I Found A Game-Breaking Glitch in MUA1

Started by Dancing Goku, August 10, 2023, 12:35PM

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August 10, 2023, 12:35PM Last Edit: August 10, 2023, 09:29PM by Dancing Goku
You know how bosses are invulnerable and can hit you while you attack them? Say you are doing a comic mission with the Thing :thing:, and you get annoyed at how the Rhino :rhino: can combo you to oblivion with his horn uppercut thing. What can you do to counter him?

Good news, if you attack him twice with the basic attack, immediately block, and immediately basic attack twice and rinse and repeat, the boss cannot attack you and will be stuck in an idle animation. I tried this on the Thing :thing: and Captain America :capamer: comic missions on the PS4 Remaster, and the Spider-Man :spidergirl: comic mission on the 2006 PC version. Don't think this works on huge bosses like Fin Fang Foom :sauron:

Good luck on stopping the human trafficker in the rhino costume! (Yes, Rhino did try to sell Mr. Fantastic in the comic mission)