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Started by Escanor610, August 16, 2023, 10:54AM

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August 16, 2023, 10:54AM Last Edit: July 21, 2024, 08:33PM by Escanor610
Hiya everyone, I'm just making a thread for the sake of achieving anything I do decide to make in the future. Most of what i plan to do  are just reskins and model porting whilst I'm still getting my Barings with the different pieces of software. I am currently looking into converting skins from other games for existing characters before I try to make new models for them. if nothing else these should be good for a laugh. Have fun.


Additional MFF animations:

Skins and Models:
10th Anniversary Miles Morales

Abyss/Mayhem Skin

Additional Spidery Skin (Exoskeleton Arana) :

Agent Mania

All New Wolverine (X-23)-MFF :

Amazing Friends Skin Pack:
Skins for Wolverine, Firestar, Nova (Sam Alexander), Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ironfist, Miles Morales

Ash Williams Skin Pack 1:

Bad Boxart Megaman

Ben Reilly Skins:

Black Knight skins Classic and Gallant:

Blacksuit Jessica Drew MH Custom:

Bonesaw-Movie assets:

Boricua Suit Miles Morales:

Bouncer Big Daddy (Bio-Shock) Mannequin:

Cammy White King Cosplay

Carl Weathers Jax

Classic Shadow Cat Marvel Heroes:

Classic Static (Shock):

Cosmic Spider-Man-Miles Morales (Original model by CaiqueWebslingerBrazil)

Collection of Spider-girl

Costume Pack 1 (DC)

Custom Kaine 121802 Skin

Cyber Skarlet

Dexter Soy's Captain Marvel:,iwp041d71yh89up/shared

Doc Samson Skin Pack (Classic , EMH, Thunderbolts, Shield Agent)

Evil Ash (Army of Darkness Skin and Mannequin):

Excelsior Hulk:

Fortnite She-Hulk and Jen Walters

Frankencastle MH Model:

GotG uniforms: Adam Warlock, Yondu,  Gamora:

Gwen Tennyson Protector of Earth Skins:

Halo Weapons Pack


Jade MKM Skin

Khameleon M1K Model:

Kiteman Model and Assets:

Krakoan Firestar:

Larfleeze rigged models:

Lion-O 2011 Skin

M1K Kenshi (Default):

Malekith ANAD and WotRs Future Fight:

Marvel's the Buzz: Skin and Mannequin:

Marvel Future Revolution Lizard:

Marvel Game Skins V1: (Skins for Mantis, Gwenpool, Squirrel Girl, Black Knight, Yondu, Luna Snow)

Mattie Franklin's Final Costume:

Mercs For Money Pack Featuring all their Deadpool alts:

MFF Chasm:

MFR Ultimate Ironman:

MH ANAD Wolverine (X-23) Skin Pack featuring X-Force, Krakoa Era, Classic and Uncanny:

Midnight Sun (Game) Ghost Rider :

Miles Morales Evolved Suit:

Modern Adam Warlock-MFF:

Mortal Kombat Mobile Skins 1: (Skins for Kabal, Johnny Cage, Shang Tsung, Raiden, Rain, Reptile, Ermac, Sub-zero, Noob Saibot etc.)

Ms Marvel-Spider-man variant outfit:

MSW Ghost

MUA3 Mysterio:

Mysterious Ash Williams Skin:

Neversoft Spidey:

Nicholas Hammond Spider-Man:

Panda Chun-Li (Costume Swap)

Peter B & Mayday:

Phantom Armor Zelda:

Power Ranger Skins (Street Fighter) (Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Ken):

Psylocke from the Spongebob Movie:

Punisher- War Journal Costume MFF:

Raimi Mysterio (PC):

Rulk Symbiote of Vengence:

Sentry: Darkness Merged MFF:

Smoke Mortal Kombat 1(2)

SMU 2099 Pack

Spider-Canada Skin

Spider-Gwen Skins:
Includes SMU models of ...
Black Suit Spider-Girl,
Symbiote Spider-Girl,
Spider-Girl Blue,
Scarlet Spider,
Scarlet Spider (Dream Variant),
Spider-Girl (No Webshooters)

Spider-Man India ATSV Skin:

Spider-Man Supreme :

Spider-Man Unlimited Default Model:

Spider-Verse Skin Pack 1:
SM2 Custom Chasm,
 ITSV Gwen ,
Strike Force Gwen,
Stealth Silk, Swimsuit Silk (MFF)
, Custom Punk Gwen,
 Mangaverse Spider-Man and Woman
Spider-mans 1602 and 2211
Spider-Man India,
Spider Jameson,
Steel Spider,
Iron Spider,
Spider-Punk Classic.

