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Started by scottsum, February 12, 2022, 10:40PM

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February 12, 2022, 10:40PM Last Edit: September 21, 2023, 08:23PM by scottsum
And now, a former U.S. Marine who needs no introduction...

Green Lantern - John Stewart

Includes 4 hex-edited skins, one load screen, sound/voice using Phil Lamarr's voice from Injustice 2.  There's
plenty that's new to make him unique and fun to play, with just enough similarity to Hal Jordan to feel like they're from the same unit.

*Note: If used with the Justice League conversation mod, he also has voiced conversations.

Mannequin and load screen clash with Husk, Fixer, and Vegeta (slot #204)

POWERS (5 attacks, 2 boosts, and the Xtreme.)

Ring Blast - John fires a pulse shot from his ring that detonates on contact.
Flames of Justice - John strikes the ground to create an explosive fire attack, knocking enemies back.
Pillars of Light - John creates rising pillars under nearby enemies, popping them up.
Telekinesis - Levitates enemies and objects.
Holding Cell - John uses his ring to place enemies in a temporary holding cell, draining their health.
Shield of Will - John creates an impenetrable shield that renders him nearly invincible and damages attackers.
Ring Leader - Calling on his experience as a Marine and a Green Lantern, John recharges his ring and takes command. Attack damage and energy regeneration are increased for the entire team.
Green Lantern's Light - John channels the power of his ring, then releases it in an explosive radial blast, stunning and knocking back enemies.


scottsum - new mod creation - coding, powers, icons, effects, audio, load screen.
aventureiromax - DCUO skins
guisgui - DC Legends skins, hud
jzs skins - Injustice 2 skins
outsider & tien Shinhan - GL Hal Jordan mod
UltraMegaMagnus - Mannequin, Injustice 2 sound rips; Special thanks for help with modding tools and graphic editing.
Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and the creators of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, DC Legends, and Injustice series.

***Bugs: The holding cell effect glitch appears to be resolved. No other issues known.***



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Quote from: Guiguis on February 15, 2022, 04:08PM
wooow Nice mod!!!

Thank you! Your skins really help make this a quality mod.

Note, mod has been updated, I believe I have the holding cell glitch fixed.

Note: Fixed a very minor issue where the telekinesis "bubble" effect sometimes fails to appear. Download link has been updated.

Added two new Injustice skins from JZS Skins.  Link in first post has been updated.