Marvel Strike Force Checklist

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This is a checklist for every character in the mobile game Marvel Strike Force who have playable mods available at Marvel Mods.

217 / 248

Comic Characters
Abomination :done:
Absorbing Man :done:
Adam Warlock :done:
Agatha Harkness :done:
Agent Coulson :done:
Agent Venom :done:
America Chavez :done:
Ant-Man (Scott Lang) :done:
Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock) :done:
Apocalypse :done:
Archangel :done:
Baron Mordo :done:
Baron Zemo :done:
Beast :done:
Beta Ray Bill :done:
Bishop :done:
Black Bolt :done:
Black Cat :done:
Black Knight :done:
Black Panther :done:
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) :done:
Blob :done:
Brawn (Amadeus Cho) :done:
Bullseye :done:
Cable :done:
Captain America :done:
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) :done:
Carnage :done:
Cloak :done:
Colleen Wing :done:
Colossus :done:
Corvus Glaive
Cosmo the Spacedog
Crossbones :done:
Crystal :done:
Cull Obsidian :done:
Cyclops :done:
Dagger :done:
Daken :done:
Daredevil :done:
Dark Beast :done:
Dark Phoenix :done:
Darkhawk :done:
Dazzler :done:
Deadpool :done:
Deathlok :done:
Doctor Doom :done:
Doctor Octopus :done:
Doctor Strange (Classic) :done:
Doctor Voodoo :done:
Domino :done:
Dormammu :done:
Drax the Destroyer :done:
Ebony Maw
Echo :done:
Electro :done:
Elektra :done:
Elsa Bloodstone :done:
Emma Frost :done:
Falcon/Captain America Sam :done:
Fantomex :done:
Firestar :done:
Forge :done:
Gambit :done:
Gamora :done:
Ghost :done:
Ghost Rider (Cosmic) :done:
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) :done:
Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) :done:
Ghost Spider/Spider-Gwen :done:
Green Goblin (MSF Default)
Green Goblin (Classic) :done:
Groot :done:
Gwenom (playable through Spider-Gwen) :done:
Gwenpool :done:
Hawkeye (Clint Barton) :done:
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) :done:
Heimdall :done:
Hela :done:
Hulk (Savage persona) :done:
Hulkbuster (playable through Outsider Iron Man booster) :done:
Human Torch (Johnny Storm) :done:
Iceman :done:
Ikaris :done:
Invisible Woman :done:
Iron Fist :done:
Ironheart :done:
Iron Man :done:
Jessica Jones :done:
Jubilee :done:
Juggernaut :done:
Kang the Conqueror :done:
Karnak :done:
Killmonger :done:
Kingpin :done:
Kitty Pryde :done:
Korath the Pursuer :done:
Kraven the Hunter :done:
Lady Deathstrike :done:
Lizard :done:
Loki :done:
Longshot :done:
Luke Cage :done:
Madelyne Pryor/Goblin Queen :done:
Magik :done:
Magneto :done:
Mantis :done:
Maria Hill (playable through Gun Girls mod) :done:
Mephisto :done:
Mighty Thor/Jane Foster :done:
Mister Fantastic :done:
Mister Negative
Mister Sinister :done:
Misty Knight :done:
Mockingbird :done:
Moon Knight :done:
Moondragon :done:
Moonstone :done:
Morbius :done:
Morgan Le Fay :done:
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) :done:
Multiple Man :done:
Mysterio :done:
Mystique :done:
Namor :done:
Nebula :done:
Negasonic Teenage Warhead :done:
Nemesis/Holocaust :done:
Nick Fury (Director/Ultimate variant) :done:
Nico Minoru :done:
Night Nurse :done:
Nightcrawler :done:
Nova (Richard Rider) :done:
Okoye :done:
Old Man Logan :done:
Omega Red :done:
Peni Parker/SPDR :done:
Phoenix (Jean Grey) :done:
Photon (Monica Rambeau) :done:
Phyla-Vell :done:
Polaris :done:
Proxima Midnight :done:
Psylocke :done:
Punisher :done:
Pyro :done:
Quake :done:
Quicksilver :done:
Red Goblin (Norman Osborn)
Red Guardian
Red Hulk :done:
Red Skull :done:
Rescue :done:
Rhino :done:
Rocket Raccoon :done:
Rogue :done:
Ronan the Accuser :done:
Ronin (Hawkeye) :done:
Sabretooth :done:
Scarlet Spider :done:
Scarlet Witch :done:
Scientist Supreme (Monica Rappaccini)
Sersi :done:
Shang-Chi :done:
Sharon Carter/Agent 13 :done:
Shatterstar :done:
She-Hulk :done:
Shocker :done:
Shuri :done:
Sif :done:
Silver Samurai :done:
Silver Surfer/Void Knight :done:
Spider-Man (2099) :done:
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) :done:
Spider-Man (Noir) :done:
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) :done:
Spider-Man (Symbiote) :done:
Spider-Punk :done:
Spider-Woman :done:
Squirrel Girl :done:
Star-Lord :done:
Stature/Cassie Lang :done:
Storm :done:
Stryfe :done:
Sunfire :done:
Sunspot :done:
Super-Skrull :done:
Swarm :done:
Taskmaster :done:
Thanos :done:
The Leader :done:
The Thing :done:
Thor (Odinson) :done:
Tigra :done:
Titania :done:
Toad :done:
Ultron :done:
Union Jack :done:
US Agent :done:
Venom (Eddie Brock) :done:
Vision :done:
Viv Vision :done:
Vulture :done:
War Machine :done:
White Tiger :done:
Winter Soldier/Bucky :done:
Wolverine :done:
Wong :done:
X-23 :done:
Yelena Belova :done:
Yondu :done:

Generic Minions
AIM Trooper (playable through Minions' International Liberation Front) :done:
Doombot (playable through Minions' International Liberation Front) :done:
Hand Ninja (playable through Minions' International Liberation Front) :done:
Inner Demon
Kree Soldier
Mercenary (playable through Combat Soldier mod) :done:
Multiple Man Duplicates (playable through Multiple Man mods) :done:
SHIELD Agent (playable through Minions' International Liberation Front) :done:
Ultron Drone (playable through Minions' International Liberation Front) :done:
Undead Asgardian (playable through Viking Warrior in Minions' International Liberation Front) :done:

MCU/Sonyverse exclusive variants
Captain Carter :done:
Doctor Strange (Heartless)
Korg :done:
Loki (Teen & Crocodile)
Spider-Man (Pavitr/Spidey India)
Spider-Man (Peter B. Parker)
Star-Lord (T'Challa)
Sylvie :done:
Valkyrie (Runa) :done:
Wasp (Hope Van Dyne)
Yellowjacket (Darren Cross) :done:
Yo-Yo Rodriguez (playable through Agents of SHIELD mods) :done:

Original Characters
Deathpool :done: