rat told Mrs. Brisby the truth of what happened to Johnathan: He had been killed by the farm's cat, Dragon, while attempting to drug its food, which the rats needed to take electricity from the farm. As well, he revealed the rats' origins as experiments from the National Institute of Mental Health, who escaped from the lab thanks to the efforts of Johnathan.

Giving Mrs. Brisby a special, magical stone (honoring a favor from Johnathan), Nicodemus would also relay a plan to leave the farm for Thorn Valley, so that the rats can stop stealing from the humans and truly live on their own (an idea that Jenner was notably strongly against). In order to move the Brisby home, however, the cat would need to be drugged again. Bravely offering to be the one to do it, Mrs. Brisby would unfortunately be captured and caged - although, it allowed her to overhear a conversation the farmer had over the phone with NIMH, who planned to clear out the rosebush the next morning.

Making a daring escape, Mrs. Brisby would return to the rats, only to find their mechanism to move her house had failed and Nicodemus killed, due to the treachery of Jenner. After Justin defeated Jenner (with the killing blow landed by Jenner's unwilling minion Sullivan), Mrs. Brisby would warn the rats of NIMH's plans. Just then, the house began to sink into the ground, and there was nothing that could be done... that was, until the stone began to glow brightly, due to Mrs. Brisby's willingness to sacrifice herself for her children.

With the stone's power, Mrs. Brisby would safely move the house away from the tractor's path, although it knocked her out for short time and left her hands burned. After this amazing event, she would give the stone to Justin, who would go on to be the new leader of the rats. Shortly after her wounds healed, however, something else strange happened...

Mrs. Brisby would once again be visited by Mr. Ages, Justin, and Jeremy, along with someone in an odd costume who looked human, but was about the same size as her. This man revealing himself as "Scott" would warn Mrs. Brisby of a group of humans in another plane of reality known as the "Masters of Evil" who could threaten the safety of her home, and wanted her to join the team, as she was the only one who apparently knew how to use the incredible power of the stone.

Although she declined at first, for fears she might be killed and leave her children alone, Scott would bond with Mrs. Brisby and explain that he felt much the same way, as he too had a daughter that he wanted to protect, and made a point that all of reality may be in danger of being erased if they don't give it their all in the first place. He also told her of Pym Particles, something she could use to make herself stronger and grow up to the size of an average human, to even the playing field.

Taking Scott's words to heart, Mrs. Brisby ultimately accepted, asking the Shrew to watch over the children while she was away. She was still frightened by the whole situation, but knew that if she wanted her friends and family to be safe, she had to let courage win in the end...

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses two music tracks from The Secret of NIMH. I do not claim ownership of it.

-2 powers, 5 boosts and an Xtreme.
-Abilities of 15% increased move speed and 15% energy resistance.
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, 3 loading screens, icons and sound/voice file using archived audio of the late Elizabeth Hartman's performance as Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of NIMH.
-Uses assigned number #253, and skin number 16 (Clashes with Hela and Harley Quinn in mannequin and loadscreens only).

1. Clumsy Turkey: Using string borrowed from her friend Jeremy, Mrs. Brisby tangles an enemy up and swings them around. Hold the button down to keep swinging them around!
2. Swordplay of the Rats: Having learned a bit about how to use a sword from her friend Justin, Mrs. Brisby performs a powerful slash. (Chargeable)
3. (Boost) Fever Remedy: Mrs. Brisby shares some medicine made by her friend Mr. Ages, instantly healing all nearby allies.
4. (Boost) Foresight of the Wise: Mrs. Brisby's stone grants her a power similar to one used by Nicodemus, revealing nearby enemies and increasing dodge chance.
5. (Boost) Mother's Love: Mrs. Brisby sings a sweet lullaby, decreasing energy costs for the entire team.
6. (Boost) True Size: Using the Pym Particles she had been given, Mrs. Brisby shrinks back down to her original size, while also taking advantage of the particles' ability to increase her strength.
7. (Debuff): Owls Eat Mice!: Mrs. Brisby's stone creates a vision of the intimidating (but ultimately well-meaning) Great Owl, causing enemies to run away in fear and let their guard down.
8. (Xtreme): Courage of the Heart: Though deep down she is frightened of the whole situation, Mrs. Brisby will still do anything to protect her family. This courage activates the true power of her stone, obliterating anyone who would dare cause the Brisby family and their friends harm in a 360 spin.