Spider-Verse Skin Pack 2:
ANAD Blacksuit Spider-Man,
Spider-Man Fake Red Custom,
Blood Spider Classic,
Blood Spider Modern,
Spider-Woman Jessica Drew (Red and Black variant),
Mania (Thunderbolts Variant),
Spiderling/Annie Parker,
Spider-Boy (Bailey Briggs),
Superior Spider-Boy,
Mary Jane /Spider-island Variant,
Mary Jane Spider-Island,
Mary Jane/Venom,
Iron Spider MJ,
Web Warriors Mayday

Spider-Verse Skin Pack 3:
Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man 2099 ANAD
Spider-Woman ANAD
Arachnido Jr.
Big Time Costume
Big Time Stealth
Captain Spider
Cyber Scarlet Spider
Cyborg Spider-Man
Scarlet Spider (Ben)
Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
Scarlet Spider (Ultimate 2024)
Secret War Suit
Sensational Spider-Man
Silk -Web suit
Silk- Modern
The Goblin
The Other
Ultimate Black Widow
Ultimate Picotech
Ultimate Spider-Woman
Ultimate Throwback Spider-Woman
Unlimited Spider-Man
Venom 2099

Spider-Women Suit Pack:

Stephanie Brown Batgirl (Recolor):

Sun-Lord- Marvel Super War (Star-Lord skin):

Supaidaman Battlizers

Super War Taskmaster Alternate Colors:

Superior Octopus MFF No Tentacles:

TASM 1 Game Skins (TASM, TASM Belt and Cross Species Skins)

TASM 2 Black Cat

The Mandarin-Armored Adventures:

The Undertaker: WWE Immortals Skins:

Ultimate Jessica Drew Alts:

Ultimate Spider-Man: Nova Edit:

Uncanny Spider-Man (Nightcrawler) Custom MH Skin:

Various ITSV SP//DR Models:

Wave Skins

Weapon Hex Model and Mannequin

What If Ultron:

White Cosmic Ghost Rider:

White Tiger MFF:

Widow Symbiote Black Widow:

Winter Gwenpool:

August 16, 2023, 06:02PM #1 Last Edit: August 16, 2023, 06:04PM by Ceamonks890
Thanks! Its a rather decent reskin too. I've updated the Invincible mod with your skin and credited you accordingly.

Welcome aboard by the way :)

January 01, 2024, 06:04PM #2 Last Edit: July 21, 2024, 08:33PM by Escanor610

Howdy. Long story short, I wanted to try my hand at modding in characters for this game. I'll admit I still don't know a lot about it but the experience was something to say the least. Anyways this mod here is for an Original Character called Colossa/Terra Olivia. They're a character that a friend of mine (who goes by Jedicarus) created a while ago as an expy into the Marvel Universe. Over time me and him have added to the character, spun her off into her own fanfiction and even created some alternate variations of her to occupy different realities.

I figured tackling an OC first would be preferable as to temper expectations for characters people may have a connection to. It's the perfect way to test things out without having to worry about disappointing people so here she is. In the file there should be a pdf written by him explaining who the character is for those interested. Her 3rd costume is also a reference to one of his fanfictions that sets her up with slightly more magic based powers. Feel free to ask about it. Or give advice for what I could do in the future. This is largely a test for future more complicated projects. As such I don't think I'll be updating it beyond maybe adding the additional huds and an alternate skin or two. Future Mods will likely have more overall care put into them..

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far and helped this trainwreck make it to the station.

Thank you to Outsider for the guide and for walking me through some coding errors early on.
Thank you to SuperMaster10 for agreeing to test things out to make sure they are fairly functional.
Thank you to Ceamonks890 for the voice files as well as for just checking the code and catching errors I was making. They were a real help especially, and I think I have a better understanding of what's happening now.

