[MUA1] Mod Installation Guide for PC - MO2 Method

Started by BaconWizard17, January 05, 2023, 04:00PM

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By BaconWizard17

    You've gone through the entire tutorial, the FAQ, and the troubleshooting guide, and you still can't find what you're looking for or can't figure out what's wrong. It happens to all of us! This chapter discusses how to ask for help.

Identifying the Issue
    Before reporting an issue, it's important that you're able to say exactly what it is. Here are some tips:
  • Determine when the issue is happening. Does it start happening after you do a certain action? Is it only occuring in a certain area of the game? With a certain character?
  • Determine when you first noticed the issue. Is it ongoing? Did it start after you installed a certain mod? Has it always been the case for you?
  • Determine if there's something that impacts this issue. Do certain actions make it more or less noticeable?

Describing the Issue
    Once you know your issue, you need to be able to properly describe it. Here are some tips:
  • Type up a description of what you've found. Be as detailed as you can, and include all the information from above.
  • In your description, you should include the game that you're playing (MUA1 PC in this case), the installation method that you're using (direct method in this case), and the tutorial chapter that covers your issue, if any.
  • Also include anything that you've tried to do to fix the issue.
  • Lastly, get some visual representations of the issue. Screenshots and screen recordings can tell a lot more than words by themselves. If you don't know how to take screenshots, here is a tutorial for Windows 10. Most of these methods work on Windows 7 and Windows 11 as well. You can use OBS Studio, an open-source (free) screen recording software, to record your screen. The built-in Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10/11 also allows you to record footage from the game easily.

Reporting the Issue/Asking for Help
    Once you've gathered your information, you can ask us for help on your issue. Here's the best way to do this:
  • Do not reach out to a modder by DMs to ask them for help. It's best to ask for help publicly.
  • For public help, the best place to ask is the #helpâť— channel on the Marvel Mods Discord Server. You can also ask for help in the Technical Problems board on our site, but response times will be much slower, and you'll likely be told to come to our Discord server anyways.
  • When asking for help, send all the information you've gathered, including the written description and any images/screen recordings.
  • Be sure to mention which tutorial chapters you checked to find solutions (such as the FAQ or troubleshooting guide).
  • You may not get help right away. Be patient. On the Discord server, if it's been more than a day, you can follow up, but be respectful. Don't tag people unless they're actively helping you, and don't tag people more than once in a row.
  • If someone offers to help you, be respectful to them. They may ask you for more information, including additional screenshots.