Cyborg Sun - Mod creation.
J.C. Thornton - Creator of the custom Brisby model used as the skin.
ProfEscanor - Skin conversion.
Outsider - Bullseye BoltOn coding referenced for "Swordplay of the Rats" + Hank Pym coding referenced for "True Size". Also the creator of the music script used by the 5th power.
Sawuinhaff - Fanart for 2 of the loadscreens.


December 22, 2023, 11:24PM #7 Last Edit: March 17, 2024, 02:39PM by Cyborg Sun

It felt like only yesterday—the moment the world learned of his death—but no. It had already been three years. And a lot has already changed, and recently, a lot of it has not been for the good.

On Earth-7150, just as in the real world, Fred McFeely Rogers was one of the most respected public figures in modern times. A champion of peace and understanding, he would inspire children for decades through his acclaimed program, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." One popular aspect of his show were segments set in the fictional "Neighborhood of Make-Believe," where many memorable puppet characters such as King Friday XIII, Lady Elaine Fairchilde, and Henrietta Pussycat helped relay important messages to the viewers at home. And, of course, one of the many residents of this land was the timid Daniel Striped Tiger, one of the earliest characters Rogers created and perhaps the biggest reflection of the man himself.

Rogers' death in 2003 sent shockwaves throughout the world, including the superhero community. In addition to providing children with quality programming, he had also worked to promote peace and acceptance between superpowered beings (mutants, especially) and regular humans who feared and hated them. Even if they weren't into his show, every hero still highly respected him, including Steven Strange, who discovered something amazing.

In the present day, Dr. Strange was monitoring the multiverse for any signs of damage done by a mysterious, unstable power that had been pulling many outsiders into Earth-7150, which he figured most likely had something to do with Dr. Doom's Masters of Evil team that had been plauging the wider hero community for the past few weeks. During his usual scans, he detected a universe he had never seen before. Was this always here?

Right from the get-go, Strange felt not a hint of evil energy in this world. Even weirder, the unstable power that had been terrorizing other universes appeared to be actively avoiding this world, as if even it knew better than to not mess with its natural order. Observing the world closer, Steven was shocked: This is the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the land that was shown in Fred Rogers' show. It was almost like the land had been reborn in the wake of his death, or perhaps Rogers' imagination had found a new home.

Populated by aged-up versions of some of the old cast, plus both new grown-up characters and a new generation of children alike, this was a peaceful land where issues were typically solved through singing a little song that was relevant to the situation. Strange would soon dub them "Strategy Songs" in his studies. Oddly, some of the returning characters were a bit different (like Henrietta having white fur instead of black), while others like Lady Aberlin (Daniel S. Tiger's best friend) were absent completely. However, if Strange's theory about this place being Rogers' imagination reborn was true, then this could've been caused by some sort of temporal flux as a consequence of his death.

As the situation with the Masters of Evil back on his Earth grew more dire (recently, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey had been kidnapped), Dr. Strange sought out more allies and weapons. One spell he developed was one that would draw from the powerful imaginations of the multiverse's children, summoning constructs of them to fight for the heroes. As if Mister Rogers himself were offering his aid in the battle, Strange found that his spell was perfectly potent and compatible with this new neighborhood.

Focusing his energies, the sorcerer knew which child to draw from: Daniel Tiger, the son of the original Daniel. After all, through his studies, he learned that this child appeared to be the "main character" of sorts in this world, almost always being the one to learn major lessons and even communicating with some unseen "neighbors." Possessing a big imagination and a big heart, Strange knew that this Daniel was the one carrying out Rogers' legacy and would be the perfect fit for the team.

Arriving at the Sanctum Sanctorum on a red trolley, many of the heroes were caught off guard by a kindly little tiger boy rushing to greet them, while Steven smiled, knowing this new creation could tip the scales in their favor...