This Mod includes the following:

-5 Powers, 2 Boosts and an Xtreme.
4 hex-edited skins, 1 HUD and mannequin.
Voice files of Kitty Pryde from Marvel Heroes
Note:Mannequin clashes with Toxin and Carnage .
Skins use 17915-17918
Known Issues:
Street Wear Skin seems to be stuck in the floor at times. Needs to be reexported.
Streetwear and Winter wear costumes need to be reexported to fix issues with the shoulders.
Attacks seemingly do low damage
Colossa's Download:
ProfEscanor/Escanor610-Mod Creation and Skin Porting
Ceamonks890- Guidance, Coding Assistance as well as Voice and Sound Files.
Outsider- Assistance in Code Reading and entity spawning.
SuperMaster10- Guidance in entity spawning and Code Reading.
Jedicarus - Co-creator of the character.

March 03, 2024, 01:25PM #3 Last Edit: April 29, 2024, 07:46PM by Escanor610
Due to the ever growing need to create new custom assets to represent characters, I've decided to start cataloguing custom skins and mannequins for characters who are less fortunate when it comes to video game appearances. Most of these will be Marvel but some will be DC. Either way I hope to post some more here very soon so we can start filling the Marvel universe. Here's one to start. I will upload images once a few more are added here, for now have this.


Golden Girl/Elisabeth Ross:

Doc Magus/Dormagus:

Colonel Jupiter/John Jameson III:

March 07, 2024, 05:54PM #4 Last Edit: March 07, 2024, 06:05PM by Escanor610
Mighty The Armadillo

Uses Assigned Number 151. Clashes with Sonya Blade and Goblin Queen in the Mannequin.
Uses 15111-15112 for costumes to avoid clashes (There are two more optional outfits in the xtras folder for those interested.)

Mighty the Armadillo is one of Sonic's oldest friends, dating back to the Sega Sonic The Arcade Game in in 1993. He even teamed up with Knuckles in the past during the events of Knuckles' Chaotix to give the Good Doctor a taste of his super strength. Despite the name, he's actually a gentle soul who hates violence. That doesn't mean he isn't willing to dish some of it out to protect his friends so when he discovered he was stuck in a new location without any explanation It was clear that there was no time for relaxation.

It didn't take long for the raging armadillo to bump into his old pal Sonic and it took even less time for them to agree to join the effect in taking down someone who's even worse than Eggman. After all, you can't be part of the Chaotix and not help out Sonic and friends. He's nearly as fast as the Blue Blur himself and nearly as strong as Knuckles, making up the Power of Team  Mighty. Originally cut from the release of Sonic Heroes, Mighty jumps into the Modern Era with his Archie design.

This Mod Features 4 Hex Edited Skins.
5 Powers,  2 Boosts and 1 Xtreme.

Download Link:
ProfEscanor-Models, Boltons, Coding.
Ceamonks890- Voices,sound effects,Visual effects , loadscreen images icons and Coding assistance and guidance=.
Outsider- Coding assistance perticularly concerning the Batmobile coding.
Mighty the Armadillo mdoels by DarkHedgehog23 on Deviantart.


April Parker/Mayhem Character Swap:
Coming Soon

Beta Ray Bill Booster V1:
Includes 6 new skins, and removes Thor's boltons so he can play more seamlessly. Also makes sure all effects are in Bill's effect folder. I intend to update this eventually to make it more unique but for now he's the same mod with minor tweaks.

July 11, 2024, 10:37AM #6 Last Edit: July 11, 2024, 10:48AM by Escanor610
Spider-Woman III/Mattie Franklin

The niece of everyone's favourite Daily Bugle owner is quite the unique hero in the Spider-Verse. Having gotten her powers from a twisted ritual called the "Gathering of the Five". No one knew what curse or gift one would receive from the ritual, and young Martha "Mattie" Franklin hit the jackpot by gaining super strength and the gift of flight. Having taken the chance of power away from Norman Osborn. Now what was a teen girl supposed to do with new found superpowers? Become a superhero of course! First donning Spider-Man's suit during a time when he was missing and later donning multiple suits of her own as she tried to figure out just what kind of hero she was meant to be.

Unlike her uncle, Mattie idolised the wallcrawler. Even having a crush on the masked marvel, so it was only a matter of time before she would become the third person to don the moniker of Spider-Woman. Of course, with great power comes great enemies trying to take that power and during a convoluted series of events Mattie and the other Spider-Women would have to fight Charlotte Witter, the granddaughter of Madame Web who had been turned into a mutated monster hellbent on being the sole spider-totem alive. Charlotte possessed the ability to steal powers, something she'd use on all 3 women before setting her sites on Spider-Man himself.

