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To set this apart from the previous checklist, this will exclude Spider-Totems not found on Earth 616 at the time of writing this. Alternate versions of villains will also not be counted unless they appear on 616 as to avoid too many duplicates. I am however counting Norman Osborn's various identities for the sake of unique variations as well as Doc Ock.



Peter Parker/Spider-Man (1962):done:
Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider  (1975):done:
Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (1977):done:
Madame Cassandra Web (1980)
Ollie Osnick/Steel Spider (1982) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman/Madame Web (1984):done:
Doppelgänger (1992):done:
Shannon Kane/Spider-Queen (616)(1993)
Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider II (1994):done:
Spidercide (1995)
Guardian (1995)
Martha "Mattie" Franklin/Spider-Woman III (1998) (Skin for Spider-woman):done:
Charlotte Whitter/Spider-Woman IV (1999) (Skin for Spider-Woman):done:
Ezekiel Sims (2001):done: (Skin for Spider-Man)
Miguel Legar (2004)
Nina Smith (2004)
Aña Corazón/Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl/Araña (2004):done:
Scarlet Spiders (Patrick, Van and Michael) (2007) (Skin for Spider-Man):done:
Miles Morales/Spider-Man (2011):done:
Dr. Otto Octavius / Superior Spider-Man/Superior Octopus/Superior Spider-Boy (2012):done:
Gwen Warren/Spider-Girl (2013)
Cindy Moon/Silk (2014):done:
Shift (2021) :done: (skin for Miles)
Selim (2021)
Mindspinner (2021)
Crystal Catawnee/Dream-Spider (2022)
Bailey Briggs/Spider-Boy (2023):done:
Rek-Rap (2023)
Web-Head (2024)

Amazing Friends

Johnny Storm/Human Torch (1961):done:
Benjamin Parker (1962) :done: (Via Spider-Ben)
Maybelle Parker (1962) :done:
Flash Thompson/Agent Venom/Agent Anti-Venom (1962):done:
Elizabeth "Liz" Allan-Osborn/Misery (1962)
Sally Avril/Bluebird (1962)
John Jonah Jameson II (1962):done:
Colonel John Jonah Jameson III/Man Wolf (1962)
Bobby Drake/Ice Man (1963) :done:
Betty Brant (1963)
Harry Osborn (1965):done: (Via Green Goblin)
Gwen Stacy (Classic) (1965):done:
Mary Jane Watson (Classic) (1966):done:
Joseph "Robbie" Robertson (1967)
Hobie Brown/Prowler/Hornet (1969):done: (Via Prowler Mod)
Bobby Morse/Mockingbird (1971):done:
Jean DeWolff (1975)
Hector Ayala/White Tiger (1975)
Nightcrawler/Spinnenmann (1975):done:
Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (1979):done:
Kitty Pryde/Shadow Cat (1979):done:
Madame Cassandra Web (1980)
Thomas Fireheart/Puma (1984) :done:
Julia Carpenter/Arachne/Spider-woman II (1984):done:
Silver Sablinova/Silver Sable (1985):done:
Angelica Jones/Firestar (1985):done:
Normie Osborn/Red Goblin (1985)
Eddie Brock/Venom/Anti-Venom (1988):done:
Philip Urich/Green Goblin/Goblin King/HobGoblin(1995)
Cassie St. Commons/Dusk (1998):done:
Richard Gilmore/Prodigy (1998):done:
Edward McDonough/Hornet (1998) :done:
Jonathan Gallo/Ricochet (1998):done:
Toxin (Various) (2004) :done:
The Other (2006):done: (Skin for Kaine)
Lana Baumgartner/Bombshell (2009):done:
Andrew Maguire/Alpha (2012)
Maria Aracely Penalba/Hummingbird (2012)
Andrea Benton/Mania (2013) :done:
Teresa Parker (2013)
Anna Maria Marconi (2013)
Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel(2014):done:
Rhonda Flemming/Glorianna (2016)
Dylan Brock/Venom (2018)
Sleeper Symbiote (2018)
Tiana Toomes/Starling (2019)
Norman Osborn/Gold Goblin (2023)
Widow Symbiote (2023) :done: (Skin for Black Widow)