-5 boosts, 2 debuffs and an Xtreme
-Ability of 100% energy resistance (being a magical construct)
-Most regular powers are called "Strategy Songs," while the Xtreme is called "Make-Believe". One power is something of a rage boost, however, which locks off access to the Strategy Song powers.
-4 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using audio from various child voice actors who played Daniel in "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"
-Uses assigned number #161, skins 15-18 (will clash with all Green Goblins and Red She-Hulk in loadscrens and mannequin)

-Proper models for his other costumes

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses many pieces of music from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I take no credit for their creation.

1. (Boost) Mad, Mad, Mad!!!: Daniel gets really mad, boosting his $DMG & speed! But, as a consequence of his anger, he does not have the composure to perform any of his Strategy Songs until he calms down.
2. (Boost) You Can Be Brave: With a little help, anyone can be brave! Reminding his team of this, Daniel speeds up the team's $EP regeneration rate.
3. (Boost) Grr Out Loud: Grr, grr, grr out loud! Daniel reminds his team to keep on trying in spite of the tough circumstances, increasing the team's damage output and maximum health.
4. (Boost) Enjoy The Wow: Daniel encourages the team to slow down and enjoy the wow that's happening now. In doing this, they begin to reveal nearby enemies on the minimap as their newfound awareness also increases their defense.
5. (Boost) We Take Care Of Each Other: Daniel helps out the team by granting them a healing factor to fix their wounds when they're near him. After all, good neighbors take care of each other. However, it does take a while to activate.
6. (Debuff) Do You Have To Go Potty?: Do you have to go potty? Maybe yes, maybe no. Daniel plays a mental trick on nearby enemies, causing them to question if they really do need to go. This makes them flee as they try to find a nearby bathroom.
7. (Debuff) When You Feel So Mad...: Daniel encourages nearby enemies to take a deep breath and count to four, causing them to think more clearly and temporarily join the side of the heroes.
8. (Xtreme) Super Daniel!: Daniel make-believes he is a superhero, slamming the ground with great force to defeat the bad guys!

Cyborg Sun - Majority of the mod creation
Ceamonks890 - For helping me out with beginning the mod's development and getting me "back on my feet"; It had been a while since I modded, and I needed some reminders and pointers
ProfEscanor - Custom edits from various models for the skin


January 27, 2024, 12:04PM #8 Last Edit: February 28, 2024, 12:07PM by Cyborg Sun

As my adventures in this strange new world continued, it became clear that the mysterious heroes working alongside me actually appreciated my thieving expertise. You know, it was a nice change of pace after years of dodging the law in my usual line of work.

You see, after I ended up in this world, some of these heroes escorted me to a man named Nick Fury, the head commander of an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D., which aimed to protect their world. Apparently he had limited intel on me, thanks to multiversal studies done by a number of heroic scientists and sorcerers, and knew I was often on the wrong side of the law, but for greater causes. He was impressed with the feats of me and my gang and offered that I join his strike force against a villain named "Dr. Doom" and his new posse, the "Masters of Evil."

I had a good feeling that stopping this guy was the key to finally returning home and reuniting with my friends and allies, including my beloved Carmelita. Soon, I was traveling all over this alternate universe, stopping all kinds of new colorful foes, and trying to gather any intel on what this Doom guy might be really up to. I had plenty of help from both brainy and brawny allies alike, but I gotta say, they were no replacement for Bentley and Murray.

During an operation in China, I spotted someone after days of not finding a familiar face—a pink mouse with blonde hair. Just seeing her gave me a real bad feeling.

I guess some context is necessary. See, in order to break through Doctor M's defenses and get into my family's Cooper Vault, we needed more members in our crew, including an RC vehicle specialist. Bentley found the perfect candidate online: a girl from Holland named Penelope. But she wouldn't join us until we beat her boss, the Black Baron, in the ACES flying competition. When I had won it, we were all shocked to see that this "Black Baron" was actually Penelope herself, who had been using the disguise to bypass the age requirements of the dogfighting league.

