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Started by Enigma, September 07, 2022, 05:15PM

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September 07, 2022, 05:15PM Last Edit: January 20, 2024, 08:55PM by Enigma
:phoenix:Enigma's Dark Phoenix Mod v2.0 :phoenix:


This is my Dark Phoenix mod. It contains the following improvements over the original version by Matt710:

Sound Changes:
*Includes a voicepack featuring her unused XML2 PC voices by Leigh Allen Baker, who also plays Jean Grey in both XML games.
-I've expanded her set of voices by repurposing one of her unused Can't Talk lines and one of her unused Sight lines as Bored lines and having her 6 menu break lines also be used for normal voice lines, because they fit perfectly.
*Her grunts are a combination of Jean's XML1 and XML2 grunts, since Dark Phoenix just uses Jean's XML2 grunts in the PSP version.
-One of Dark Phoenix's Epitaphs is a grunt which isn't used by Jean in XML1 or XML2 so I've used that as another Death grunt instead of an Epitaph.
*Includes all-new power sounds sourced from Dark Phoenix's PSP power sounds (which I found in high quality among the XML2 UK DVD's Spanish audio files), the only power sound of Jean's from XML1 that isn't reused in XML2, Dark Phoenix's power sounds from the cancelled game Marvel Chaos (some of which I've edited), Phoenix's power sounds from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Jean's Marvel Heroes power sounds, and Jean's XML2 Flight and Telekinesis power sounds.
-All powers now have unique power sounds, but her flight and Telekinesis sounds are the same as Jean's.

Power Changes:
*Rewrote her power descriptions to fix typos, spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors, and to actually explain what her powers do.
*Added coding to her herostat allowing her to see cloaked enemies like Jean can.
*Added Cosmic Telekinesis, as she was missing a Telekinesis power. It does Fire damage upon lifting the enemy instead of Mental damage to differntiate it from Jean's Telekinesis power.
*I've replaced her Phoenix Force Blast power, her Phoenix Rage Radial power, and her Mind Erode Debuff power with a new radial that I called Mind Erode, which causes enemies to either trip or become confused.
*I combined and modified the Debuffs EnergyAbsorb and EnergyAbsorb2 (which were the same power but 2 affected only her and 1 affected only the other 3 party members) into a new Debuff called Lifeforce Absorbtion that affects the entire party.
-Rebalanced it.
-Its leveling information now tells the player it only lasts for 3 seconds.
-Corrected leveling information to say it uses EP instead of HP.
-Corrected AI.
-Changed animation to one that's very close to the one both powers use in the PSP version.
-Removed the impact effect because you can barely even see it anyway. It also doesn't really need it, and it means I can cut down on the number of effects she has.
*Renamed Cosmic Immunity to Cosmic Resistance.
-She has Mental Immunity by default instead of through this power.
-Now increases her resistances to Fire, Elemental, Radiation, and Energy.
-Rebalanced levels of resistances
*Renamed Force Mastery to Cosmic Mastery and fixed some coding issues with it and rebalanced it.
-I also removed the resurrection part of it. It was too overpowered, was unbalanced, and no default characters have anything like this so it didn't really fit in with them and their powers.
-Fixed a bug with the coding of its Critical chance leveling.
*Replaced her Force Empowerment passive with 2 new passives: Cosmic Deflection which lets her deflect projectiles, and Flaming Combat which adds Fire damage to Melee attacks.
*Renamed Inferno to Cosmic Pyrokinesis.
-It's now a Blast instead of a Debuff.
-Besides the initial Fire damage it does, it now also does Fire damage over time.
-Rebalanced range of power and how much damage it does.
*Only 1 power had combotext, so all powers now have it.
*Added Matter Transmutation, where she throws a spike that can turn an enemy into an object and can levelup to increase the number of spikes.
*Greatly simplified the coding for Mind Over Matter and fixed multiple issue with it, as it was unnecessarily overcomplicated.
*Rebalanced Mind Over Matter, because it gave a random chance to do any of the following to multiple enemies: flinging the enemy around from very far away, stun them, instantly kill them, convert them or have them attack themself (which didn't work because it needs something for the enemy to do to attack themself like trip and it didn't have anything like that). That's just way too overpowered and unbalanced.
-Now this power gives a chance to either stun the enemy or fling them around, only has an effect for the wormhole part, and has much simpler coding.
-I've also reduced its range because it was way too large.
-It now requires Telekinesis.
*Cosmic Shield now levels up to protect all allies. It also now has a time limit and absorbs all Physical damage while active because the way it was before, where it stayed active until it absorbed a set amount of damage just isn't a good idea.
*Replaced her Xtremes with 2 new Xtremes
-Her first Xtreme is Burn, which now has the same name as her first Xtreme callout and is based upon a normal Dark Phoenix power I removed called Space Warp Inferno but is greatly improved in every way and actually works now.
-Her second Xtreme is Temporal Manipulation, which increases the amount of Techbits, Health Packs and Energy Packs that spawn.
*Rebalanced EP usage, as most of her powers barely used any EP.
*Rebalanced the order of her powers,what levels they unlock at, and what unlock requirements they have.
*Removed Energize, Weld, and Force FX from multiple powers. These don't make sense for Dark Phoenix's powers to do, and in the case of Force FX, it doesn't appear to do anything. Also, Weld doesn't appear to be used in XML2.
*All powers now have combo text and AI.
*Made Cosmic Resistance text more clear.
*Fixed how Cosmic Shield nullifies Physical damage.
*Cosmic Shield no longer uses EP twice after leveling up to include the whole party.
*Removed unnecessary lines of code.