Rogues Gallery

Doctor Otto Octavius/Doc Ock (1963):done:
Dmitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon (1963)
Living Brain (1963)
Flint Marko/Sandman (1963):done:
Curt Connors/Lizard (1963):done:
Adrian Toomes/Vulture (1963):done:
Phineas Mason/TInkerer (1963)
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (1964):done:
Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter (1964):done:
Max Dillion/Electro (1964):done:
Abner Jenkins/Beetle (1964)
Quintin Beck/Mysterio (1964):done:
Mac Gargan/Scorpion (1964):done:
Miles Warren/Jackal (1965)
Spencer Smythe/Spider-Slayer
Lucky Lewis/Crime Master (1965)
Mark Raxton/Molten Man (1965):done:
Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino (1966):done:
Frederick Myers/Boomerang (1966)
Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (1967):done:
Herman Schultz/Shocker (1967):done:
Mephisto (1968):done:
James Sanders/Speed Demon (1969)
Man Mountain Marko (1969)
Silvio Manfredi/Silvermaine(1969)
Richard Fisk/Rose (1970)
Dr. Michael Morbius (1971):done:
Hammerhead (1972):done:
Vincent Stegron (1973)
Frank Castle/Punisher (1973):done:
Tarantula (1974)
Joshua Waldemeyer/The Wall (1975)
Robert Farrel/Rocket Racer (1977)
Anthony Davis/Ringer (1977)
Fritz von Meyer/Swarm (1977):done:
Miles Warren/Carrion (1977)
Antoine Delsoin (1978)
Calypso Ezili (1980)
Anthony Masters/TaskMaster (1980)
Jack O'Lantern (1980) :done:
Morris Bench/Hydro Man (1981):done:
Videoman (1981)
Rodrick Kingsley/Hobgoblin (1983):done:
Lorina Dodson/White Rabbit (1983)
Aaron Nicholson/The Answer (1984)
Johnathon Ohnn/The Spot (1984):done:
Alistar Smythe (1985)
Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone (1988)
Demogoblin (1988)
Elias Wirtham/Cardiac (1990)
Silas Burr/Cyber (1991)
Sturdevant Robbins/Bobster (1991)
Kevin Trench/Nightwatch (1992):done:
Cletus Kasady/Carnage (1992):done:
Spider-Doppelganger (1992):done: (Skin for Spider-Man)
Frances Barrison/Shriek (1993):done:
Donna Diego/Scream (1993)
Trevor Cole/Riot (1993)
Carl Mach/Phage (1993)
Ramón Hernández/Lasher (1993)
Leslie Gesneria/Agony (1993)
Kateri Deseronto/Coldheart (1994)
Vladimir Kravenoff/Grim Hunter (1994)
Steven Hudak/Scorcher (1995) :done:
Janice Olivia Yanizeski/Joystick (1995)
Hybrid Symbiote (1995)
Carolyn Trainer/Lady Octopus (1995)
Angelina Brancale/Stunner (1995)
Elaine Coll/Scorpion II/Scorpia (1995)
Janine Godbe/Hallows' Eve (1995)
Angelface (1996)
Delilah (1996)
Black Tarantula (Various)(1997)
The Gentleman (1999)
Donald Callahan/The Squid (2000)
Gordon Thompson/Type Face (2000)
Morlun (2001)
Shantra (2002)
Adriana Soria/Queen (2004)
Gabriel Stacy/Grey Goblin/Kindred (2004)
Sarah Stacy/Kindred
Piet Voorhees/King Cobra (2006)
Juan-Carlos Sánchez/El Muerto (2006)
Lily Hollister/Queen Cat/Menace (2007)
Martin Li/Mr. Negative (2007)   
James Beverley/Overdrive (2007)
Sara Enret/Jackpot (2007)
Screwball (2008)
Alana Jobson/Jackpot (2008)
Sandra Kravenoff (2008)
Anastasia Kravenoff (2008)
Yuriko Watanabe/Wraith (2009)
Lori Baumgartner/Bombshell (2009)
Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot (2009):done: (Skin for Warmachine)
Thanis (2009)
Malos (2009)
Mortia (2009)
Tanis Nieves/Scorn (2010)
Janice Lincoln/Beetle II (2010)
Aaron Davis/Prowler (2011):done:
Devil-Spider (2012)
Dr. Otto Octavius (Clone) / Superior Spider-man/Superior Octopus (2012):done:
Knull (2013):done:
Francine Frye/Electro II (2014)
Karn (2014)
Solus (2014)
Daemos (2014)
Brix (2014)
Bora (2014)
Jennix (2014)
Augustus Roman/Regent (2015)
Raze (2016)
Itsy Bitsy (2016)
Norman Osborn/Red Goblin (2018)
Assessor (2019)
Frost Pharaoh (2019)
Saya Ishii (2021)
Raneem Rashad/Rable (2022)
Agent Julia Gao (2022)
Sandra Santos/Hightail (2023)