Lucky for us, she had been wanting to leave behind the double life and soon became a valuable asset to the team with her special RC vehicles. And, in time, she and Bentley really hit it off. In fact, it was their love for each other that inspired me to truly take a chance on Carmelita, which, in hindsight, made her betrayal hurt even more.

When I was forced back into thievery to pursue Le Paradox, one of the criminals he employed was someone called the "Black Knight," who was none other than Penelope. Greed and jealousy had clearly overcome her; she cared nothing for our code of honor and only worked for the money. It hurt to see her like this, but it must have been devastating for Bentley. Nonetheless, we pushed forward in our quest to save my family's legacy, which of course led to me winding up here.

I had no idea what to think when I saw her here. She looked younger, like she did when we first met her. A part of me felt there was a level of innocence in her that I had not felt since her betrayal. But what if it was a trap? Still, I tried to play it cool when I confronted her. She actually seemed happy to see me, but her smile quickly faded. I guess she saw the look on my face.

I began to question her. Where did she come from? Why does she look younger? Is Paradox around here somewhere? What schemes is she planning? ... Yeah, now that I think about it, I was starting to get pretty aggressive. And Penelope seemed confused and scared, like she had no clue what I was talking about. If not for the intervention of a martial artist named Liu Kang, things may have turned ugly.

Introducing himself as the "Keeper of Time" of his world, Liu and I stepped aside as he explained the situation. Apparently, this Penelope I was talking to wasn't the same traitor I knew back home, but rather a variant of her taken from a time shortly after the Cooper Vault job, a time before greed corrupted her heart. I still couldn't be sure if this was an elaborate trap or not, but if it was true, then here was a faithful ally who trusted me, being berated for what she sees as no apparent reason.

No... I needed to see if what this guy was saying was true. I asked Liu up front to prove that he had time powers. Well, sure enough, in a flash we were somewhere else—a vision of a potential alternate future, one where Penelope rejected an offer Le Paradox made outright, worked with us to stop him, and continued a loving relationship with Bentley. It's not like me to cry, but...

In an instant, we were back in the Valley of Spirits. There was Penelope again, unaware of our presence. Liu Kang parted ways, telling me that I had the power to change fate and make things right. Maybe that's true. Maybe I can ensure that Penelope doesn't walk the path of betrayal and dishonor. The Penelope in my timeline is gone, but if I can create a brighter future in another timeline, then I can rest easy. I realized I needed to watch myself as well; anger could also turn me towards a dark path.

With a deep breath, I approached Penelope once again. Let's just hope I don't screw this up...

DISCLAIMER: AI was only used for cleaning up audio and removing background noise from recorded video audio.

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-4 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using recorded audio of Annette Toutonghi's performance as Penelope from Sly 3.
-Uses assigned number #177, skins 10-12 (will clash with mannequins & loadscreens of Sabretooth and Alphonso Mack)

-More acurate skins for her first 3 costumes (all 4 currently use her Thieves in Time model)

1. Passionate Pugilism: Penelope calls back to her days as the Black Baron, striking with a spinning uppercut. At full charge, she uses beta model rocket boots to assist her. (Chargeable)
2. Mighty RC Car: Penelope deploys an RC car that assists in battle, ramming into enemies. Hold button and use the left stick to steer the car.
3. Pirate Petal: Using the swordfighting skills she picked up in her duel against LeFwee, Penelope performs a quick sword combo.
4. Mighty Sky Chopper: Penelope calls in an offscreen RC chopper that assists in battle, utilizing a new upgrade that bombs enemies from above.
5. Chivalrous Redemption: Mysteriously utilizing the tech of the Black Knight suit from her future self, Penelope fires a blue laser from her glasses, continually dealing energy damage as long as the power button is held down. (Hold)
6. (Boost) Health Extractor: Utilizing a gadget from her boyfriend Bentley, Penelope draws health from defeated enemies, sharing these benefits with the team as well. Also tracks nearby healthy targets on the minimap.
7. (Debuff) Reduction Bomb: Utilizing a gadget from her boyfriend Bentley, Penelope throws a bomb that shrinks enemies hit by the explosion (including bosses).
8. (Xtreme) ACES Champion: Penelope activates an offscreen biplane that rains down an air strike of bullets, dealing heavy physical damage.

Cyborg Sun - Mod creation
ProfEscanor - Skin conversion/Mannequin creation
Ceamonks890 - Minor coding assistance, story guidance, various mods referenced for powers (Tails, Corsair)
Outsider - Various mods referenced for powers (Ant-Man, Static, Skarlet, Lucia von Bardas, Bullseye)
SuperMaster10 - Audio cleanup


January 27, 2024, 02:02PM #9 Last Edit: January 27, 2024, 02:12PM by Shabranigdu
Damn for a moment I thought I saw some sweet new skins for Blink. That's not Blink's default skin in your release post, may I ask where did you get it? I didn't find any other than the ps2 era ones, that one looks more modern specially the face

Other than that, I like the idea of an specialist using rc vehicles in combat, I may give this a try

January 27, 2024, 03:31PM #10 Last Edit: April 05, 2024, 02:24PM by Cyborg Sun
Quote from: Shabranigdu on January 27, 2024, 02:02PMDamn for a moment I thought I saw some sweet new skins for Blink. That's not Blink's default skin in your release post, may I ask where did you get it? I didn't find any other than the ps2 era ones, that one looks more modern specially the face

Other than that, I like the idea of an specialist using rc vehicles in combat, I may give this a try

It comes from Dihan's Blink mod, the costume is called "Current." I guess that skin can't be found in the skin thread, but yeah, I liked the face a lot better than a lot of the other ones, fits the placeholder better for me at least.

EDIT: For context, this was when Penelope had a placeholder skin instead of her actual design. This Blink skin is no longer used in the mod.

Quote from: Cyborg Sun on January 27, 2024, 03:31PM
It comes from Dihan's Blink mod, the costume is called "Current." I guess that skin can't be found in the skin thread, but yeah, I liked the face a lot better than a lot of the other ones, fits the placeholder better for me at least.
Aah, I see thanks! I never noticed it looked like that with her idle posture, wish we got some new ones

April 11, 2024, 11:24AM #12 Last Edit: April 11, 2024, 11:29AM by Cyborg Sun

Here is a riddle for all who read this: What makes a monster, and what makes a man?

That is the important question to ask in the tale of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. In 15th-century Paris, there lived a judge named Claude Frollo, the powerful Minister of Justice. He saw corruption and sin everywhere, except within. He especially harbored a hatred for Romani people, making it his life's goal to wipe them out of all of Paris.

Though he always believed he was doing God's work, he felt fear for his immortal soul for the first time in his life when the Archdeacon stopped him from murdering the deformed baby son of one of these Romani women, whom Frollo believed to be an "unholy demon." The Archdeacon convinced him to instead care for the child (for Frollo could never hide his crimes from the eyes of Notre Dame); Frollo decided to keep the boy in the bell tower while giving him the cruel name of "Quasimodo," meaning "half-formed."

20 years later, Frollo continued to keep the boy in check (who had grown to be a capable bell-ringer with a kind heart but was kept isolated from the world), constantly reminding him that his mother had abandoned him and that the bell tower was his only sanctuary due to his deformed appearance. Despite this, Quasimodo longed to go out into the world, sneaking into the Festival of Fools pretending to be in a costume.

It was here that Frollo would encounter the beautiful Romani woman Esmerelda, who was kind enough to help and stand up for Quasimodo even when it was exposed that his "mask" was actually his real face, and who was brave enough to call Frollo out publicly. When Esmerelda managed to escape arrest through sanctuary in Notre Dame, Frollo realized that he had lustful feelings for the woman, which he blamed on her "witchcraft" and the Devil.

Learning that she escaped the cathedral, Frollo soon went out on a crazed and desperate search for her, which led to the betrayal of his already reluctant new Captain of the Guard, Phoebus, and the burning of all of Paris. Realizing Quasimodo may have had a hand in Esmerelda's escape, he would first scold the boy before concluding that he too must be under the woman's spell. Dropping a hint that he knew where the Roma's hideout was, Quasimodo and Phoebus attempted to find it first.

