Soulcalibur Checklist (Soul Edge/Soul Blade & Soulcalibur)

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This is a list of everyone who appeared in the Soul series that are playable through mods here at MarvelMods...I'm surpised they never had a Marvel character guest, would probably be Wolverine since he's popular and comes pre-equipped with two weapons.

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Honorable Mentions - Not part of the count
- "Siegfried!" from PS1 version of Soul Edge/Soul Blade, Soul Edge possed Siegfried, later evolved into Nightmare
- "Sophitia!" from PS1 version of Soul Edge/Soul Blade, Sophitia without her armor as she appeared in her ending.
- "Sophitia!!" from PS1 version of Soul Edge/Soul Blade, Sophitia in a one piece swimsuit from her input ending.
- Cheat device only characters from PS1 verion of Soul Edge/Soul Blade.
- Custom Disciplines and Tales of Souls only characters from Soulcalibur III. (With the exception of Amy & NightTerror)
- Bonus characters & minor characters of Soulcalibur IV (with the exception of Angol Fear).
- α Patroklos & Pyrrha Ω from SoulCalibur V.
- Original characters introduced in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords.
- Original characters introduced in Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul.
- Cut, rumored and unclear guest characters across all games.

Soul Edge / Soul Blade
Mitsurugi (Heishiro Mitsurugi)
Siegfried Schtauffen
Taki :done:
Li Long
Sophitia Alexandra
Rock (Nathaniel William "Rock" Adams)
Seong Mi-na
Hwang Seong-gyeong - Properly introduced in Ver. II, Previously secret / replacement for Mitsurugi in Korean version
Cervantes de Leon - Introduced in Ver. II
Seong Han Myeong - Introdcued in PS1 Version
Inferno, known as SoulEdge in this game - Introduced in PS1 Version

Arthur - Replaces Mitsurugi in some Arcade versions
Ivy Valentine (Isabela "Ivy" Valentine)
Xianghua (Chai Xianghua)
Lizardman (Aeon Calcos)
Yoshimitsu - Technically a shared character with Tekken
Nightmare (Siegfried Schtauffen)
Edge Master

Soulcalibur II
Cassandra Alexandra
Necrid - Home-console exclusive, notable for being designed by Todd McFarlane
Raphael (Raphael Sorel)
Yun-seong (Hong Yun-seong)

Soulcalibur III
Amy (Amy Sorel) - Bonus character, first appeared as a plot character in SCII.
NightTerror - Unplayable, ultimate form of Nightmare.

Soulcalibur IV
Hilde (Hildegard von Krone)

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny
Dampierre (Lord Geo Dampierre)

Soulcalibur V
Patroklos Alexander
Pyrrha Alexandra
Leixia (Yan Leixia)

Soulcalibur VI

Guest Characters - In Chronological Game Order
Link from The Legend of Zelda - Soulcalibur II (GC) :done:
Heihachi Mishima from Tekken - Soulcalibur II (PS2 & HD)
Spawn - Soulcalibur II (Xbox & HD) :done:
KOS-MOS from Xenosaga - Soulcalibur III, Create-A-Soul mode
Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia - Soulcalibur Legends
The Apprentice / Starkiller (Galen Marek) from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Soulcalibur IV
Darth Vader from Star Wars - Soulcalibur IV (PS3), DLC in X360 version :done:
Yoda from Star Wars - Soulcalibur IV (X360), DLC in PS3 version
Angol Fear, cousin of Angol Mois from Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsō - Soulcalibur IV
Kratos from God of War - Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny :done:
Ezio (Ezio Auditore da Firenze) from Assassin's Creed II - Soulcalibur V :done:
Devil Jin, alternate form of Jin Kazama from Tekken - Soulcalibur V, Create-A-Soul mode
Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher - Soulcalibur VI :done:
2B (YoRHa No. 2 Type B) from NieR: Automata - Soulcalibur VI, DLC
Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown - Soulcalibur VI, DLC