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Author Topic: Ebonfowl's Boosters  (Read 4480 times)

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Ebonfowl's Boosters
« on: April 16, 2023, 09:12am »
Hi all, I am posting some boosters that I made here. For my first foray I wanted to tackle Gamora, Adam Warlock and Thanos. I really enjoy these characters' clear and concise shared history: Thanos raised Gamora as his daughter to kill Adam Warlock, but not THAT Adam Warlock, the future one; but Thanos was also the present Warlock's enemy, then his ally, then his nemesis, then his ally, then his best friend, then his enemy again; after Gamora helped her dad kill Warlock, she started dating Warlock and they raised a daughter together which technically makes Thanos Warlock's enemy/nemesis/best friend/father-in-law, but Warlock went crazy and left Gamora so he could go pupate in a cocoon; Warlock emerged as a butterfly/quantum magician/space Jesus and Gamora hated him, but now they are friends again after she almost destroyed the universe; then Thanos killed Warlock, but not THAT Warlock - he never approved of him dating his daughter.

See? Crystal clear. Hope everyone enjoys the boosters!


I wanted to adapt her to be less MCU and more Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy from the comics. There are still some MCU things here, notably her first costume, but I kept them because I like them and think they fit with the character.

-2 new HUD heads
-3 new hex-edited skins
-New herostat to reflect changes

Godslayer Slash (Melee: New): Gamora charges forward, covering a great distance in an instant, and delivers a powerful sword slash with Godslayer that sends enemies flying.

Dagger Throw (Projectile: Altered): Gamora throws an electrified dagger which deals electricity damage and pierces through through enemies. Notes: reduced the crazy high damage that could have only been a mistake and altered the description to accurately reflect what the move does.

Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy (Melee: Altered): 3-hit acrobatic combo that reflects damage back to attackers and can knock enemies back or leave them stunned. Notes: removed the initial block from the move as it just slowed things down and made the power particularly useless in comparison to others. Exchanged the backwards bridge/reverse handspring animation that was the first hit in the combo for a sword slash - the original animation was there to look acrobatic, I think, but it just made the move unwieldy and even slower.

Godslayer Flurry (Radial: New): Gamora spins Godslayer around in a circle, damaging all enemies around her in a radius. Hold the button to keep spinning.

Other Updates:
-Now every costume has a melee passive to better keep with the theme of the character.

Possible Future Work:
-Work on the Dilithium Crystal power - the animation is pretty lackluster, the power isn't great, and the name doesn't fit Marvel, obviously.

-Panaka for original character mod
-AndersonBrazil for super high-quality new skins

Download Link:

Adam Warlock

-5 new HUD heads
-3 new hex-edited skins
-New herostat to reflect changes

teleporting is now an ability - press smash while blocking to teleport. Can carry an ally.

Cocoon: the protective cocoon is no longer the default block animation. Now you can press guard/interact while blocking to enter the cocoon. Warlock will stay in the cocoon as long as you hold block. While in the cocoon Warlock is immune to everything and very slowly regenerates his health.

Quantum Beam (Beam: Altered): A powerful piercing beam of Quantum Magic damages and stuns enemies. Notes: damage has been reduced a bit and the stun effect has been added to differentiate from other characters like Silver Surfer and Thanos who use essentially the same power.

Karmic Slam (Radial: Altered): Massive staff slam that damages enemies in a radius and knocks them down. Notes: buffed damage and gave this tripping potential as there was basically no reason to use it before.

Soul Beam (Beam: Altered): A powerful blast from the Soul Gem which will either steal the target's soul, healing Warlock, or leave the enemy severely weakened. Notes: added the soul steal effect to make this more like its comics incarnation, now produces a soul orb on insta-kill; no mechanical effect, but it is cool to see Warlock eat the soul.

Soul Vortex (Beam: Altered): The Soul Gem partially draws in the souls of all enemies in a radius, causing damage to enemies and replinishing Warlock's health. Notes: now only heals Warlock, healing was reduced (originally it healed up to 85% PER ENEMY DRAINED), and damage was buffed.