This proved to be a carefully laid trap, as Frollo spied on the two, who would indeed discover the hideout. Quickly arresting the rest of the Roma, Frollo was about to burn them for their supposed crimes (but not before offering Esmerelda a chance to be with him, which she of course rejected), but would be stopped by Quasimodo and Phoebus. Frollo's story would end here, as in the final confrontation on the roof of Notre Dame, Frollo would reveal to Quasimodo that he actually killed his mother and was about to kill him and Esmerelda. Before he could, however, the stone gargoyle he stood on broke, plunging Frollo into the fiery pit of the burning Paris...

However, either because of the unstable power of Odin wielded by Dr. Doom in Earth-7150 or perhaps a more deliberate ploy by another party, Frollo would instead fall into an all-too-conveniently placed portal, unseen by the others. He would wake up in a dimension of fire and brimstone. No doubt this land was Hell.

Frollo was bewildered, still believing that he was carrying out God's work and that all of his actions were righteous. How could he have been sent to Hell after all he has done!? It was then that he saw a man who must have been Satan himself. "Ah, look who finally showed up! I had been waiting decades for your arrival, Claude."

"Y-you!!! You're... the Devil!!! The embodiment of all that is unholy, the one who made me lust for that witch—no, I get it! God sent me here to smite you, that's all, I-"

"Ha! Don't make me laugh! You still can't see it? All the pain and suffering of innocent lives you caused? The way you manipulated that deformed child throughout the years? My boy, I could go on and on about your sins, but let's make this quick. I have been interested in your dark astral spirit for a long time, and now it's finally mine!"

"NO! I know your tricks, demon! And I know you're offering me to join you... and I refuse! All my life, I have worked to purge Paris of the corrupt and sinful!!! Esmerelda, Quasimodo, Phoebus—all who do your work will be plunged into the fiery pit! You have only delayed their deaths by sending me here!"

Before Mephisto could speak again, Frollo spotted an open portal and ran towards it. Still holding his sword, he sliced through the demonic creatures that stood in his way. In spite of his old age, Frollo's fighting skills were actually somewhat formidable, impressing Mephisto. As Frollo barely escaped as the portal closed, the demon spoke to himself:

"Hm. Well, fine, I'll let you go for now, if only to see how much longer you can survive in another world. But know this, Judge, out there, you have no authority. And, when you inevitably perish, your black soul will be mine. I will eagerly await your return... HA HA HA HA!!!"

DISCLAIMER: AI was only used for voice isolation, nothing new was generated.

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme.
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, 1 loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using the late Tony Jay's performances as Frollo & Magneto from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame & X-Men Legends respectively.
-Uses assigned number #38, skin 23 (Clashes with Spider-Woman, Danger, Ikaris, and Batgirl in mannequin and loadscreens only).


1. Blade of God: Frollo performs a spinning attack with his sword, slicing any sinners in his way. (Chargeable)
2. Dark Cape: Frollo uses his cape to thrust both enemies and objects into the air. Ensnare them longer to throw them higher!
3. Smiting Arrow: Frollo fires a flaming arrow, which explodes after a couple of seconds.
4. Hellfire: Frollo throws a torch to plant a fire trap on the floor, burning those he sees as wicked and sinful.
5. Let Her Be Mine Alone: Frollo briefly loses his composure and unleashes his true self, rushing down an enemy before savagely beating them to a pulp.
6. (Boost) Soldier of Paris: Frollo summons a loyal soldier to assist in combat for a time.
7. (Boost) 20 Pieces of Silver: Frollo bribes enemies with money to help support his cause for a time.
8. (Xtreme) And He Shall Smite The Wicked: Frollo shoots a barrage of flaming arrows into the air, raining down fire to finally deal with the sinners around him...

Cyborg Sun - Mod creation
Ceamonks890 - Help getting an effect to show properly on one of his powers, Viking Archer & Hsu Hao code also used
Outsider - Johnny Cage minion code used
SuperMaster10 - Voice isolation, Postal Dude code also used
ProfEscanor - Skin conversion from Kindgom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Chincherrinas - Direct inspiration for "Dark Cape" from his Smash Bros Lawl series