Visual Changes:
*New skins, conversation huds, 3D heads, and icons by BaconWizard17
*New official loading screens I found that in higher quality than the original in-game versions.
*I've remade her character select portrait using a higher quality version of her XML2 loading screen that I found.
*I've removed her orange cloud aura because I thought it looked really bad, and she just doesn't need an orange cloud around her all the time. Plus, it allowed me to cut down on the number of effects she has.
*Her flying effect is now in her herostat instead of as its own trigger coding in her powerstyle.
*She has a new set of effects. I've taken her original PSP effects and changed the orange to a different more fitting shade and created new effects done in the same style as the PSP ones. 
*I've drastically cut down on the number of effects she has. nodoubt_jr's mod has 46 effects, which I've cut down to 19 in order to avoid any effects limitation issues.
-Removed 5 of the 6 effects that Mind Over Matter used, and recolored the one I kept, as it had way too many and the main power effect is enough on its own.
-Removed the aura that appears on enemies in Cosmic Pyrokinesis because it's not needed and to reduce the number of effects.
-The effect that appears on her hand during Cosmic Pyrokinesis is now on the hand that raises up to do the power, because it makes no sense for it to be on the hand that doesn't move.
*Changed her mini convo hud (which is what's used in the main menu Danger Room) to the correct number.
*For her Matter Transmutation power, I've made a new object for her to transform enemies into. It's a box that uses textures that I ripped from the PSP-exclusive Dark Phoenix mission map.
*Includes higher quality versions of Jean's XML2 loading screen, the XML1 Phoenix 70s loading screen, and Dark Phoenix's unused PC loading screen, all of which I've AI Upscaled to further improve their quality.

Misc Changes
*Her skins are now numbered 0211-0219.
*I made new package files to match her new skin numbers, so that her power icons can be in higher resolution in the character select menu, and so that she can have a unique conversation hud and 3D head for every skin.
*I also modified her talents file so that her power icons can be in higher resolution in the character select menu.
*She only has 8 skins by default, which are the same ones she'll have by default in the XML2 Ultimate Patch, but the option for 9 is available to you and 2 bonus skins are available for you to choose from.
-These are also the X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch new streamlined packages.
*Redid her herostat file to remove unneeded code and mistakes, to set up her new skin numbers, to rebalance her starting stats, and to make various other fixes.
*Removed all unneeded and unnecessary files.

*Bonus Skins: Gladiator and Ultimate XML1 skins hex edited for Dark Phoenix. Include their own unique 3D heads and conversation huds
*Non-Cel Shaded Skins
*Bonus Loading Screens: Custom Dark Phoenix Ultimate XML1, Custom Dark Phoenix Ultimate XML2, Dark Phoenix MUA1 Epilogue, Jean Grey Ultimate XML1, Phoenix Gladiator XML1
*Bonus Conversation Huds: Custom Dark Phoenix MUA1 Epilogue, Custom Dark Phoenix Ultimate XML1, Custom Dark Phoenix XML2, Custom Phoenix Gladiator XML1, Jean Grey Ultimate XML1, Jean Grey Ultimate XML2, Phoenix XML1
*Bonus Character Select Portraits: Custom Dark Phoenix Ultimate XML1 CSP, Custom Dark Phoenix Ultimate XML2 CSP, Custom Jean Grey Ultimate XML1 CSP, Dark Phoenix MUA1 Epilogue CSP, Phoenix Gladiator XML1 CSP, Phoenix XML1 CSP
*Alternate Matter Transmutation Crate: an alternate crate for her Matter Transmutation power that uses a different texture that I ripped from the PSP version of XML2.


-Rebalanced how much damage Mind Over Matter does.
-Streamlined powerstyle coding.
-Removed "Can build bridges" from Cosmic Telekinesis's description because it can't because it does Fire damage instead of Mental or Telekinesis damage.
-The Bleed damage part of Cosmic Pyrokinesis now does Fire damage instead.
-Rebalanced Cosmic Pyrokinesis.
-Minor fix to Lifeforce Absorption.
-Cosmic Empowerment now adds Fire damage to Melee attacks instead of Radiation damage, because Radiation damage was too overpowered and Fire damage makes more sense for Dark Phoenix.
-Renamed Cosmic Empowerment to Flaming Combat.
-Added trail effect for Flaming Combat.
-Cosmic Telekinesis now unlocks at level 1 instead of level 7.
-Mind Erode's description now says it can build bridges.
-Removed unnecessary lines of code.
-Fixed how Cosmic Shield nullifies Physical damage.
-Cosmic Shield no longer uses EP twice after leveling up to include the whole party.
-Fixed a bug with the coding of Cosmic Mastery's Critical chance leveling.
-Minor typo fix in talents file.
-Fixed an issue with how Cosmic Empowerment worked.
-Made Cosmic Resistance text more clear.
-Fixed an issue with her packages causing her powers not to work. (Thanks to BaconWizard17 for fixing them.)

*Matt710: original Dark Phoenix mod
*BaconWizard17: skins, huds, 3D heads, icons, character select portrait, Phoenix XML1 and Custom Dark Phoenix XML1 bonus conversation huds, showing me how to make the new box model, and feedback
*Enchlore: Feedback
*Generic Unit: Feedback

Here's her powers list:

Cosmic Pyrokinesis - Engulfs enemies with intensely-burning cosmic flames, causing $DMG_BLEED.
Cosmic Telekinesis - Gives Dark Phoenix the ability to lift and throw objects and enemies. Can build bridges.
Mind Erode - A powerful wave of Psychic Energy that erodes enemies' mental faculties, causing them to become immobilized for a time.
Mind Over Matter - Dark Phoenix opens up multiple tiny wormholes and flood the area with Telekinetic Energy, causing enemies to randomly become either stunned or get flung across the room.
Lifeforce Absorption - Dark Phoenix drains the enemy's lifeforce and restores a portion of the entire party's $HP.
Matter Transmutation - Throws a homing spike of Mental Energy that has a chance of transmutating the target into an object.

Cosmic Shield - Dark Phoenix pulls Cosmic Energy from the space around her and uses it to nullify all $DMG_PHYSICAL for a time. Can level up to also protect the entire party.
Cosmic Absorption - Dark Phoenix's Cosmic powers allow her to nullify all $DMG_ENERGY and reduce her $EP consumption for a time.

BURN - Dark Phoenix creates a quantum singularity, allowing her to teleport around the room and burn multiple enemies.
TEMPORAL MANIPULATION - Dark Phoenix manipulates time and space to increase the number of Techbit, Health Pack, and Energy Pack drops.

Cosmic Deflection - Gives Dark Phoenix a chance to deflect incoming projectiles.
Cosmic Mastery - Increases damage and Critical chance of all Mental and Fire attacks.
Cosmic Resistance - Increases Dark Phoenix's Energy, Radiation, Elemental, and Fire resistances.
Cosmic Empowerment - Gives all Melee attacks a chance to flood enemies' bodies with harmful Cosmic Radiation.