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Author Topic: Dimonpru Mods: Geralt of Rivia  (Read 5149 times)

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Dimonpru Mods: Geralt of Rivia
« on: June 19, 2023, 04:21pm »
HELLO! I have never done mods. And when I saw the Marvelmods site, I saw a lot of great work. I became very interested. I started downloading and installing the characters I needed. There are a LOT of characters on the site, but some are missing. And I decided to try to do it myself. And now, after a long study of tutorials, long tests and errors, I want to present you my first mod!!! Big thanks to all the guys who made a lot of mods. And thanks to them for creating programs and, most importantly, tutorials that help people like me. And thanks to everyone that you are always on the discord helping and telling us!!!

I really love A. Sapkowski's books about the witcher, and I really love games from CD Project RED. And I wanted to add this character to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. And when I made it, I wanted to share it with you. Please do not judge strongly, this is my FIRST mod.

The Witcher, White Wolf, Gwynbleidd, Butcher of Blaviken - Geralt of Rivia!

UPDATED: Small bugs fixed, Сharacter abilities rebalanced, "Xtreme" effect changed.


-5 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.

-Abilities of might, Magic Signs ( 4 signs: igni,quen,axii,aard) ,Witcher Medallion (can sense enemies via mini-map).

-1 hex-edited skin, 1 HUD, 2 loading screens, icons, mannequin, and sound/voice file voiced by Doug Cockle.

-Uses assigned number #77 (Mannequin will clash with Batman(Adam West), White Tiger, Amanda Sefton.)

This mod uses 60 seconds of a track from the Witcher series. I claim no credit for this track.

This mod contains sounds with obscene language.

Since I made the mod step by step. I decided to add a version of the witcher with one sword and one version without a crossbow. Because in the books, Geralt didn't use a crossbow and carried (except in the last book) one sword. It's also an extra segment. Maybe someone needs it.
IMPORTANT: if you want Geralt to have one sword (not two) or one sword and no crossbow, select the folder. You can install only one folder from extras (one sword) or (one sword, and without a crossbow). Once you select a folder, simply copy the contents to the game folder. HEROSTAT MUST BE FROM THE FOLDER YOU CHOOSE.

More skins and good quality sounds magic signs (quen,axii,aard)

Dimonpru: Mod creation,coding, skin, hud,bolton, icons, sounds, loading screens, mannequin, etc.
Outsider: Blade booster (Weapon Select), (Xtreme Edge of Darkness). Huntress (Lethal Arrow).
Ceamonks890: Kain (Inspire Hate),(Jumpsmash). Hellboy (Arthurian Blood).
Erik Lensherr: TMNT  (Staff Combo),(Energy Shielding),(Gas Bombs).
UltraMegaMagnus: Batman Beyond (Explosive Batarang).

If you find any errors, please write to me!!!

GET IT HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pct3qkk1z979rh1/The_Witcher_-_Geralt_of_Rivia__%2528Dimonpru%2529.7z/file
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Re: Dimonpru Mods: Geralt of Rivia
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2023, 06:07pm »
Congratulations on your first mod!!! Another graduate of "The Guide" shines through. I dig it. :rockon:

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Re: Dimonpru Mods: Geralt of Rivia
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2023, 11:01pm »
Congratulations on your first mod!!! Another graduate of "The Guide" shines through. I dig it. :rockon:

Thank you very much! Without your tutorials, I wouldn't be able to do anything! 🙏🙏🙏