Unfortunately for the self proclaimed "Only Spider-Woman" since Mattie's powers were mystical in nature, she was able to steal not just her own but the powers of the others back. Permanently giving Mattie the abilities of Jessica Drew, Charlotte Witter and Julia Carpenter whilst also giving Madame Web the chance to restore Jessica and Julia's powers by channelling the gift of power. Despite her young age, Mattie was now the strongest of the totems, now able to throw Spider-Man through buildings thanks to her further enhanced strength.

Sensing that something was amiss with the fabric of reality, Madame Web and the other Spider-Women (sans Charlotte who conveniently fell into a coma) would begin to train Mattie to unlock more about the "Gift of Power" she had received from the ritual. This would lead to the girl learning to blend abilities together, from channelling psionic webbing enhanced by venom blasts, to being able to shoot lasers from her newly acquired psionically controlled Spider-Legs.

It wouldn't be all sunshine and rainbows though. She still had to live with Spidey's biggest hater without revealing her secret, She would also have to deal with being kidnapped and harvested for a street drug capable of giving people temporary mutations. After being freed by Jessica Jones, Mattie would have a lot to think about as she entered her adult years. Deciding to learn how to be a Private Investigator under Jessica Jones so she could get a job at the Bugle and help those who are in trouble in ways that Spider-Woman couldn't. When mysterious people started to appear across New York and her own uncle's radio show was put on hold, Mattie knew it was time to put the Gift of Power to use and keep an eye on the old man. It doesn't matter how many werewolves or hunters try and kill her, she's a Jameson now and they're too stubborn to give up when people need help. With Madame Web to guide her and her loudmouth of an uncle distracting who knows what, it was time for her to fly. As Spider-Man had told her many times before, with great power, there must also come great responsibility. She was no longer some inexperienced Excelsior reject. She was the Amazing Spider-Woman. Plus any excuse to see her teenhood crush was always good for her having not found a partner yet.

11 Skins
2 Mannequins
10 Powers
Voice Files
2 Load Screens

Uses number 88 and thus Will clash with Noob Saibot (MK), The Umbrella Academy, Hellstrom, Hulk (Ang Lee) and Skrull Commando in the mannequin. Additionally uses audio of Ashley Johnson's Spider-Gwen from Marvel Heroes.


Gift of Kicks (Power)- Perform a chargeable Spin Kick towards incoming enemies, and regain some health in the process.

Splintered Venom (Power)- Shoot a charged venom blast that is capable of splintering off and hitting multiple enemies.

Power Fantasy (Power)- Charge towards enemies with the gift of flight without a care in the world.

Dirty Trick (Power)- Dance around and trip people as if they are just school yard bullies.

Repurposed Slayers (Power)- Borrowing some prototypes from her aunt, Mattie spawns a few little bots to take hits for her for a limited time.

Psionic Shockwave (Power)-Shoot a concussive shockwave outwards to mess up enemies at once.

Pre-Cognitive Itch (Boost)- Time slows down as Mattie taps into Charlotte's Psychic powers.

Hypnosis (Boost)- Taking a page out of Charlotte's play book, Mattie shows off to hypnotise thugs into doing her bidding.

Psi-Fists (Boost)- With the Venom Blasts of Jessica Drew and the Psionic Webbing of Julia Carpenter, smack enemies into neck week with electric energy!

Gift of Power (Xtreme)- Channelling the magic nature of her powers, Mattie unleashes a massive shockwave of venom based energy to strike enemies down for good.

Mod Download:

ProfEscanor: Mod creation, Voice Files, Skins, Coding, Effects, HUDs,Boltons
Ceamkonks890: Guidance and Coding Fixes
SuperMaster10: Guidance and Coding Fixes, Help with Effects, Tutorial on sound files.
Enigma- Provided Ripped Audio from Lego Marvel Superheroes and Marvel Heroes respectfully.
Jake Rutigliano (YT)- Ripped Spider-Gwen Audio (Marvel Heroes Omega)
Ashley Johnson-Spider-Gwen Audio (Marvel Heroes Omega)
Kari Wahlgren- Invisible Woman's Grunts (Lego Marvel Superheroes)
Hayley566-Bowie/Spinneret Design on Deviantart
Blaw-Custom Mattie Franklin (Retro Suit) skin and hud