MUA2 Wii Sounds files

Started by SuperMaster10, April 20, 2024, 05:50AM

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A raw rip of the entire sounds file of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (n-Space).
Extracted from the Wii for likely least compression of all the versions.

Please credit me if you use these!

Files cannot be opened with zsmeditor but they can be extracted with ZSND/Zsound.bat.
When extracted they will be in DSP format but they can easily be converted to WAV through the use of this tool:

It seems the sound files themselves are simply labeled as numbers but they shouldn't be too hard to figure out the purposes of. _m files/grunts are pretty much all reused from MUA1 for returning characters anyway so you'll likely be only bothering with _v files for them.
There are also sound files for entirely new characters, of course.