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This is a checklist for the Justice League and their various members within the DC Universe who have playable mods available at Marvel Mods.

For the sake of giving the DC Universe a good showing, this list only goes as far as 2010, up to the end of the Post-Crisis comic continuity.

So unfortunately beloved characters introduced during the new 52 onward such as Jessica Cruz or Simon Baz for example are not included on this list (due to a major decline in writing quality across the board for much of DC's comic line).

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Original Founders
SUPERMAN (Kal-El/Clark Kent) – March 1960 :done:
BATMAN (Bruce Wayne)- March 1960 :done:
WONDER WOMAN (Diana Prince)- March 1960 :done:
THE FLASH (Barry Allen)- March 1960 :done:
GREEN LANTERN (Hal Jordan)- March 1960 :done:
AQUAMAN (Arthur Curry)- March 1960 :done:
MARTIAN MANHUNTER (J'onn J'onzz)- March 1960 :done:

Original Team Recruits
GREEN ARROW (Oliver Queen)- May 1961 :done:
THE ATOM (Ray Palmer)- September 1962
HAWKMAN (Katar Hol/Carter Hall)- November 1964 :done:
BLACK CANARY (Dinah Drake/Dinah Laurel Lance)- September 1969 :done:
PHANTOM STRANGER (N/A)- December 1972
ELONGATED MAN (Ralph Dibny)- April 1973
RED TORNADO (Ulthoon/John Smith)- July 1973 :done:
GREEN LANTERN (John Stewart)- April 1974 :done:
HAWKGIRL (Shayera Hol/Shiera Hall)- September 1977 :done:
ZATANNA (Zatanna Zatara)- December 1978 :done:
FIRESTORM (Multiple People)- June 1980 :done:

Justice League Detroit
COMMANDER STEEL (Hank Heywood)- October 1984
VIXEN (Mari McCabe)- October 1984
VIBE (Paco Ramone)- October 1984
GYPSY (Cindy Reynolds)- March 1985

Justice League International
BLUE BEETLE (Ted Kord) – April 1987
CAPTAIN MARVEL/SHAZAM (Billy Batson)- April 1987 :done:
DOCTOR FATE (Kent Nelson)- April 1987 :done:
GREEN LANTERN (Guy Gardner)- April 1987
MISTER MIRACLE (Scott Free)- May 1987
DOCTOR LIGHT (Kimiyo Hoshi)- May 1987
BOOSTER GOLD (Michael Carter)- August 1987
CAPTAIN ATOM/MONARCH (Nathaniel Adam)- November 1987 :done:
ROCKET RED (Dimitri Pushkin)- March 1988
FIRE (Beatriz da Costa)- June 1988 :done:
ICE (Tora Olafsdotter)- June 1988 :done:
HUNTRESS (Helena Bertinelli)- September 1989 :done:
LIGHTRAY (Sollis)- September 1990
ORION (N/A)- September 1990
GENERAL GLORY (Joseph Jones)- May 1991
TASMANIAN DEVIL (Hugh Dawkins)- November 1991
MAXIMA (N/A)- June 1992
THE RAY (Ray Terrill)- February 1993
BLACK CONDOR (Ryan Kendell)- February 1993
AGENT LIBERTY (Benjamin Lockwood)- February 1993
BLOODWYND (N/A)- August 1993
THE FLASH (Jay Garrick)- August 1993 :done:

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Justice League Europe
ANIMAL MAN (Buddy Baker) – February 1989
THE FLASH (Wally West)- February 1989 :done:
METAMORPHO (Rex Mason)- February 1989
POWER GIRL (Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr)- February 1989 :done: (Playable through Supergirl)
CRIMSON FOX (Vivian and Constance d'Aramis)- April 1990
BLUE JAY (Jay Abrams)- November 1990
SILVER SORCERESS (Laura Neilsen)- November 1990
MAYA (Chandi Gupta)- May 1993

Justice League Antarctica
MAJOR DISASTER (Paul Booker)- April 1990
G'NORT (Gnort Esplanade G'neeshmacher)- April 1990
MULTI-MAN (Duncan Pramble)- April 1990
BIG SIR (Dufus P. Ratchett)- April 1990
CLUEMASTER (Arthur Brown)- April 1990
CLOCK KING (William Tockman)- April 1990
THE MIGHTY BRUCE (Bruce)- April 1990
SCARLET SKIER (Dren Keeg)- April 1990