Rejuvenation Spell (Boost: New): With a conjured psi-llabel, Warlock uses his quantum magic to restore his allies to perfect bodily health.

Chronokinesis (Boost: New): Warlock uses his quantum magic to slow time around him, excluding his allies from the temporal disruption.

Magus (Boost: Altered): Quantum magic entangles Warlock with his purged future as the Dark Avatar of Life, transforming him into Magus. Magus is much stronger, gaining might, melee damage, and defense. Notes: fixed A LOT of scripting in this power. First, Warlock would gain twice the listed damage buff. Second, the damage buff applied to everything, not just melee as per the description. This is all fixed now. Also, reduced the damage resistance as it used to scale to full invulnerability.

Other Updates:
-Swapped Warlock's final light attack animation for a quick jab - I thought the double ear clap was pretty corny looking

-MelloMods for original character mod
-AndersonBrazil for super high-quality new skins

Download Link:


Seems like all the Thanos mods assume that he has the Infinity Guantlet. This booster attempts to recreate Thanos from the comics with his standard power suite.

-4 new HUD heads
-5 new hex-edited skins
-Some new icons (not super thrilled with these, may update)
-New herostat to reflect changes

Teleport: teleporting is now an ability - press smash while blocking to teleport.

Taunt: press guard/interact while blocking to taunt Thanos' enemies. Plays one of two taunts.

Healing Factor: Thanos now has a regenerative healing factor to reflect his powers in the comics.

Titan Rush (Special: New): Charges forward, tackling an enemy and beating them mercilessly.

Titan Quake (Radial: New): Thanos jumps into the air and pounds the ground with his fists, causing damage in a large radius.

Cosmic Blast (Projectile: New): A powerful blast of cosmic energy that can be charged to do AOE damage.

Disruptor Beams (Beam: Altered): Thanos unleashes a powerful matter-disrupting energy blast from his eyes that pierces through foes and has a high chance to deal critical damage. Notes: added the critical chance to distinguish from other characters with a powerful quick beam like this and to illustrate how powerful this attack is in the comics. Fixed the beam origin point so it actually comes from the eyes now. No longer chains to multiple targets. Corrected coding error that was making it cost double.

Deviant Syndrome (Boost: New): Embracing his mutated Eternal genetics for a time, Thanos does more damage with energy powers, moves faster, and regenerates from injury more quickly.

Cosmic Overdrive (Boost: New): Thanos channels immense cosmic energy to enhance his eternal phsiology granting him vastly increased melee damage, resistance to physical damage, and immunity to grabs and stuns.

Other Updates:
-All costumes now include the "Mad Titan" passive which boosts power damage to reflect Thanos' exceptional cosmic power.
-Flight has been removed from the herostat. 1) it didn't work, and 2) I firmly believe Thanos cannot (for some inexplicable reason) fly under his own power despite a few examples of him doing it in the comics - I handwaive those events away as a writer not knowing the character well enough.

Possible Future Work:
-Swap the Infinity Guantlet Xtreme for something else to get the guantlet out comletely. I almost never use the extremes though, and they are meant to be ultra-powerful, so it is low on the priority list.

-Mellomods for original character mod
-AndersonBrazil for super high-quality new skins

Download Link:
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Re: Ebonfowl's Boosters
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2023, 01:50am »
Your Warlock booster is great and I enjoy to play with him on y roster.

However, the Thanos booster, which I would love to have from your description of it, breaks the game completely on multiple levels: no music, cutscene doesn't play in the main menu, everything ungodly freezes and many other glitches. I don't know what occurs and what makes it heppen, but it must be something in files themselves as it goes away only when I delete every file from the mod (so I can't tell which one exactely does that).

That's realy unfortunate, as I would like to play with this mod. Maybe I could install it again on a fresh unmodded game on a seperate directory to experiment what exactely does that, if you want.