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Author Topic: Booster from Wizard Putine  (Read 280 times)

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Booster from Wizard Putine
« on: February 26, 2023, 01:26am »
And this time, Mephisto decided to go to the surface in order to already manifest his presence in a more terrifying way than he did then. It is he who is already serious about taking souls all ppl to his dimension of hell.

Updated the animation system for Mephisto and to the Armageddon ability run even faster. There is an animation when choosing the Mephisto character, and exiting the menu. There is an animation during complete inactivity.

(Borrowed from character Mister Fantastic.)

Super attack (-) Devil's Contract: - Power acquired a long and long burning effect, there are new effects.

Super attack - Soul Drain: - Not more flicker in Mephisto's waist.

Boost attack (-) Living Hellfire: - Updated the duration of burning per second at close range, the effect of the ability has been updated, enemies are now burning with bright hellfire.

(Borrowed from character Human Torch.)

Boost attack (-) Dark Power: - Mephisto uses dark magic and changes his size to increase his attack speed and defense.

Xtreme (-) Dark Lord Of All Souls: - Mephisto unleashes his true power, which obliterates everyone in his path in his presence.

I gave to this ability its my meaning.

Talents created by myself.

This is my very first but successful booster mod that was made for the Outsider mod, I love this mod Mephisto and I decided to support it with my little project.

And in the data file, the herostat parameter was changed, now instead of regenerating as it was done by the Outsider, now it costs vampirism corept lifesteal for each damage dealt to for Mephisto.

Download booster Mephisto - https://drive.google.com/file/d/17yuWS_R3wjAXIM_SF06aT_xBWwopUoBf/view?usp=share_link

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Hi everyone, I'm a regular Dragon Ball fan. And I really adore my chemistry of ship, Putine and Zamasu.