Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Assets

Started by Enigma, November 23, 2021, 12:40PM

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Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Assets v1.0


(Please credit me if you use these)

**This is all of the audio from Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, sorted by character.

*It also contains the clean isolated audio from both the prerendered cutscenes and in-game cutscenes.

*I was unable to identify some of the grunts. They are included in the "Unknown Sets of Grunts" folder and are sorted by which sounded like the same actor. If you can identify them, please let me know.

*I was unable to identify some audio. It's included in the "Unidentified Audio" folder. If you can identify them, please let me know.

*Because Amazing Spider-Man (Neil Patrick Harris) has fewer grunts, and fewer different types of grunts, then the other 3 Spider-Men, I've ripped Neil Patrick Harris's audio and grunts from Saints Row IV and included those as well.

*I've also included the PS3 Trophy icons, save file icon, DLC icon, PS3 wallpaper that was on the disc, some concept art, and a promo poster by artist Oogie Lee, who did the MUA1 cover and MUA1 Promo Playing Cards.

*The audio for the DS version is available in my Spider-Man DS Games Audio release.

JackTheRipper from Zenhax - figuring out how to extract the audio
SuperiorSpyder - telling me Ultimate Carnage doesn't speak

Voice Actor Credits:
   Neil Patrick Harris       ...    Spider-Man Amazing
   Josh Keaton          ...    Spider-Man Ultimate
   Dan Gilvezan          ...    Spider-Man 2099
   Christopher Daniel Barnes    ...    Spider-Man Noir
   Kevin Umbricht          ...    Spider-Ham (prerendered end cutscene only)
   Susanne Blakeslee       ...    Madame Web
   David Kaye          ...    Mysterio
   Jim Cummings          ...    Kraven the Hunter and Green Goblin Noir
   John DiMaggio          ...    Hammerhead Noir
   Steve Blum          ...    Hobgoblin 2099 and Vulture Noir
   Dimitri Diatchenko       ...    Sandman
   Thomas F. Wilson       ...    Electro Ultimate
   John Kassir          ...    Scorpion 2099
   Nolan North          ...    Deadpool Ultimate
   Matthew Willig          ...    Juggernaut
   Jennifer Hale          ...    Silver Sable
   Tara Strong          ...    Doctor Octopus 2099 and Female Civilians
   Fred Tatasciore       ...    Carnage Ultimate
   Stan Lee          ...    Narrator (prerendered cutscenes only)
   Gregg Berger          ...    Additional Voices
   Scott Bullock          ...    Additional Voices
   Rodger Bumpass          ...    Additional Voices
   Chris Edgerly          ...    Additional Voices
   Nick Jameson          ...    Additional Voices
   Dave B. Mitchell       ...    Additional Voices
   Dan Soulsby         ...    Additional Voices
   Keith Szarabajka       ...    Additional Voices
   James Arnold Taylor       ...    Additional Voices
   Dave Wittenberg       ...    Additional Voices

Here's a couple of updates as to what certain audio is. I didn't feel it was necessary to reupload the entire release, so instead I've posted them here.

SerJer said that they thought the unsorted line 5931 is on of the 2099 enemy thug lines.

Ceamonks and SerJer said they thought the Deadpool doll is cut content and isn't used in the final game.