Post Zero-Hour Recruits
DESPERO & L-RON (N/A)- May 1994
TRIUMPH (William MacIntyre)- August 1994
NUKLON (Albert Rothstein)- October 1994
OBSIDIAN (Todd Rice)- October 1994
AMAZING MAN (Will Everett III)- October 1994
BLUE DEVIL (Daniel Cassidy)- April 1995
ICEMAIDEN (Sigrid Nansen)- April 1995
MYSTEK (Jennifer Barclay)- August 1995
WONDER TWINS (Zan & Jayna)- May 1996

JLA 1996 Recruits
GREEN LANTERN (Kyle Rayner)- November 1996 :done:
TOMORROW WOMAN (Clara Kendall)- May 1997
AZTEK (Uno/Curt Falconer)- May 1997
GREEN ARROW (Connor Hawke)- September 1997
BATGIRL/ORACLE (Barbara Gordon)- March 1998 :done:
PLASTIC MAN (Patrick O'Brien)- March 1998 :done:
STEEL (John Henry Irons)- March 1998
ZAURIEL (N/A)- March 1998
WONDER WOMAN (Hippolyta)- March 1998
BIG BARDA (Barda Free)- April 1998
JESSE QUICK (Jesse Chambers)- August 1998
HOURMAN (Matthew Tyler)- February 1999
JADE (Jennie-Lynn Hayden)- March 1999
ANTAEUS (Mark Antaeus)- November 1999
MOON MAIDEN (Laura Klein)- October 2000
NIGHTWING (Dick Grayson)- October 2002 :done:
FAITH (N/A)- October 2002
ETRIGAN & JASON BLOOD (N/A)- October 2002
MANITOU RAVEN (N/A)- April 2003

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Justice League Elite
SISTER SUPERIOR (Vera Lynn Black) – August 2004
MENAGERIE (Sonja)- August 2004
COLDCAST (Nathan Jones)- August 2004
NAIF AL-SHEIKH (N/A)- September 2004
BATGIRL/KASUMI/BLACKBAT (Cassandra Cain)- September 2004
MANITOU DAWN (N/A)- September 2004

Post-Infinite Crisis recruits
FIREHAWK (Lorraine Reily)- October 2006
SUPER-CHIEF (Jon Standing Bear)- October 2006
BULLETEER (Alix Harrower)- October 2006
AMBUSH BUG (Irwin Schwab)- October 2006

One Year Later Recruits
BLACK LIGHTNING (Jefferson Pierce)- March 2007
RED ARROW/ARSENAL (Roy Harper)- March 2007
GEO-FORCE (Brion Markov)- March 2007

Justice Arcana
BLACK ADAM (Teth-Adam)- December 2008 :done:
BLACK ORCHID (Susan Linden)- December 2008
BRAINWAVE (Henry King Jr)- December 2008
CRIMSON AVENGER (Jill Carlyle)- December 2008
CYBORG (Victor Stone)- December 2008 :done:
DEADMAN (Boston Brand)- December 2008
DOCTOR MID-NITE (Pieter Cross)- December 2008
GANGBUSTER (Jose Delgado)- December 2008
GREEN LANTERN (Alan Scott)- December 2008 :done:
LEX LUTHOR (Alexander Luthor)- December 2008 :done:
MISTER TERRIFIC (Michael Holt)- December 2008
NIGHTSHADE (Eve Eden)- December 2008
RAGMAN (Rory Regan)- December 2008
RAVEN (Rachel Roth)- December 2008 :done:
SANDMASTER (Sandy Hawkins)- December 2008
SKYROCKET (Celia Forrestal)- December 2008
STARFIRE (Koriand'r)- December 2008 :done:
STARGIRL (Courtney Whitmore)- December 2008

Cry For Justice/Post Cry For Justice/Generation Lost Recruits
SUPERGIRL (Kara Zor-El/Linda Lang)- September 2009 :done:
STARMAN (Mikaal Tomas)- November 2009
CONGORILLA (William Glenmorgan)- November 2009
GUARDIAN (Jim Harper)- March 2010
MON-EL (Lar Gand)- March 2010
DONNA TROY (N/A)- March 2010 :done:
BLUE BEETLE (Jaime Reyes)- June 2010 :done: