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This is a checklist comprising of all main Spider-Men, Women and Pigs across the Spider-verse

Spider-Totems on 616

Peter Parker/Spider-Man (1962):done:
Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider  (1975):done:
Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (1977):done:
Madame Cassandra Web (1980)
Ollie Osnick/Steel Spider (1982) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman/Madame Web (1984):done:
Doppelgänger (1992) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Shannon Kane/Spider-Queen  (616)(1993)
Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider II (1994):done:
Spidercide (1995)
Martha "Mattie" Franklin/Spider-Woman III (1998) (Skin for Spider-woman):done:
Charlotte Whitter/Spider-Woman IV (1999) (Skin for Spider-Woman):done:
Ezekiel Sims (2001):done:
Miguel Legar (2004)
Nina Smith (2004)
Aña Corazón/Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl/Araña (2004):done:
Scarlet Spiders (Patrick, Van and Michael) (2007) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Miles Morales/Spider-Man (2011):done:
Dr. Otto Octavius / Superior Spider-Man/Superior Octopus/Superior Spider-Boy (2012):done:
Gwen Warren/Spider-Girl (2013)
Cindy Moon/Silk (2014):done:
Shift (2021) :done: (skin for Miles)
Selim (2021)
Mindspinner (2021)
Crystal Catawnee/Dream-Spider (2022)
Bailey Briggs/Spider-Boy (2023) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Rek-Rap (2023)

Spider-Totems in Comics

Shannon Kane/Spider-Queen (1941)
Valerie/Spider-Woman (1974)
Betty Brant/Spider-Girl (1977) (Skin for Spider-Girl) :done:
John Jonah Jameson III/Spider-Jameson (Skin for Spider-Man) :done:
Web-man (1977) (Skin for Spider-Man) :done:
May Reilly Parker/Spider-Ma'am (1980) (Playable via Aunt May mod):done:
Peter Porker/Spider-Ham (1983):done:
Michael Bingham/Blood Spider (1992) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099 (1992):done:
Max Bourne/Spider-Man 2211 (1995) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Pete Ross/Spider-Boy (1996)
Mig-El/Spider-Boy 2099 (1996)
Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl MC2(1998):done:
Mayday Parker /Spider-woman (Earth X) (1999):done:
Peter Parker/Ultimate Spider-Man (2000):done:
Gerald Drew/Spider-Man (MC2)(2001)
Felicity Hardy/Scarlet Spider (2002)(Skin for Mayday):done:
Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Mangaverse)(2002) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Mary Jane Watson/Spider-Woman (Mangaverse) (2002) (Skin for Mary Jane Watson):done:
Mary Jane Watson/Spider-Woman (Earth-8545 (Exiles)) (2002)
Peter Parquagh/Spider-Man 1602 (2003) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Sho Amano/Spider-Man J (2004):done:
Pavitr Prabhakar/Spider-Man India (2004) (As a costume for Spider-Man):done:
Zombie Spider-Man (2005)
Jessica Drew/Black Widow/Spider-Woman (Ultimate) (2006) (Skin for Spider-Woman) :done:
Prince Peter Parker of Arachne (2007) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Ashley Barton/Spider-B**** (2008) (Skin for Spider-Girl):done:
April Parker/Mayhem MC2 (2008)  (Playable via Spider-Girl mod) :done:
Peter Parker/Spider-Man Noir (2008) :done:
Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider (2014):done:
Master Weaver/Karn (2014)
Dr. Aaron Aikman/Spider-Man (2014):done:
Peni Parker/Sp//Dr (2014) :done:
Hobart Brown/Spider-Punk (2014):done:
Maybelle Reilly/Lady Spider (2014) (Skin for Aunt May):done:
Billy Braddock/Spider-UK (2014) (As a costume for Spider-Man/Captain Britain):done:
Benjamin Parker/Spider-Man/Spider-Ben (2014):done:
Patrick O'Hara/Web-Slinger & Widow (2014):done:
Arácnido Jr. (2015) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Mary Jane Watson/Spinneret (2015) (Playable via Mary Jane Mod):done:
Gabriel O'Hara/Spider-Man (2017):done:
Peter Parker/Arachknight (2018)
Spider-Zero (2019)
Yu Onomae/Spider-Man Fake Red (2019) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Haruka Hida/Sakura Spider (2020)
Felicia Hardy/Night-Spider (2022)
Charlotte Webber/Sun-Spider (2022)
Cooper Coen/Web-Weaver (2022)
Kraven the Hunter-Spider (2022)
Princess Petra/Spintress & Webster (2022)
J.J.J.J./Headline (2023)
Pter Ptarker/Spider-Rex (2022)

Spider-Totems in Other Media

Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Nicholas Hammond) (1977) (Spawnable via Supaidaman mod):done:
Takuya Yamashiro/Supaidaman (1978):done:
Peter Parker/Neversoft Spider-Man (2000)(Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Raimi) (2002):done:
Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Webb)(2012):done:
Peter Parker/Wolf Spider (2016)
Peter Parker/Spider-Man (MCU) (2016):done:
Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Insomniac) (2018):done:
Miles Morales/Spider-Man (Insomniac (2018) (Skin for Miles) :done:
Miles Morales/Spider-Man ITSV (Skin for Miles Morales)(2018):done:
Gwen Stacy/Madame Web (RoC) (2020)
Gwen Stacy/Ghost Spider (Amazing Friends) (2021) (Skin for Gwen):done:
Miles Morales/Spin (2021) (Skin for Miles):done: