Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Checklist

Started by Ceamonks890, March 26, 2024, 05:56PM

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This is a checklist for every character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, who have playable mods available at MarvelMods for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1.

92 / 100

Playable On-Cartridge Characters
Anti-Venom (alternate costume) :done:
Black Panther :done:
Black Widow :done:
Captain America :done:
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) :done:
Crystal :done:
Daredevil :done:
Deadpool :done:
Doctor Strange :done:
Drax :done:
Elektra (also a boss) :done:
Elsa Bloodstone :done:
Falcon :done:
Gamora :done:
Ghost Rider :done:
Groot :done:
Gwenom (alternate costume)- (playable through Spider-Gwen mod) :done:
Hawkeye :done:
Hulk :done:
Iron Fist :done:
Iron Man :done:
Loki (also a boss) :done:
Luke Cage :done:
Magneto (also a boss) :done:
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) :done:
Nightcrawler :done:
Old Man Logan (alternate costume) :done:
Psylocke :done:
Rocket Raccoon :done:
Scarlet Witch :done:
Spider-Gwen :done:
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) :done:
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) :done:
Star-Lord :done:
Storm :done:
Thanos (also a boss) :done:
Thor :done:
Venom (Eddie Brock)- (also a boss) :done:
Wasp :done:
Wolverine :done:

DLC characters
Blade (DLC) :done:
Cable (DLC) :done:
Colossus (Free Update) :done:
Cyclops (Free Update) :done:
Doctor Doom (also a boss)- (DLC) :done:
Gambit (DLC) :done:
Human Torch (DLC) :done:
Iceman (DLC) :done:
Invisible Woman (DLC) :done:
Jean Grey (DLC) :done:
Moon Knight (DLC) :done:
Morbius (DLC) :done:
Mr. Fantastic (DLC) :done:
Punisher (DLC) :done:
The Thing (DLC) :done:

Supporting characters/NPCs
Ant-Man (Scott Lang) :done:
Beast :done:
Black Bolt :done:
Cosmo the Spacedog
Dora Milaje (technically playable through Okoye mod) :done:
Gorgon :done:
Jessica Jones :done:
Lockjaw (playable through Triton Inhumans mod) :done:
Medusa :done:
Nick Fury (Director) :done:
Nova (Richard Rider) :done:
Odin :done:
Professor X :done:
The Vision :done:
Valkyrie :done:
Winter Soldier :done:

Annihilus (DLC) :done:
Bullseye :done:
Celestial (DLC)
Corvus Glaive
Cull Obsidian :done:
Doctor Octopus :done:
Dormammu :done:
Ebony Maw
Electro :done:
Green Goblin :done:
Hela :done:
Juggernaut :done:
Kingpin :done:
Maximus the Mad
MODOK :done:
Mysterio :done:
Mystique :done:
Nebula :done:
Proxima Midnight :done:
Red Skull :done:
Ronan the Accuser :done:
Sandman :done:
Sentinel :done:
Surtur :done:
Ultimo :done:
Ultron :done:
Ulysses Klaw