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This is a checklist for the Fantastic Four and their cast of characters within the Marvel Universe who have playable mods available at Marvel Mods.

For the sake of clarification, iconic supporting characters like Alicia Masters & HERBIE were not included on these lists, due to not being fighters. The supervillain Hate-Monger was also not included in the list of rogues, due to him being... well, a clone of Adolf Hitler (which is not exactly appropriate for a mod in any video game, never mind Marvel Ultimate Alliance).

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Original Founders
MR. FANTASTIC (Reed Richards) – November 1961 :done:
INVISIBLE WOMAN (Susan Storm-Richards) – November 1961 :done:
HUMAN TORCH (Johnny Storm) – November 1961 :done:
THE THING (Ben Grimm) – November 1961 :done:

Later Recruits/Allies
UATU THE WATCHER (N/A)- April 1963 :done:
SILVER SURFER (Norrin Radd)- March 1966 :done:
WYATT WINGFOOT (N/A)- May 1966 :done:
CRYSTAL (Crystallia Amaquelin) – December 1968 :done:
AGATHA HARKNESS (N/A)- January 1970 :done:
MEDUSA (Medusalith Amaquelin) – December 1972 :done:
THUNDRA (N/A)- December 1972
LUKE CAGE (Carl Lucas/Lucas Cage) – December 1975 :done:
NOVA (Frankie Raye) – November 1981
SHE-HULK (Jennifer Walters) – January 1984 :done:
LYJA (N/A)- April 1984
COMET MAN (Stephen Beckley)- February 1987
MISS MARVEL/SHE-THING (Sharon Ventura) – June 1987 :done:
GHOST RIDER (Daniel Ketch)- December 1990 :done:
HULK/JOE FIXIT (Robert Bruce Banner)- December 1990 :done:
SPIDER-MAN (Peter Parker)- December 1990 :done:
WOLVERINE (James Howlett)- December 1990 :done:
ANT-MAN (Scott Lang) – November 1993 :done:
NAMORITA (Namorita Prentiss)- May 2001 :done:
BLACK PANTHER (T'Challa)- March 2007 :done:
STORM (Ororo Munroe)- March 2007 :done:
POWERHOUSE (Franklin Richards)- July 2008
BRAINSTORM (Valeria Richards)- July 2008
FLUX (Dennis Sykes)- September 2010
MS. THING (Darla Deering)- December 2012
ICEMAN (Robert Drake)- September 2018 :done:

Rogues Gallery
MOLE MAN (Harvey Elder) – November 1961
MIRACLE MAN (Joshua Ayers)- March 1962
NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER (Namor MacKenzie)- May 1962 :done:
DOCTOR DOOM (Victor Von Doom)- July 1962 :done:
KURRGO (N/A)- July 1962
PUPPET MASTER (Phillip Masters)- November 1962 :done:
WIZARD (Bentley Wittman)- November 1962 :done:
TRAPSTER/PASTE-POT PETE (Peter Petruski)- January 1963
IMPOSSIBLE MAN (N/A)- February 1963
RED GHOST (Ivan Kragoff)- April 1963
MAD THINKER (Julius)- June 1963
SUPER-SKRULL (Kl'rt)- September 1963 :done:
RAMA-TUT (Nathaniel Richards)- October 1963
MOLECULE MAN (Owen Reece)- November 1963 :done:
DIABLO (Esteban Corazón de Ablo)- September 1964
KANG THE CONQUEROR (Nathaniel Richards)- September 1964 :done:
IMMORTUS (Nathaniel Richards)- September 1964
ATTUMA (N/A)- December 1964 :done:
DRAGON MAN (N/A)- February 1965 :done:
MAXIMUS THE MAD (Maximus Boltagon)- February 1966
GALACTUS (Galan)- March 1966 :done:
EGO THE LIVING PLANET (N/A)- September 1966
KLAW (Ulysses Klaue)- November 1966
BLASTAAR (N/A)- May 1967 :done:
RONAN THE ACCUSER (N/A)- August 1967 :done:
PSYCHO-MAN (N/A)- November 1967
ANNIHILUS (N/A)- November 1968 :done:
MEPHISTO (N/A)- December 1968 :done:
LIVING MONOLITH (Ahmet Abdol)- March 1969 :done:
LLYRA (N/A)- December 1970
OVERMIND (N/A)- August 1971
AIR-WALKER (Gabriel Lan)- March 1972
BRUTE (Reed Richards of Counter Earth)- May 1972
NICOLAS SCRATCH (N/A)- August 1977
TERRAX THE TAMER (Tyros)- October 1979 :done:
ION (Voletta Todd)- June 1980
KRISTOFF VERNARD (N/A)- October 1982
BEYONDER (N/A)- May 1984
KARISMA (Mary Brown)- May 1984
TERMINUS (N/A)- August 1984
FASAUD (N/A)- November 1987
PAIBOK (N/A)- November 1991 :done:
OCCULUS (N/A)- April 1992
HYPERSTORM (Johnathon Richards)- November 1995
ABRAXAS (N/A)- September 2001
LUCIA VON BARDAS (N/A)- February 2004 :done:
THE MAKER (Reed Richards of Earth-1610)- February 2004
SALAMANDRA (N/A)- August 2004
QUIET MAN ('John Eden')- July 2014
VICTORIOUS (Zora Vukovic)- October 2018 :done: