Improved Unlockables

Started by Rampage, January 29, 2022, 05:35PM

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January 29, 2022, 05:35PM Last Edit: July 09, 2024, 09:51PM by Rampage
[shadow=teal,left][glow=teal,2,300]Improved Unlockables v15.6

This mod allows for many vanilla & modded characters to be unlocked through story progression. This mod also brings back many of the achievements found in the other versions of the game where Xbox achievements and PlayStation Trophies were rewarded.

[shadow=teal,left][glow=teal,2,300]Important Notes[/glow][/shadow]
* Before installing this mod, I'd highly recommend you to install the latest version of OCP and 50 or 36 Roster hack to your game first since this mod includes support for characters from those mods.
* This mod is compatible with Outsider's EXG mod. Install Improved Unlockables after installing EXG, if using Mod Organizer 2 then place Improved Unlockables below EXG.
* This mod is not compatible with Realistic Story Regression.
* For simple installation instructions, please download the mod and look at the MUST READ.txt file.
* If you don't want your characters locked but still want unlockable achievements, use the unlock all characters cheat code.

[shadow=teal,left][glow=teal,2,300]v15.6 Notes[/glow][/shadow]
* 3 new achievements
* Fixed a game crash when picking up the Mutant Amplifier

[shadow=teal,left][glow=teal,2,300]Latest Files/Download[/glow][/shadow] - Latest Files/Download
[shadow=teal,left][glow=teal,2,300]All Unlockable Characters & Achievements List[/glow][/shadow] - All Unlockable Characters & Achievements List

[shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]TODO List[/glow][/shadow]
1. None

[shadow=purple,left][glow=purple,2,300]Credits[/glow][/shadow] - Rampage, Metal Venger1, lotomot0, ak2yny for all of his help and advice, Enchlore for Hank Pym unlockable, Huge thanks to all of the X Voice contributors and the modding community as I have included many modded characters from MarvelMods to be unlockable with this mod.

How do I add new characters not on the list, like the Punisher to the list of unlockable characters?

Quote from: red41804 on December 29, 2022, 08:56PM
How do I add new characters not on the list, like the Punisher to the list of unlockable characters?

I just added both Punisher and Punisher 2099 character mods to the unlockables mod. Thanks for suggesting this. For future reference, the excel sheet is locked just so I can edit it and no one else. If you or anyone else wants to suggest an addition to the mod, please message me on discord at Rampage#0841